Eric Shawn reporting Sunday morning for Fox News has found that Barrack Obama absolutely would not have won the 2008 election without the help of election fraud in 2008.

Shawn’s investigation found that Democratic operatives were convicted in April of 2013 for forging anywhere from 100-200 election petition forms that qualified Barrack Obama to enter the 2008 primaries. 

Indiana law requires Presidential candidates to obtain at least 500 signatures from all 9 congressional districts prior to being allowed on the primary ballot. Obama qualified with 534 signatures in the 2nd Congressional District. It is believed that nearly 100 of those signatures are forgeries, meaning the President would not have qualified to be on the primary ballot in the state.   Without the forged signatures, Obama would not have been allowed to run for President in 2008. 

Obama Would Not Of Won The 2008 Election Without Voter Fraud

Election fraud is a felony offence in Indiana that is punishable by 3-18 months in jail for each count. Unfortunately, for whatever reason that the State of Indiana decided to give both Hillary and Obama a free pass for committing numerous counts of election fraud there, pursuant to Indiana Code Ann. 35-41-4-2 [criminal statute of limitations] fraud cases in Indiana are not subject to prosecution after 5 years from the maturity of the instrument [petition].

Arguably a prosecutor could make a case that the petition did not mature [Obama fully benefiting from it] until his presidency was over in 2012, however a judge would likely find that the maturity of the petition-start of the statute of limitations began when Obama entered the 2008 primaries, over six years ago. (Bummer!)

Shawn did not limit his investigations to Indiana.  According to his report, our nation has been rife with instances of election fraud for many years now. Most recently, election fraud in California helped Hillary steal the Democratic nomination for the 2016 general election from Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump has recently warned his supporters of likely voter fraud in the upcoming November election, commenting that “the only way Hillary Clinton can win Pennsylvania is by way of stolen votes.”

Trump has asked his supporters for volunteer elections observers across the United States. Many asinine Democrats have criticized Trump’s request, claiming that Trump election observers will likely lead to intimidation of Clinton voters.