Cheryl Mills - Clinton Attorney

Cheryl Mills – Clinton Attorney

In a controversial report in Tuesday’s Washington Post about the faux Clinton e-mail investigation, the article highlighted the FBI’s / US Justice Department’s so-called interview of longtime Clinton consigliore Cheryl Mills.

The Post’s article claims that the US Justice Department attorneys made a moronic agreement with Mills’s attorney to cut off questioning about a key aspect of the Clinton criminal email servers case.

Mills, who is an extremely dishonest lawyer, was represented at the interview by a very unethical lawyer and Democratic mouth piece named Beth Wilkinson.

As is customary in these types of public-appeasing-dog and pony show situations, the worthless questioning was conducted jointly by FBI agents and Justice Department prosecutors.

Beth Wilkerson - Attorney Representing Mills

Beth Wilkerson – Attorney Representing Mills

However, when the questioning lead to the actual facts of the criminal dissemination of top secret documents by Crooked Hillary, the Justice Department prosecutors worked jointly with Ms. Wilkinson to block the FBI from asking about Mills’s collusion with Crooked Hillary Clinton in the belated provision of thousands of Clinton’s e-mails to State — provided only after nearly 32,000 of those e-mails were criminally deleted to hide numerous violations of federal law.

The Post’s Matt Zapotosky described the aforementioned travesty of justice as:

Near the beginning of a recent interview, an FBI investigator broached a topic with longtime Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills that her lawyer and the Justice Department had agreed would be off-limits, according to several people familiar with the matter.

Mills and her lawyer left the room — though both returned a short time later — and prosecutors were somewhat taken aback that their FBI colleague had ventured beyond what was anticipated, the people said.

Zapotosky’s article subsequently elaborates:

The questions that were considered off-limits had to do with the procedure used to produce e-mails to the State Department so they could possibly be released publicly, the people said.

Mills, an attorney herself, was not supposed to be asked questions about that — and ultimately never was in the recent interview — because it was considered confidential as an example of attorney-client privilege, the people said.

Though reported matter-of-factly, this is quite amazing. The first remarkable thing to note is that there was a press report at all.

Crooked Hillary Clinton

Crooked Hillary Clinton

The Mill’s interview was by numerous prevarications propounded by the US Justice Department and FBI, alleged to have been a law-enforcement interview in a criminal investigation.

These types of investigations, as a matter of law, are supposed to be non-public – secret, much like grand-jury proceedings.

To further expound on the aforementioned criminal investigations secrecy issue, there are various ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits in which journalists and watchdog groups are seeking access to information about Mrs. Clinton’s improper private e-mail system, only be stonewalled by government bureaucrats claiming that they cannot release the same while an ongoing FBI investigation is in progress.

While the Obama State Department has been stonewalling disclosures, the Obama Justice Department has been fighting off the FOIA lawsuits by representing to federal judges that allowing information to become public at this time could compromise the FBI’s investigation.