Another night of eating my dinner alone

My Child Prays For Donald Trump

By Karen Grimes

Another night of eating my dinner alone, I thought to myself as I sat at my kitchen table late one Monday night.

Some days I feel like my whole life is passing me by.  It seems like it has been forever since my husband Dan, my daughter Katelyn and I have sat at this table together. 

I often sit at my table alone at night, reminiscing about the days I worked around the house, keeping busy until Katelyn came home from school, excited to hear about things she had learned and what her friends were doing.

Not so long ago, Dan always came home at 5pm sharp to kiss me on the cheek and listen to Katelyn chatter about her friends and school.  Before 6pm we would all sit down at our table, eating whatever meal I had prepared, happy to all be together.

Another Night of Eating Dinner AloneDan had worked for Proctor and Gamble for 12 years, before he was laid off when the factory shut down. I will never forget the look on his face the afternoon he came home early with his final check in his hand and no idea where he might find another job.

It did not take long for us to go through our meager savings and Dan’s unemployment benefits.  I remember praying alongside Katelyn every night for Dan to find a good job, but it was not meant to be. 

Dan had always been adamant about my not working, but I had to do something.  My friend Sharon told me that they were hiring at a local Walmart where she works, so I put on my best dress and with Katelyn in toe, I applied there for a job.

It does not seem like I have been working two part time jobs for the past 5 years.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind working and Dan who after being unemployed for almost 18 months, found a good job driving a local delivery truck during the day and another part time job at night, working for a janitorial company.

Dan and I don’t see a lot of each other during the week.  He is up every morning at 3:00 and out the door by 4:00  I often wonder how he manages to work all the hours he does—he is rarely ever home before 10:00pm.

About the time he gets home, I am showering and getting ready to go to work at Walmart. I leave the house at 9:30pm to start my job at 10:00 Rarely do I get home before 5:00am in the morning. 

I am thankful that my second job does not start before 2:00, because I am able to make Katelyn her breakfast and drive her to school in the mornings.  Unfortunately, I am no longer at home to greet Katelyn when she comes home from school because I don’t get home from my second job until just after 8pm during the week.

Dan wants to have another baby. If we could find the time to make one together, we could not afford the cost of raising another child. That does not seem fair. Mrs. Salazar next door is pregnant again with her fifth child. She nor her husband work, yet they are doing better financially than Dan and I.

I muse to myself, whatever happened in America, that you have to be illegal immigrants to prosper?

Darn, it 8:30 already. I sure hope Dan finds us a used dishwasher. I am so tired of having to do the dishes by hand. Katelyn, left hers in the sink again tonight.

The mail is stacking up on the counter. Surely most of them bills from collection agents—I don’t want to deal with it now. At least the television is still working. Nothing I really want to watch. Maybe Betty is on Facebook, and I can chat with her for a few minutes.

Hmmm, it sure doesn’t seem like it has been a month since I last logged on here. Betty isn’t on. Well, let’s check the news. Hillary looks sick. I will have to remember to say a prayer for her. She is getting so old. I am so happy that she is stepping up to be our next president. The men have made a mess of this country.

That darn Donald Trump—how dare him eject a mother and her baby from a campaign rally. I would like to slap him silly. Oh, and what is this, now he has picked a fight with a war hero….I can’t look at this crap anymore.

Katelyn’s birthday is next week. She wants an Ipad for school. I wish I could afford to buy her one. eBay has a used one for $200.00 but Katelyn needs clothes and shoes. She is outgrowing her clothes so fast now. I don’t know where the money is going to come from, but Dan and I will figure something out.

Another night of eating my dinner alone

Well, it is time to get ready for work again. Katelyn is still up—hmmm, what is she talking to herself about.

“God please help Mr. Trump win the election. I miss my mommy and daddy so much. Daddy and mommy use to be so happy together, now they rarely ever see each other. And God, I am scared. I don’t want some terrorist to hurt me. It has gotten so hard to learn in school—I don’t understand this common core garbage and God, why do I have to learn how to speak Spanish? And what does that Crooked Hillary mean about raising taxes higher—mommy and daddy can’t afford that. And speaking about money God, please give mommy and daddy some money so they don’t have to fight about the bills anymore and I can have a little brother or sister to play with. God, if you could just see to it that Mr. Trump gets elected, I know things will get better again. God I don’t need an Ipad or new shoes. I need you to make Mr. Trump president so that mommy and daddy and I can go back to the way things were before. Please God, bless mommy, daddy, Mr. Trump and my Ms. Eleanor—you know my English teacher. Amen.”

I could not help myself as I rushed in to Katelyn’s room–scooping her up to hold her in my arms. I thought to myself, oh my God, what have I been thinking? Out of the mouth of babes. How could I have been this stupid? I was going to vote for a woman who was going to raise our taxes, encourage more terrorists to come here and what the hell is common core?

Champion of all women? Give me a break. How did I forget that Hillary is married to the man who helped close down the factory Dan worked at. And how did she get away with that mess in Benghazi? Didn’t I hear from Greg in auto parts that Hillary wants to bring millions of more people like the Salazar’s here and open the borders to terrorists? Could Sharon and Betty be wrong about Trump? How have I been so blind.

Katelyn, mommy and daddy will be voting for Mr. Trump. Don’t you worry angel, Mr. Trump will help to make America great again.

As I walked out of my daughters room, I thought to myself, God help us if Trump doesn’t put us back on the right track, because the America I am living in today sucks!

Editors Notes:

Thank you Karen. We are all very hopeful that Donald Trump will make America great again for families like yours and the whole nation.