Story by Brenda Corpian – May 30, 2016

BEIJING—China features prominently in the rhetoric of presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who accuses the country of stealing American jobs and cheating at global trade.

Despite Trump’s accusations against China’s government unfair trade practices with the US, Trump is emerging in China as a high profile public figure, having done so without the same notoriety he enjoys elsewhere for his matter of fact utterances, high-profile businesses and reality TV shows.

Regardless of Trump’s rising fame in China, some government party officials have denounced Trump’s threats of economic retaliation, yet millions of Chinese observers see a silver lining in his focus on economic issues, not human rights and political freedoms.

That definitely makes Trump an attractive alternative to his likely rival, Democrat Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Trump “could, in fact, be the best president for China,” Hong Kong Phoenix Television political commentator Wu Jun said during a recent on-air discussion.


“That’s because the Republican Party is more practical and Trump is a businessman who puts his commercial interests and love for America above everything else,” Wu said.

Wu claims that highly educated  people love Trump.  In the U.S. millions of educated people are planting their flag firmly in Trump’s camp, which is becoming a similar trend in China.

Almost all the Chinese Trump supporters BuzzFeed News spoke to were well educated, holding at least a bachelor’s degree. Some fans on Trump even said they hold Ph.D.s.

Donald Trump has won millions of Chinese supporters, particularly online. There, chat groups such as “Donald Trump Super Fans Club” and “God Emperor Trump” have popped up in recent months.


One posting in a Weibo messaging service a Chinese version of America’s Instagram, went viral in China in its enthusiasm.

“The more I know about Donald Trump,” it said, “the more I feel that he’s not only saving the U.S., but also the entire world.”

One possible reason the Chinese see Trump as a Savior for the world was expressed by a Chinese internet user who goes by “Flying Big Bird” and only agreed to give his last name, Wang.

He said he believes that Trump would keep the world from entering “a lazy people’s society” that is currently helping everyone except the middle class.

“Even in China, one can apply for subsistence allowance if they don’t work, although in East Asian culture, those who don’t work but seek help from the government will be looked down upon, said Wang.