Mainstream Media Pundits Attempt To Steal The Hearts and Minds Of America

While Donald Trump continues campaigning to win the hearts and minds of the American Public, the Clinton bought and paid for mainstream media is on an asinine campaign to rob them.

This past week’s mainstream media barrage of ‘let’s just make up some crap against  Trump’ has been, without a doubt, the most insulting attempt to rob the American public of the actual truth about the  first presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan that actually cares about the American public.

The constant hit pieces on Trump this week are insulting.  There is no doubt that these band of unethical mainstream media pundits believe that the vast majority of the American public are morons. One idiot pundit, Christina Wilkie spewing garage this past week for the Huffington Post is suggesting that “millions of republican voters are shaking their heads at Trump’s campaign.”

One asinine pundit this past week, went so far off the deep end of testing the American’s public common sense and intelligence, that he [Clarence Page]  suggested that Trump is “testing his exit strategy” from running in the general election. 

Mainstream Media Pundits Attempt To Steal The Hearts and Minds Of AmericaThe most insulting reports this past week by every mainstream media pundit in the country are now targeted at brainwashing the American public into believing that Hillary Clinton, who this week had to pay high school students in Omaha Nebraska to fill her rally venue, lest we believe that people in their right minds would show up to her rallies, is now leading in the election polls despite the fact that Trump continues to set record attendances at his rallies.

The fact that less than two weeks ago the mainstream media told on themselves about rigging the election polls to favor Clinton, has not deterred these idiot mainstream media pundits from falsely reporting to the American public that Crooked Hillary is now leading Trump in the election polls by as much as 15 points.

Am I the only one in the world who is insulted by such a suggestion after being told by these same unethical hacks they were going to rig the polls?  Last week: Hey you stupid American’s, we’re going to rig the polls that prove that Trump is slaughtering Hillary Clinton in the general election. This week: Hey you stupid American’s, polls show that Hillary is kicking Trump’s posterior in the general election. 

While Trump continues to inform the American public that the system is rigged, Clinton’s merry band of mainstream criminal pundits overload the newspapers, magazines, airways and internet with fraudulent diatribe claiming that Trump is spewing ‘sour grapes’ because he is losing the general election to Crooked Hillary. Really, is there that many mentally defective Americans in this country who will believe that crap?  Apparently so, it repeatedly works.

The most recent example of these types of unethical media propaganda smear campaigns achieving their desired results is proven by the recent Democratic vote rigging of the California Democratic primaries

Mainstream Media Pundits Attempt To Steal The Hearts and Minds Of America

While right-wing asinine liberal and Democrats in California quietly chuckle under their breath about how Bernie Sanders was screwed over in the recent primaries in their state, nothing has come of the blatant voting fraud—other than a couple of law suits that will not change anything–the final result is that it worked. Hillary won the primaries in California despite the fact that Bernie Sanders actually received over 75% of the California public’s votes.

Many of the American public argue that vote rigging and mainstream media propaganda campaigns are the figment of left-wing conservative imaginations who are obviously brainwashed into believing conspiracy theories by the reporting of questionable alternative media sources. 

Some of The American Pubic Obviously Have Short-Term Memories

Within two weeks of the vote rigging in California, the American public was treated to the most asinine report on a corruption scandal, ever propounded to the American public, when the Director of the FBI James Comey, testified to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the Clinton Email Scandal, falsely claiming that no prosecutor could rightfully prosecute Crooked Hillary for numerous felony violations, including espionage, treason, destroying and withholding evidence in a federal criminal investigation and mishandling of classified government secrets. 

Faced with numerous fed-up Americans cleaning their shotguns and sharpening their axes and pitchforks, our criminal band of scumbag politicians hammered by tens of millions of the American public screaming for Crooked Hillary to be lynched, went into overdrive using the moron mainstream media pundits to brainwash the American public with diverting news stories of one tragedy after another—this time, mass murders and African American’s waging war on the police. 

“Oh nonsense,” I hear many of the American public screaming.  They would not make up stories like the Florida Night Club shooting and Five Police Officers Killed in Dallas to divert the American public’s attention away from thinking about vote rigging and corruption within the two highest departments in our Nation’s law enforcement communities. 

Mainstream Media Pundits Attempt To Steal The Hearts and Minds Of AmericaNo, there is no way that our political hacks would arrange the murders of our own people and police officers to achieve their crooked agendas.  Those damn insane conservatives are still trying to sell us on the notion that 9/11 was orchestrated by our own government. 

Yes my fellow sane Americans, a vast majority of the American public has a short memory.

This is Brenda Corpian reporting and praying that with the Almighty God’s help, our savior Donald J. Trump can overcome a very corrupt and obviously stacked system, heavily armed with an agenda to steal the hearts and minds of the American public.