I’m more worried about two documented liars running the country – Crooked Hillary, who cant keep her stories straight – whether it’s her emails, Benghazi, or dodging bullets on that tarmac in Bosnia– and now, Elizabeth Warren – make believe native American – claiming Cherokee heritage, which “minority status” was used to promote her at Harvard law school.

The rumor tonight: Crooked Hillary may pick Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren as her vice presidential running mate, and this weekend is an audition for Warren to prove her vice presidential bona fides.

And more than that – the Twitter war between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren is already locked and loaded.

Now, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t even like Crooked Hillary. She wrote a well-publicized critique of Crooked Hillary and her big bank connections – saying that Crooked Hillary was initially opposed to an overhaul of the bankruptcy laws – but after receiving a 140 thousand dollar contribution from banking industry executives, voted in their favor.

Arguing that big banks were part of Clinton’s constituency. Crooked Hillary has recently offered a flip-flop explanation. This is it – she wanted to protect vulnerable women and their children who were receiving child support from a risk that child support would end if the spouse went bankrupt.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren

And Elizabeth Warren doesn’t even support Crooked Hillary – in fact she still is cheering Bernie Won. No surprise there. Elizabeth, like Bernie, is a progressive… shall we say, shh… socialist?

The Bernie-Elizabeth love fest is well documented. Bernie saying that unlike Crooked Hillary, Elizabeth is the real champion who will take down Wall Street.

So, what’s going on here? Aside from the fact that politics makes strange bedfellows, we are in the middle of a preview of the real 2016 presidential race.

But then again, people don’t vote for president based on the person running for vp. So what’s this all about?

If the rumor is true, it’s about Crooked Hillary trying to deflect her Wall Street big bank sellout. It’s about the Bernie Sanders millennial’s never voting for Crooked Hillary and using Elizabeth Warren to bring them in.

It’s about how Elizabeth Warren is making her the pit bull, going after Donald Trump while Crooked Hillary makes, well, lady like.

It’s about shutting up Bernie at this summer’s Democrat Presidential Convention. It’s about Crooked Hillary doubling down her woman card because, after all, Crooked Hillary is a proponent of women. Or is she?

I have a feeling we are going to be hearing names like Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky and other such women – but I doubt they’ll be coming out for Crooked Hillary.


Plus, Crooked Hillary might be a little busy – given the reported upcoming interview with the FBI, which of course “she hasn’t heard anything about,” another lie that didn’t even last a week…

And the fact that the Feds seem rather serious, extraditing a convicted hacker from Romania who says he hacked into Crooked Hillary’s emails, putting truth to the lie that Crooked Hillary had no Benghazi emails, not to mention the risk of our secure records being subject to exposure, but more the reality that it did happen.

Stay tuned folks. It doesn’t get any better than this.