The Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Was Not An Actor In A Hoax Shooting

The Click Bait Story Claiming Omar Mateen is an Actor is Bullshit

There is a false story going around the web that claims that Omar Mateen, credited with killing 49 people at the Pulse Club in Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016, is an actor, suggesting that the shooting was a hoax.  To explain why and how this hoax got started, please bear with me while I expose a sleazy practice called ‘click-baiting.’

There are many people who make money from advertising that pays a website or blog owner (publisher) for how many people view their ads on the publisher’s web pages.  Many publishers use off the wall conspiracy articles and or to good to be true offers to ‘bait’ people to ‘click’ on links to articles on web pages that are filled with advertising.

For instance, 10 ads seen by a million people on a web page could pay a publisher around $500.00   When you consider many websites and blogs receive two or three million pages views a day, publishers can realistically earn thirty to forty thousand dollars a month off just one published web page.

For this reason many people create groups on Facebook using a high profile subject or name and quietly drop links to off the wall articles on pages they publish.  For instance, if I was to create a meme that claimed Donald Trump was killed by being ran over a bus, (God forbid) and dropped that link to a bogus article in 10 groups that support Trump and 10 that support Hillary, in less than 2 hours I could realistically receive 4,ooo,ooo visits to the linked page; $2,000.00 dollars to pull that stunt. (ever wonder why the people who do it have so many user names on FB and Twitter?)

Just for the record – there is no paid advertising on Get Off The BS.  If you want to check that out, you will not find any links on our website that include a string of information after the page name seen in your web-browsers url field. The coding after the page name is used by the advertiser’s tracking servers to identify who is responsible for dropping the link and how many times it is used (page views).

(for example:

The Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Was Not An Actor In A Hoax Shooting

Typical Click Bait graphic used to bait people

Now that you understand click-baiting, (You didn’t click on the above graphic, did you?) please realize that it does not take long before websites such as Facebook and  Twitter catch on to who is doing it. Additionally, honest group admin’s do a pretty good job of vetting out people whose sole purpose in joining groups is to earn money from click-baiting.

So how do you make a totally bull-shit story believable for a long period of time – in other words, more desirable – valuable for as long as it is of interest?  You take half truths and combine it with bullshit.  Hey, don’t be surprised – the mainstream media invented baiting people to their televised shows and printed newspapers by mixing half truths with bullshit.

Arguably many people believe that Sandy Hook and the Orlando shootings did not happen.  I will not argue that point in this article, however I will show you how the most recent bullshit story about Omar Mateen allegedly being an actor gained traction.

People do not pay much attention to a story for very long if they don’t believe the story.  To make stories believable, there has to be some kind of evidence to support the story line.  Documents, pictures and videos are commonly used for this purpose.

The Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Was Not An Actor In A Hoax Shooting

[Please click to enlarge]

To support that Omar Mateen is an actor, a person or persons created an IMDb page that claims Omar Mateen is an actor.  (see picture)  If you look at the page, you will see that just like Wikipedia, IMDb obtains their information from anyone who submits it to them.  In other words, you could submit your name as an actor in a movie and in a day or two you would have an IMDb page with your name on it crediting you for acting in whatever movie you claimed you were in.

Your page could realistically be on IMDb for months, depending on how many people complained to IMDb about it, which would cause it to be taken down.  (more on that point later)

Next, a YouTube video was created to publish the lies that Omar Mateen is an actor, not a mentally ill person who decided to kill 49 people at the Pulse Club in Orlando Florida.  The video shows the IMDb page and pages from the WayBack Machine, a website that is programmed to surf the internet looking for caches of websites and blogs, to find pages that are no longer available on the web – pages deleted by the website or blog publisher’s.

As I previously mentioned, after IMDb receives complaints that one of more of their web pages is publishing bullshit, they will remove it and correct any other pages on their website that was updated with the false information. The removing of the bullshit page(s) by IMDb, normally explained by the publisher of the bullshit story as having been scrubbed by our crooked government, actually benefits the person or persons who created the bullshit, because anyone who has fallen for their bullshit that tries to find the original page(s) on the WayBack Machine will in most instances find the bullshit page(s) on the WayBack machine, as can be seen here.

The main reason that the story about Omar Mateen being a paid actor acting in a fake shooting in Orlando has gained so much attraction / belief is because many people who think they know how to investigate stories, are actually piss poor at doing so.

Unfortunately many people will believe what they see on IMDb and the WayBack Machine at face value, simply because they don’t understand that IMDb receives their information from anyone who chooses to submit it to them.

Additionally, most people do not realize the fact that the WayBack Machine does not have any record of the fake or corrected Omar Matteen pages prior to four days after he allegedly shot 49 people in Orlando, indicates that the page that was first captured on June 16, 2016 indicates that the first time the page was published on their website was four days after the shooting.  Because the page indicated that Mateen acted in movies dating back to 2012, it highly improbable that his parts in those movies were never recorded on IMDb until after the shooting.

As previously mentioned, no good bullshit story is complete without a half truth thrown-in to it to attempt to make the bullshit believable. 36:00 minutes into the film “The Big Fix – BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cover up”, a person who highly resembles Omar Mateen appears as a security guard talking to a woman in a car. The person in the scene could actually be Omar Mateen. However, the person in the scene was not an actor in the movie, regardless of the fact that four different cameras were shooting the scene.

The scene was taken at a facility in Florida that Omar Mateen, who was a security guard, may have worked at. However, the security guard in the scene was actually a security guard, not an actor, who was approached by the film maker prior to the scene being shot and asked for his cooperation in helping them shoot their movie.

Omar Mateen was also falsely credited on IMDb with acting in the movie, “Love City, Jalalabad.”  However, the director of the movie George Gittoes absolutely denies that an actor names Omar Mateen was in his film. Additionally, in the watching the film, Using movies as a source to make bullshit hard to prove is a good way to keep bullshit hidden for quite some time, especially if the bullshit is being investigated by piss poor-want-to-be  investigative journalists.  Very few directors, producers or famous actors will normally respond to bloggers or ordinary people.

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People who are good at click- baiting can make a lot of money from doing it.  I am acquainted with several people who have made millions of dollars in a very short period of time from focusing their efforts on creating bullshit stories.  However, click-baiting only serves to help the mainstream media and government cover up stories that really need to be exposed to the American public.

Arguably, it hard to understand that truth when the mainstream and alternative media sources distort the truth of incidents such as the Orlando shooting. Folks, the Orlando shooting was not a hoax.  However, there are many things concerning the Orlando shooting that have not been revealed to the public.

I hope that by exposing one of the false stories concerning Omar Mateen, will help people to at least understand how to recognize click-baiting and to not accept stories and evidence as factual, without doing their due diligence to validate the same.