President Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States, addresses the world after being sworn in on January 20th, 2017.

Clinton The Worst Nightmare In Our Nations History

Without a doubt the 2016 presidential election season with Rotten Crooked Hillary Clinton in the midst, has been absolutely the worst nightmare in our nations history.

Words like “outrageous” and “ominous” and “aggravating” and “terrifying” and “infuriating” and “apocalyptic,” etc. All of these descriptions are quite accurate, even if they tend to understate things a lot.

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Crooked Hillary Desperate As Trump Continues To Slaughter Her In The Polls

As par for the course, the dishonest pundits are not questioning the wicked bitch of Benghazi over recent news concerning numerous prevarications she has previously propounded to the American public concerning her criminal use of her own personal email servers.

In another one of Crooked Hillary’s coughing fits in Columbus Ohio today, the stupid bitch blamed Donald Trump for her coughing, stating that “every time I think about Trump I cough.” What next, “every time I lie it is because Trump made me do it?”

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Anti-American Collin Kaepernick Spits in America’s Face

The San Francisco 49ers anit-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick spit in the face of all true God fearing American’s claiming his decision to not stand for the national anthem during the 49ers game with the Greenbay Packers this past Friday was brought about by his allegiance to the terrorist group Black Lives Matter, ignorantly proclaiming that the actions of certain police officers toward African-Americans is offensive to him.

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Trump Not Backpedaling on Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

it is not my intention to hurt people who are trying to feed their families. But I cannot and will not tolerate any further lawlessness in this country. Trump will restore law and order in America 100%. Anyone who crossed over our borders illegally, is breaking the law—that has to end—they have to leave.

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Kellyanne Conway: The Woman In Charge

Who the hell is Kellyanne Conway, I asked Donald Trump last Wednesday when Trump told me that he was bringing a “pollster” on board. I continued to scratch my head as Trump explained to me that Conway, is a lawyer, a former law professor, a wife of a Manhattan law firm partner and the mother of four, who has polled for a lot of major organizations, testing public opinion on many issues.

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