An Agenda That May Just End The World As We Know It

The alleged Orlando and Dallas gunmen Omar Mateen and Micah Johnson are alive and well — we visited with them in person in Atlanta this week. This article may be the most important words you will ever read. Our investigation in to the Orlando and Dallas shooting led us to indisputable documentary and video evidence that reveal facts that will most likely scare you and change your life forever.

Folks please do not dismiss this article as another conspiracy theory. One person barely escaped with her life and three people who are involved in revealing this story to the world, paid with their lives to make sure you know the truth.

Regardless of whether or not you believe what you are about to read,  please share this with everyone you know.  Please post it in every location you can possibly think of, before the government steps in and removes it from the internet.

The whole world needs to have the opportunity to read what is in this article.  You can help to make sure that others have a chance to make their own decisions about the facts contained within this article.

The Russian Interior Ministry Division ‘R’ today released a report to top Russian officials reporting information that the division hacked from DNC and FBI servers, concerning both agencies involvement in a sting operation to identify and arrest an assignation group under the control of the Obama administration and secretly funded by the Clinton Foundation.

According to the division ‘R’ report, division hackers observed a substantial increase in network traffic on July 7th from an FBI server communicating with a Democratic National Committee server.

According to a blog author, Sorcha Fall who published information concerning the contents of the division ‘R’ report, division ‘R’ hackers determined from their analysis of the data they intercepted from both servers, that the person responsible for initiating the communications between the FBI and the DNC, is a 27-year-old DNC official named Seth Rich, a staffer for the DNC.

The name of Seth Rich recently became well known after Rich was killed on July 10th under suspicious circumstances according to an article recently published by the Washington post.

The DC police are investigating the crime as a possible robbery, however Joel Rich, Seth’s father disagrees with the police, having said that “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

Joel Rich further indicated that Seth was on the phone with his girlfriend when the shooting started, and Rich indicated to his girlfriend that he was nearly home and not headed out for an FBI meeting implausibly scheduled in the middle of the night on a Saturday:

Rich said Seth was talking to his girlfriend on the phone outside when the incident happened.

“Asked him if he was home yet and he said just about, and then she heard some noise, he said he had to call her back — I don’t know when that conversation ended but at 4:18 two shots were fired,” said Rich.

The Sorcha Faal’s article gave birth to a conspiracy theory that Rich was killed by an alleged Clinton Foundation hit team, posing as FBI agents.

Get Off the Bs does not give any credit to the Sorcha Faal article, because Faal is globally  known as a spinner of click-bait garbage and sensational conspiracy theories. (for any of you folks who know Faal, please feel free to tell Faal what I have written)

RationalWiki describes her home brewed blog site, as a conspiracy site that publishes “sensational” and “outrageous” conspiracy theories.

Many of my faithful audience that has put up with me from the onset of my launching Get Off The Bs in late February of this year, should have no doubt that I would love to convince you all that Hillary was most likely responsible for the murder of Seth Rich.  There is no doubt that anyone who has opposed Donald Trump catches the wrath of my blog.

However, Seth Rich was a low-level staffer with the DNC who would not have likely caught the attention of Hillary Clinton, who despite all of her many faults, is not the homicidal maniac many people believe she is.

Oh don’t take me wrong, it is no coincidence that people have a nasty habit of ending up dead around the Clinton’s, but I don’t believe she has people killed that are of no consequence to her, such as Seth Rich.

I have repeatedly written articles on click-baiting and alternate media sources who spin outlandish conspiracy theories.

One of my principle beliefs found from years of experience is that even the most outlandish conspiracy theories must contain at least one half truth to make it somewhat believable.  In the instance of Faal’s article I found one that really hit home with me.

Please consider the following from the Faal article:

As the “cash for favors” lifestyle of both former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have long been known about, this report continues, SVR analysts, while preparing to document the results of their 7 July probe into the Clinton Foundation concerns of DNC official Seth Rich, became alarmed when they discovered that his “micro computer system” (cell phone?) had become “infected/virused” by “killers/assassins” working for the Clinton’s—and who the SVR had previously documented as being involved in the assassination of the husband of the State of Georgia prosecutor investigating Bill Clinton for child sex crimes and the murder of American pop singer Christina Grimmie and massacre of nearly 50 gay pride celebrants.

During the past two months, our staff at Get Off The Bs has been actively investigating a group of terrorists within the US that are recruited by at least one known CIA operative and trained by the undercover FBI agents to commit acts of terrorism within the US.

This week our investigation led two my sources to a meeting in Atlanta Georgia with an undercover FBI agent, Micah Johnson and Omar Mateen. No I am not pulling your leg.

My sources revealed that they spent 9 hours interviewing and audio-video recording their interviews with Johnson, Mateen and agent Mohamad Sindawi, who supplied them with enough documentary information to believe everything the agent told them about his involvement with working as a liaison between the Obama administration and the recruited mentally ill would-be terrorists operating within the USA.

