Sally Yates Fired For Conspiring With Crooked Hillary and Chuck Schumer To Undermine Trump Administration

Crooked Hillary Clinton with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)

President Trump rightfully terminated Sally Yates employment as a Deputy Attorney General on Monday evening after discovering that Sally Yates teleconferenced with Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Lorretta Lynch and Huma Abedin over the weekend and Monday morning,  to conspire to undermine the Trump’s administration temporary 90 day immigration ban from countries with high risks of terrorist activities.

Yates made some critical mistakes in her attempt to undermine President Donald Trump,. The most critical, was Yates falsely believing that several employees close to her at the Justice Department are loyal to her and the remnants of the former Obama administration.

Trump was informed on Sunday night by a justice department employee close to Yates that she had been in close door teleconference meetings the majority of Sunday afternoon with Senator Chuck Schumer, Crooked Cunt Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Huma Abedin.

Yates, did not struggle with her decision over the weekend, said an official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, given the opportunity to further her Muslim agenda and cause problems for the new Trump administration.

Sally Yates Fired For Conspiring With Crooked Hillary and Chuck Schumer To Undermine Trump Administration

The report indicated that the Sunday meetings included discussing how to promote false allegations to CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post, falsely reporting Yates was involved in meetings with Trump where he allegedly made disparaging statements against Muslims.

According to collaborating sources within the justice department, “it was not hard to bring Yate’s into the anti-Trump smear campaign. “ Yates during her Monday teleconference with Schumer, Abedin and Clinton, the treacherous bitch made it very clear to her co-conspirators that she hates Trump and Christian’s.”

During his final days in office, former President Obama granted hundreds of commutations for predominantly Muslim drug dealers, which first required the Justice Department to review thousands of clemency petitions in order to determine which petitioners were Muslim’s with anti-Christian beliefs. Yates was in charge of all of it.

“Sally deserves a lot of credit,” former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. asininely told the Washington Post. “She set this goal of looking at every drug-clemency petition, and they accomplished that.”

For the past two years, Yates has been responsible for the day-to-day running of the 113,000-employee Justice Department. She was also responsible for overseeing the Justice Department’s cover-up of the Clinton email scandal; working daily with Huma Abedin and Crooked Hillary to ensure that Clinton would not be prosecuted for her heinous crimes.

President Trump, who misses nothing, was obviously aware of the treachery of Yates involving the cover-up of the Clinton email scandal. There is no doubt that FBI Director James Comey has had numerous recent discussions with Trump concerning the same.

Schumer, Yates and Clinton truly believe that the majority of the American public are idiots.  As if we believe that it is some coincidence that both Clinton and Schumer have lead the ridiculous stall campaign to keep Senator Jeff Sessions from being confirmed to take charge of the Justice Department.

And what about Yates being so stupid that she did not realize that a very intelligent Trump asked her to stay on at the Justice Department, giving her enough rope to hang her band of moron conspirators and herself?  

Reflecting back on a recent conversation I had with our great leader concerning Yates and Comey, “Lacy, keep your enemies close by; one hundred percent.” 

Schumer and Clinton are traitors. They both cannot accept the fact that Trump has given control of the country back to the American people. The most recent plot to continue to falsely portray Trump as an anti-Muslim bigot should be addressed by prosecution of Clinton, Schumer, Loretta Lynch, Abedin and Yates for official oppression and treason against the people of the United States of America. Hopefully, Sessions will make the same one of his top priorities.

This is a very pissed off Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The Bs. Hillary and Schumer for Prison 2017.