Twin Falls, Idaho June 2nd, 2016 – Brenda Corpian

In a quiet little town in southwest Idaho, Twin Falls citizens who are already inflamed over a recent sexual assault of a handicapped African American boy in nearby Dietrich, are again facing silence from authorities and the news media, concerning a faux story alleging that three son’s of a Muslim refugee  raped and urinated on a 5-year-old girl, holding a knife to her throat while stripping her battered and frail naked body.

KMVT of Twin Falls, Idaho recently reported that an incident occurred involving juveniles at the Fawnbrook Apartment Community, located at 645 Fawnbrook drive.

On June 2, 2016, Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs confirmed to Idaho’s First News that there is an ongoing investigation of the incident and that, “there will be no charges filed in the case until the police investigation is complete.”

The victim’s family may not even wish to prosecute the perpetrators, said Loebs., reported that Loebs told us there was no indication a knife was involved in the incident, and that no one was “raped” or murdered (although contact of a sensitive nature allegedly occurred). Moreover, he stated that the investigation was a police matter, not one involving the local city council (which has no jurisdiction in criminal cases).

A follow-up story was released on June 17th reporting  that although the perpetrators and the victim have been identified, a local family court judge has sealed all court records due to the fact that both the perpetrators and victim are minors.

The Fawnbrook Apartment Complex is a low income housing property with 115 apartments ranging from one to three bedroom units, according to its manager-leasing agent Fenua.

Fenua has been instructed by local authorities to refrain from talking about the incident at her complex.  Interestingly, Fenua did not mention that in October of 2015, an Iraqi teen sliced a young woman’s arm with a knife at her apartment complex.

Twin Falls Idaho is a relatively small town of about 45,000 people.  Numerous residents of the town have called on their city counsel members on at least two separate occasions for help in addressing problems and concerns that the influx of 300 Muslim refugees has created in their once quiet and safe town.

In watching a recent video of a recent Twin Falls City Council meeting, I could not help but wanting to see one of the several residents who expressed their concerns, either bitch slap one of the representatives and or at the least, remind the corrupt representatives who they actually work for.  To call the city counsel members rude and deceitful, would be a compliment.

The refuge center of the College of Southern Idaho and KMVT News are expecting a large group of protesters late this afternoon.  Paul Johnson of KMVT states that the incident has angered many of citizens in the area who are demanding answers they are not going to receive.

Johnson further claimed that in his 28 years of reporting the news, he had never experienced a gag order being placed so quickly in an investigation.  “This is a small town.  I know these people. I talk to them all the time.  The police chief will tell you that I call him more than anyone he deals with everyday.  “

Johnson could not confirm what actually happened, other than the story line is that some juveniles were recently served papers by the country Sheriff’s office.  They have been charged, but “nobody knows exactly what they were charged with.  

There is rumor going around now, that may have come from social media about a knife involved in the incident.”

When I asked Johnson about his gut feelings about the case, he indicated that, “I think it was some young kids exploring..I don’t believe anyone was raped or urinated on.  Although with kids today, who knows?”

Twin Falls Council Assholes

I contacted Loebs to confirm that  he did tell Snopes that no that no one was “raped” or murdered.   In considering both Loebs collaboration of the Snopes story and Johnson’s remarks, it is very apparent both these clowns know how to lie.

Here is what really happened:

At a press conference in Twin Falls, Chief Kingsbury addressed community members and the city council about the alleged assault and explained that two of the three boys involved in the incident are at a detention center following the crime. The boys are reported to have been in the Twin Falls area for less than two years.

Chief Kingsbury was unable to confirm or deny if the boys are refugees.

“The Twin Falls Police Department does not take allegations of sexual assault lightly,” Chief Kingsbury explained at the press conference.

The statement comes after allegation arose that the police department took over an hour to respond to the incident.

Chief Kingsbury also went on to dispel the rumor that the fathers of the boys involved in the incident were “high-fiving,” and congratulating the boys following the assault.

“We have no evidence that this occurred,” Chief Kingsbury said.

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs argued the rape allegations were misreported by social media and other news outlets that targeted the boys as Syrian refugees.

“There has been a lot of controversies as you know in the nation and in Twin Falls County in particular because we have a refugee center here,” Loebs explained. “To my knowledge, there have been no Syrians settled in Twin Falls County. Whether that is true or not, there are no Syrians involved in this case.”

What happened in Twin Falls is a very tragic incident.  According to the victims parents, all three boys raped their 5 year old daughter.  When the oldest was finished raping her, he instructed the other two younger boys on how to have sex with her.

When the two younger boys were unable to ejaculate in her vagina, the older boy encouraged them to urinate on her.

There is no rhyme or reason why these children would choose to do such an incredibly horrible thing.  However, their parental upbringing strongly suggests that they believe defiling infidel women, regardless of their age, is an acceptable act.

This horrible incident also suggests that with a large influx of refugee’s and middle eastern people migrating to the USA, this tragic incident is likely just the start of the perverted and sick behavior enacted by Muslim’s living all over the world, making its common place way to America. May God help us all.

Following the statements by Chief Kingsbury, Twin Falls residents addressed the city council.

“Coexistence does not exist in our country,” a man from Jerome explained.

A woman A woman pissed at the perpetrators said, “I am a red-blooded American. If they don’t follow our rules, they need to get the hell out of my country,” she explained.

Johnson claims that he believes that things are going to really “heat up” over this incident due to community anger over a recent (Oct. 2015) gag order concerning a white on black sexual assault crime in Dietrich, Idaho, where white high school football players assaulted a handicapped African American teenager by repeatedly and violently inserting a coat hanger in the victims rectum.

People in the Twin Falls area are already “pissed off” about not being able to find out all the particulars of the aforementioned heinous crime.  Now we have another alleged heinous incident that a few answers, if any will ever be made available to the public.