I have examined over 200 documents so far and listened to over 3 hours of recordings of the interviews. There is no doubt that Omar Mateen and Micah Johnson are alive and well.  According to the evidence that has been submitted to Get Off The Bs, both Mateen and Johnson had nothing to do with the shootings in Florida and Dallas.

The newly discovered evidence came at a very high price paid to a burned out federal agent who is fed up with a “Fubar” he claims was discovered by Russian, Chinese and North Korean hackers, thus putting his merry band of mentally ill misfits temporarily on the side lines.

Our contributing sources were led to the Mateen, Johnson and Sindawi, after their previous investigations found indisputable evidence that county documentary evidence, that are oddly and coincidentally missing from both the Orange County Florida and Dallas County Texas vital statistics / death records filings, would not be missing if in fact Mateen and Johnson were dead.

In the matter of Omar Mateen, the public was informed that Mateen was cremated.  Really, how do you have someone cremated without a death certificate?  A coroner’s report? A dead body?

An Agenda That May Just End The World As We Know It

For all of you who are curious about what all we have learned about the Florida, Dallas and other related and recent unexplained incidents that has been going on during the past year, the following are the indisputable facts our investigations revealed:

  • Omar Matten did not kill 49 people at the Pulse club in Orlando Florida, however the shooting in Orlando did in fact happen.  Sorry, no Sandy Hook in Florida folks.
  • Micah Johnson did not kill five police officers and shoot seven other people in Dallas Texas.  He was not in the state when it happened.
  • The recent murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge LA., was a sanctioned US government assassination of an African American US citizen who was chosen primarily due to the fact he is black.
  • The Obama administration is currently carrying out the provisions of an international new world order plan, known as ‘Agenda 21’.  The plan has been going on long before Obama was chosen by the evil people who most likely will be responsible for the end of the world as we know it.
  • A current provision of Agenda 21 is currently in play and was enacted to incite a civil race war amongst Muslim, African American, Hispanic and Caucasian American citizens. Once the plan is fully in play, it will necessitate the need for Marshall law and the entrance of the US in to a New World order government rule.
  • The 15th of July will likely go down as one of the bloodiest days in American history, with planned terrorist attacks in Cleveland Ohio and other major cities within the US.
  • The world is currently under control of an elite group of people acting on scientific findings that if the global population of the world is not significantly reduced, a global extinction level extinction event will occur within the next 24 months, resulting in the extinction of the human race here on earth.
  • The small group of elite people who are comprised of the wealthiest people on this earth, have put plans in motion that they believe will result in the death of over 3 billion people on this earth and leave a population of slaves left to administer to their care and desires.  A 7 year old chart above describes a problem most people overlook, however the elite takes the following fact very seriously:  ‘Overpopulation equals starvation.’  Folks, the elite does not want to share the worlds food supply anymore with you.
  • America, is the last stronghold for Christian’s. The elite believe that they must destroy the Christian stronghold to open the door for the rest of their plans to work. The events currently taking place today, is the starting of a World War that if it goes as planned will destroy the Christian stronghold and reduce the earth’s human population by as much as 80%.

From the Publisher of Get Off The Bs

I spent more money than most people earn in a lifetime in promoting, publishing and paying for evidence to do my part in informing the whole world about ongoing government actions that certainly have biblical implications of our world entering in to the last days of this system of things.

For you government authorities with 3 letter initials, it will do you no good to hurt my family, friends and or me.  All the evidentiary data has been scattered all over the world.  In the event harm should come to my family or I, the evidence will be blogged throughout the world and you will be powerless to stop it.

Additionally, numerous media sources will soon realize that I have found and taken possession of the smoking gun numerous journalists have been seeking for the past 2 years.  If greed should overtake me, I will likely sell it to them.

I am truly sorry folks, but out of self-preservation, you have been given all you are going to get from this blog.  On the bright side, if you have the least bit of common sense, take what I have written on this blog as if it was printed in the bible. I assure you that my staff and I, have never had one single reason to lie to you.  The fact that this website is void of paid advertising should make even the most skeptical of you understand that our mission was to promote Trump and expose the Obama administration.

In those two endeavors, we have succeeded.   I have done my duty I feel that I owed to my fellow American’s and my God. It is my duty now to protect my family and I from the plans of some people who truly don’t care about our lives or yours. I pray that you don’t write me off as  a lunatic. I have done all that I can for you by putting my families and my life in extreme peril by revealing these facts to you.  You have been well advised to take these facts as the gospel truth and react to them accordingly.

Please respect my obligation to my family and myself.  Again, please use and benefit from the information I have revealed to you in this article or my sacrifices will all have been for nothing.  May God bless us all—trust me, were all going to need it.