Article largely contributed by Javier Gomez – May 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Betrayed Honduras – Another Ruined Country

On June 28, 2009, Clinton enabled military men poured into the residence of the Honduran democratically elected and slightly progressive president of Honduras, overthrowing the government and forcing Manuel Zelaya to flee for his life and into exile.

Was there influence by the United States? Allegedly some of the military, who helped with the coups, were trained at Fort Benning, Georgia in America. Was the United States involved? They allegedly were.

We know from research that since 2009, there was United States support to the Honduran military. Hillary Clinton was then Secretary of State; did she know about it?

She claims she did not know and did not start it, but she knew Obama was in favor of keeping the military in power there as was Hillary Clinton, and they wanted Honduras to stay as it was; a military-run country. Obama did not want Zelaya returning to Honduras as their democratically elected leader.

Honduras President Manuel Zelaya
Honduras President Manuel Zelaya

Honduran’s Have Suffered Gravely Due to the Obama / Clinton Agendas

As a result of this coups and the military being in power, Honduras has suffered. It has become one of the most corrupt and violence-ridden nations in the world. Hillary Clinton claims to be all for women’s rights and all about families, but she is not. She caused a country who believed in democracy and the rights of women and children to fail in her neoliberal interest in protecting the markets and profits of US-based corporations.

Foreign Policy in Focus article published earlier this year describes the grisly growth of violence in Honduras:

Honduras is one of the most violent nations in the world. The situation in the country’s second largest city, San Pedro Sula, demonstrates the depth of the problem. For the fourth year running, San Pedro Sula has been one of the most dangerous places on the planet outside of a war zone. Its murder rate in 2014 was an astonishing 171 per 100,000.

The city, which is caught in the crossfire between vicious criminal gangs, has been the largest source of the 18,000 Honduran children who have fled to the United States in recent years. [Italics added by BuzzFlash.] It is hypocritically appalling that Clinton responded to the plight of these children fleeing to the US — following the exponential rise in violence after the coup — by stating in 2014:

Child in War Torn Honduras 

Honduran Children Fleeing Violence

They [the children fleeing violence] should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are…. We have to send a clear message: Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay.

This is a terrible response to children literally fleeing for their lives.

Robert Naiman recently wrote in Truthout of how then Secretary of State Clinton enabled the coup and the subsequent descent into the abandonment of the masses by a military, a restored oligarchy, and eventually a corrupt president elected in a sham vote that the US used to try to save face:

Why wasn’t US aid to Honduras suspended following the coup? The justification given by Clinton’s State Department on August 25 for not suspending US aid to Honduras was that events in Honduras were murky and it was not clear whether a coup had taken place. Clinton’s State Department claimed that State Department lawyers were studying the murky question of whether a coup had taken place.

Clinton Knee Deep in Another Foreign Coup

Hillary LIED. Hillary Clinton’s State Department knew this was a lie and by July 24, 2009, her State Department, including herself, knew the intention to remove President Zalaya by the Honduran military was a coups. And on July 24, US Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens wired the U.S., namely Secretary of State Clinton, with the subject line:

“Open and Shut: The Case of the Honduran Coup,” thoroughly documenting the assertion that “there was no doubt” that what happened in Honduras on June 28 “constituted an illegal and unconstitutional coup.”

Why did Hillary Clinton and her State Department lie? They tried to pretend that it was “murky whether a coup had taken place” when they knew for certain that a coup had taken place. Hillary Clinton had wanted that coup by the military against elected President Zalaya to succeed and her strategy to help the coup succeed, as revealed in her emails, was “delay, delay, delay,” as Donald Trump would probably say.

She thought to delay any action that might stop the coup government to stand down to allow the democratically elected president to be restored to office. She later confessed in her book, that her entire goal had been to “render the question of [President] Zelaya moot.”  Where did she get off trying to overthrow a president and why did she do it?

Hillary Clinton may not be Secretary of State anymore, but she still vigorously defends the policy that guaranteed President Zelaya would not be returning to his duly elected to continue his reforms on behalf of the working poor and peasants.

A Truthout interview with John Perkins, author of The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, that was published on Sunday, March 13, discussed the motivating factor behind Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, who backed her position that Zelaya not be returned to power.

‘CEO David Murdock of Dole Food Recently Ordered to Pay $148 
Billion in Buy out Fraud – Dole Foods Made Billions from change
in Honduras regime’

Special Interests Financed Honduran Government Coup

President Zelaya advocated a sixty percent increase to the minimum wage, infuriating big companies such as; Chiquita Brands International (formerly United Fruit) and Dole Food Company, which were U.S. companies.

The CEOs of the big global corporations knew that if Honduras’s hourly wages rose, that the other Latin American countries. Honduras and Haiti set the minimum wage rate and no one seems to want to go below that. Hillary Clinton and the corporate bigwigs were determined not to let that happen.

President Zelaya introduced liberal policies to Honduras in the three and a half years he was president: Subsidies for small farmers, free education and meals for poor children, a reduction in interest rates on bank loans to home-owners and local businesses, and free electricity for people who could not afford to pay for it, as well as an increase in the minimum wage.

He was popular when his policies paid off and Honduras prospered and there was an almost10 percent decline in poverty level. But the global corporations, Latin America and much of the world were threatened by these policies and called on our CIA to take President Zelaya out.

In recent news Berta Cáceres, another legendary leader who tried to improve the plight of his people’s living condition died in a brutal murder, when he was shot dead. The case remains unsolved.

Torn posters of Hillary Clinton are scattered around Capital City of
the Honduras as a reminder of the suffering she has caused there

Berta Cáceres Names Hillary Clinton As Leader of Coup

They are holding one of Cáceres’ friends, Gustavo Castro, against his will and he is a citizen of Mexico. He should have the right to return to his own country to receive medical care he needs. No one can prove that Hillary Clinton is responsible for the killing of Cáceres, but he accused her directly of causing the Honduras people to suffer due to violence, deplorable conditions and murder of its people.

In a video he taped before his death, he states it was Clinton who put the military into power in the coup; he claimed she revealed her plan in her book, “Hard Choices.”

The elections took place under a cloud of darkness where there was enormous fraud and the threat of the military. Hillary pushed for a “Unity Government” but Cáceres wanted Zalaya returned to power, but she pressured other countries to agree to sideline his request and he warned her that this was dangerous and in the end, the Clinton-brokered election installed a militarized regime built on repression.

Laws were passed for terrorist and intelligence laws, criminalizing political protest. Known political activists were rounded up and murdered.

Hillary Doctrine

Hillary runs on a platform called the “Hillary Doctrine,” where she claims that she “made clear that the rights and roles of women and girls are the center of American foreign policy.” Berta Cáceres is not able to respond to that, since she was murdered by assassins.

Who is going to answer for the girls and boys who were deported back to Honduras in 2009? What might Honduras have become if the United States and Hillary Clinton not interfered in the running of that country, where they had a democracy and an elected president and one who wished to improve and elevate the status of his people?

Hillary Clinton did not wish to make the Honduran people’s live better or improve their status; she was out to protect US-based companies and the profits- money, which benefits the elite establishment.

Hillary Clinton lied, like she always does, to get out of trouble for causing a coup in Honduras, she denied it. She caused people there to be murdered by the military government that rose to power after their president was deposed; she has caused Honduras and the people to suffer from extreme poverty.

Hillary Clinton has caused these people and their country immeasurable harm and is a fraud and a hypocrite and she DESERVED to be BOOED off of a Clinton rally stage in Los Angeles, CA, on Friday May 7, 2016

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