I have never voted in my life because I have always believed that the Elite put whomever they wanted in to political offices and that it was a waste of my time to try and fight City Hall. When William Clinton beat Ross Perott, I pretty much washed my hands of what I consider an extremely corrupt voting system.

I have never trusted the media and politicians. I am not a pessimist. I am also not a person who is lead around by my nose and I do not shift my opinions because the wind changes and or my opinion may not align itself with more popular opinions.

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has opened up a plentitude of information and research sources. Today, it is much easier to find the truth than it has been at any time in the past. Unfortunately, the truth about the political, social and economic problems that are occurring in our nation today, is very distressing.

In my opinion, the most distressing issue of many of the severe problems in America today, is one that is social. There are literally tens of millions of American’s who by all appearances, are either mentally retarded and or have no clue what the realities of their lives our. For more on this subject, please take the time to watch the following videos:

Asleep, Sheep and Zombie seem to be the most popular names that these unfortunate people are given, but regardless of what you may call them, they are definitely a large part of our population and in my opinion, can be very dangerous; especially the ones who become activists and or lead others to act out.

For the most part, I think people who do live in reality, pretty much have written these people off in the past. Until recently, they only seem to catch our attention, when they form mass protests; such as the African Americans’ who went berserk after the Rodney King jury found the police officers involved in the incident, not guilty. ( )


The mainstream media blamed the riots on urban insurrection fueled by racial tensions. Although, the media’s blame was partially correct, a more disturbing underlying issue was never brought out in the media coverage of what is known today as the “Rodney King” incident.

Arguably, the majority of people involved in the Rodney King riots did not have a clue why they acted out. Seriously, burning down you own homes, vandalizing and looting businesses in your own communities and assaulting others, does not primarily support racial tensions.

If these types of actions did fully support racial tensions, the Rodney King rioters would have committed their atrocious behavior in predominately white neighborhoods instead of their own neighborhoods.

The purpose of this article is not to discuss the Rodney King incident, urban insurrections and or racial tensions. I have brought up the Rodney King incident to support the similarities in issues that are coming to the forefront today, such as the protests that are occurring at rallies held by Donald J. Trump.

CNN and Alex Jones have recently conducted interviews with some of the Trump protestors. Their behavior and answers for the same are very disturbing. Please see the following videos:

The most disturbing similarities between the Trump protestors and the Rodney King protestors is their outright display of hatred and how many of the protestors have absolutely no clue why they are protesting.

It is important that all of us who are living in reality today understand that we cannot simply ignore these people. Arguably, these mindless Zombie’s who are your neighbors, colleagues at work and or people you interact with daily, catapulted Barrack Obama in to the Whitehouse in 2008 and in 2012. Many of them are now blindly supporting Clinton, Sanders and or Ted Cruz.

One of the main problems today is that many people do not give these mindless Zombies enough proper consideration that is necessary to determine the underlying issues that propel them in to action.

No matter how atrocious these mindless peoples actions may be, they are normally well organized and most importantly, they often show up in large numbers.

In contrast, other than showing up to Trump Rallies in large numbers, how organized are we when the situations dictate the need for us to stand together?

If the 200 or fewer people who showed up to the steps of City Hall in Colorado are an indication of how we stand together, we definitely need to either rethink our commitment to support our voice and or how we organize ourselves to do so.

trump-thumbsup-getoffthebsDonald Trump is a great man. He is a man who stands resolute to do what he believes is the right thing to do. However, we cannot expect Donald Trump to do our fighting for us. We cannot leave him standing by himself when he is attacked. He needs our help.

Along Trumps’ side we are fighting City Hall, directed by the wealthy elite. Additionally, we are fighting tens of millions of their mindless Zombies who these elite criminals point and deploy when ever it is necessary for them to use them for their destroy the middle class agendas.

We must stand together; ready to fight together to repel an evil empire whose number one agenda is to destroy our way of life. We cannot ignore their army of mindless Zombies’ any longer.

We cannot wait for someone else to do our fighting for us. When Trump and we are attacked, such as how we were all attacked in Colorado during the delegate snatch by the GOP and Cruz, we must respond organized, resolute and in large numbers.

I do not like to cry over spilled milk. What happened yesterday and or a week ago, we cannot change. However, we can change what we are doing today in response to the current pot shots the GOP who are controlled by the wealthy elite, are firing at our candidate and ourselves.

I implore everyone who considers themselves awake, a patriot and or simply a supporter of Trump, to find ways to become better organized and make your decision today; are you going to stand up and do whatever it takes to take back America or are you going to stand by the side, running your mouths and hope someone else will do you fighting for you.

About the Author:

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