2016-07-21 – Cleveland Ohio – Brenda Corpian

By now, every person in the world has heard about Melania-Gate–Melania Trump’s speech on Monday night at the Republican National Convention.  Within 30 minutes of Melania Trump finishing her speech, practically every mainstream and alternate Pundit in the world went in to overdrive to be the first to accuse her of plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic Convention in 2008.

By Tuesday morning, the story went viral. Almost every news headline and televised news show, has featured so-called experts giving their opinions-spins on why the Trump campaign would put Melania Trump on the center stage of the Republican National Convention with an allegedly plagiarized speech.

Arguably, three days later only a handful of people understand what Trump has done.  Certainly, no one has wrote about it until now.

It is time again to notify the writers of the Genesis World Book of Records that Trump has pulled off another brilliant record setting political maneuver that no pundit will ever want to admit, let alone write about.

Folks, just when the majority of the American public has been scratching their heads and wondering why Trump would pull such a bonehead blunder, his brilliance has once again befuddled the majority of the American public and literally made the mainstream media pundits and Clinton campaign staff appear to be the biggest morons on the face of this planet.

The Trump bashing mainstream media and the Clinton campaign have unknowingly been maneuvered by Trump into making Melania’s controversial RNC speech, a political speech that will be remembered throughout our Nation’s history as the most talked about speech ever given by a Presidential nominee’s wife.

Melania-gate Trump Once Again Makes Fools of The Mainstream Media and His Opponents

Here is how Trump pulled off Melania-Gate – The most brilliant political maneuver of all time.

For those of us who have followed Trump’s primaries campaign closely, we all know that from the beginning of Trump’s campaign, he has been a genius in using the mainstream media to publicize his campaign.

While other candidates have spent millions of dollars to make their way in to the mainstream media’s spotlight, Trump has managed from day one to stay in the Pundits spotlight, while he has knocked out every candidate who ran against him.

Trump faced with the challenge of bringing the beautiful and accomplished Melania Trump into the media’s spotlight, Trump needed a ploy that would transform a homemaker without political experience into a Republican Presidential nominee’s wife that would deliver a speech that the whole world would stand up and take notice of and more importantly, never forget.

For the RNC Convention, Melania was provided with a speech written by speech writers Matthew Scully and John McConnell, who were commissioned by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Melania-gate Trump Once Again Makes Fools of The Mainstream Media and His OpponentsWhen Melania read the transcript, she decided it was all wrong for her and with the help of Meredith McIver helping her to re-write the normal political bluster so many political wives have spewed before, Melania entered some of her own heart-felt wording to the speech.

Meanwhile, McIver supercharged the speech by adding a Trump inspired secret weapon–just enough of Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech to set the mainstream media and Clinton staffer’s in to a Trump bashing frenzy.

Come Monday night, the beautiful homemaker, mother and loving wife Melania Trump hit the stage, introduced by her Presidential nominee husband at the RNC Convention.  Arguably, even the staunchest opponents of Trump could feel the love and admiration in the air of the Cleveland convention hall.

In her broken English, sounding so adorable, she gave a heartfelt and wonderfully sincere speech about how she was proud to be an American gleaning her pride in her husband and her family.  Melania did not miss a beat, thanking everyone for being so kind to her family and her.

“Thank you very much. Thank you. You have all been very kind to Donald and me, to our young son Barron, and to our whole family. It’s a very nice welcome and we’re excited to be with you at this historic convention. I am so proud of your choice for president of the United States, my husband, Donald J. Trump.”

There was nothing fake about Melania’s speech as she stood on the RNC stage, dressed in a gorgeous pristine white gown, long, shiny hair and donning a beautiful smile.

Melania spoke haltingly about her upbringing in a communist country and what her parents taught her and her siblings.  She spoke about socialism and how her family and she were stymied by the limited freedom a socialist government provides.

Melania eloquently spoke with a sincere heartfelt American immigrant’s understanding of the challenges so many immigrants face in coming to our great Nation to become an American.  She ended her speech with her revealing how she worked hard to pursue her dreams and to be met by her doting husband on the stage with a hug and a kiss.

Melania-gate Trump Once Again Makes Fools of The Mainstream Media and His Opponents

All Hell Breaks Loose – Once Again Trump Has Made Fools Of The Mainstream Media and Clinton Campaign Staffers

Then all Hell broke loose.  The mainstream media went berserk; akin to vultures after road kill, the ignorant and asinine pundits screamed plagiarism.  Before the carcass had been declared dead on arrival, the Clinton campaign ignorantly chimed in.

There is no doubt that Trump has to be laughing his ass off right now  because what the asinine mainstream media and Clinton staffers did not realize before they started spewing garbage and slinging ink, is that the master of The Art of The Deal, Donald Trump had out maneuvered all of them again.

The writing of Melania’s speech for the RNC, was played out by Trump the same way he has been playing things out throughout his campaign; using the mainstream media to publicize his wife’s speech throughout the world.

The media and the Clinton campaign has unwilling made Melania Trump a living martyr to every person in the world who has a soft spot in their heart for a woman viciously and without just cause, attacked by unscrupulous asinine reporters and political fiends.

Arguably, any pundit and Clinton staffer with more than a 2nd grade education must be asking themselves today, how many times is Donald Trump going to make a fool out of them before they realize that Trump is the most intelligent and best Presidential nominee to ever run for the office of the President of the United States of America.

Hillary, is you have a brain cell left in your demented mind, why not save yourself some more embarrassment by admitting defeat now.  If you thought Obama was tough, you obviously have no clue what kind of man you are running against now.  Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The Bs.

Publishers notes:

Well, I have to admit that Brenda has once again shown me that I obviously don’t know Trump as well as I think I do.  I have to further admit, I was one of the jackasses who did not catch on to Trump’s mastery of making the Press, the Clinton campaign and myself, the biggest morons on the face of this earth.

That said, I am bowing out and turning over this blog to Brenda and her staff.  Brenda understands Trump much better than I do.  I wrote a bonehead article about Melania’s speech which I am now tearing up and eating every scrap of the paper, as punishment for ever doubting Trump.

For my followers, I ask that you continue to love Brenda the way we all here at Get Off The Bs have come to love and admire her.  This blog will certainly prosper under her brilliant guidance and love for Donald J. Trump.  Trump For President 2016.  Any other choice is just plain stupid!