Quit Your Bitching And Get The Fuck Out

In the wake of our 2016 general election, thousands of morons have surfaced in protests across our nation.  What are they protesting?  The fact that there are numerous people in this country with enough brain cells left to realize that electing a woman to POTUS who has committed more criminal offenses than Al Capone ever imagined he could commit, is insane?

During the past 48 hours, I have listened to many interviews and read many posts from Hispanics who are pissed off that many of their family members and or they are in danger of being deported.  On the surface of these complaints, many people may sympathize with them.  However, every interview that I have listened to and every post I have read is void of a harsh fact that seems to elude these idiots.

Anyone who has crossed our borders illegally has committed a crime.  Anyone who works in this country without a legal right to do so, is committing a crime.  Every cent that is earned in said manner is money that has been illegally obtained; no different than money stolen from a bank or money earned selling illegal drugs.

Very few people bat an eyelash when someone is arrested, tried and sentenced to jail or prison.  Everyday property, homes, cars and cash are confiscated from people who have been found guilty of criminal acts.  The law is very clear—any monies and or property obtained through criminal acts is subject to forfeiture. 

Additionally, our immigration laws are very straight forward.  If you come to this country illegally, you will be subjected to deportation.

The fact is, there is no distinction between an illegal immigrant who comes to this country to sell drugs verses one who comes to illegally work in this country.  The very act of crossing our borders illegally is an act that makes any person a criminal who does so.  The idea that our laws provide for amnesty to criminals is asinine, yet it is obvious that millions of illegal immigrants in this country believe that being subjected to prosecution for breaking our laws is a matter to protest over.

Quit Your Bitching And Get The Fuck Out

In reality, these illegal alien scumbags should be sent to jail and have every dollar they have earned illegally working here and any property they have purchased with said money, confiscated from them. 

For those people who feel the need to protest our president to elect, maybe you should be protesting the leniency shown to illegal aliens who steal our citizen’s identities.  May I suggest you go spend a couple of days in a social security office, listening to senior citizens who cannot obtain their social security payments because some Mexican piece of shit worked under the social security number of some unsuspecting law abiding citizen.

Yes, there are many things citizens of this country should be protesting.  The very fact that illegal aliens were allowed to vote in our elections is worth protesting.  The fact that a pregnant woman can come here illegally and shit out her nasty baby on the tax payer’s dime is worth protesting.  The fact that people like myself are stuck paying to support illegal aliens in this country is worth protesting.

Block the streets, freeways, damage property? I dare anyone of you pieces of human garbage to endanger myself and or family with your nonsense and see how fast I take you out of this world.  I truly look forward to the day that one of you stupid idiots walk out in front of my vehicle.