WashingtonD.C.  June 10, 2016

In a day filled with a flurry of meetings with Bernie Sanders and national Democratic leaders, Sanders appeared to acknowledge Thursday that the end of his 2016 White House campaign is drawing near.

The Vermont senator also signaled his commitment to party unity: After meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House, Sanders pledged to work with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump this fall.

CNN asked Sanders’ supporters at a rally here to reflect on the senator’s campaign. They expressed a mixture of disappointment and defiance, as well as pride about what Sanders has accomplished. They also shared their trepidation about Clinton and Trump.

jenn-fendrick-lee-get-off-the-bsJenn Fendrick, 32, former analyst at the Institute for the Study of War from Fairfax, Virginia

Obama endorsed Clinton today. What was your reaction?

It’s been pretty clear that she’s his chosen successor. And I saw Bernie was walking with Obama in the Rose Garden. So it looks like Bernie is starting to get — to move to try to unite, I guess, his supporters behind Hillary Clinton. I don’t know how successful he’ll be.

A lot of friends that I know are not going to vote for Hillary and they’re Sanders supporters. A few have even said they’ll vote for Trump, which I think is insane. I will vote for Hillary — not enthusiastically, but they’re aligned on most issues. So I’ll vote for her.

Your friends that say they wouldn’t vote for Hillary — what is their reason?

They all say she’s corrupt, she’s crooked, she’s beholden to Wall Street — that she lies. She changes her line according to what her banker donor friends tell her to do.

How do you feel about the Sanders campaign potentially coming to an end soon?

It’s incredibly sad. It’s the end of an era — hopefully not the end of his movement, though … He’s definitely too old to run again, I think. It’s incredibly sad.


Guy Gray, 66, retired AV technician who lives in Brazil (voted by absentee ballot in Pennsylvania)

Obama endorsed Clinton today. What was your reaction?

She’s got the delegates. After this last election, it looks likely. But you’re not the nominee until after the convention so I’m going to be staying tuned.

Do you think there’s a chance she may not be the nominee?

Well, if she’s indicted. And God forbid, something were to happen to her — I wouldn’t want that. Bernie’s in the running until the convention, as far as I’m concerned.

Would you support Clinton?

There are so many negatives about Hillary that I can’t say I’ll support her. But I will vote for her if it’s the best chance of defeating Trump. And I do like the idea of a woman president.

Would you support Trump?

No. Trump’s a bigot, a buffoon and speaks without thinking. We can’t afford a president who shoots his mouth off.

How do you feel about the Sanders campaign potentially coming to an end soon?

There’s been insurgencies within the Democratic Party. In my lifetime it was Jesse Jackson, (Dennis) Kucinich, I supported (Ralph) Nader … I think (Sanders) has taken that kind of progressive movement for social change and increased the popularity of it. … He probably won’t succeed but he’s gone further than any of the others have. And I think that’s the history of social change in this country.


Sam Mbulaiteye, 50, researcher from Silver Spring, Maryland

Obama endorsed Clinton today. What was your reaction?

I was disappointed. I think Bernie’s message is closer to Obama’s message in 2008 — it’s a message of change, hope and about the future. Conceptually, they’re closer because they are forward-looking, getting young people to be engaged in politics … using diplomacy instead of war.

Would you support Clinton?

I’m not sure. I’m watching to see how she incorporates his messages in her programs.

Would you support Trump?

Again, I’m not sure. In terms of being anti-establishment, Trump is closer to Bernie Sanders.


Carlos Rivera, 18, a senior at Woodbridge High School in Woodbridge, Virginia

How do you feel about the Sanders campaign potentially coming to an end soon?

It’d discouraging. When you hear the supporting but you don’t see the numbers, it’s like, what’s going on?

Would you support Clinton?

If she changes the way she’s campaigning, I might vote for her. She needs to stop saying things just to get votes. She needs to own up to what she’s saying and put her money where her mouth is.

Would you support Trump?

No. Definitely not.

Obama endorsed Clinton today. What was your reaction?

It was surprising. Wasn’t he just with Sanders, as well? He leaves and all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Oh, I support Hillary.’ So I was kind of shocked by that.

Do you think Obama’s endorsement will matter?

It kind of matters because of course some people are going to be like, ‘Barack Obama supports her so I might as well support her as well.’

Why are you a Sanders supporter?

He’s for the people and he’s not doing this just for him — he’s doing this because he really does care about the people.


Claire Ryberg, 24, software engineer from Virginia

Obama endorsed Clinton today. What was your reaction?

I can’t say that I’m terribly surprised. I’m obviously still going to hold out to hope — it’s not over until it’s over, but you can kind of read the writing on the wall.

Would you support Clinton?

I want to see what happens with — the current situation with the emails, I want to find out more about that. I can’t in good conscience support Trump. I will not be voting for him.

What kind of information do you think you need about the emails?

I think it would be nationally embarrassing to elect somebody who is then indicted … I think it would be pretty bad if we elected somebody who was either convicted of something, or something along those lines.

She’s obviously a very capable politician who has a long-standing career and a lot of experience and it would be wonderful to have the first woman president, but I don’t want to elect somebody who then goes to jail.

How do you feel about the Sanders campaign potentially coming to an end soon?

I’m frustrated that it seems like in the media’s eyes, he was never painted as if he had a chance because I think he really did. I think he really did.

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