Sara Westwood Stop Smoking Crack and Promoting Crooked Hillary

Sara Westwood, I just finished reading your article entitled ‘Hillary’s campaign denies FBI, IRS investigations into Clinton Foundation.’  I have to admit that I thought I was reading a satire piece until I realized that you were obviously trying to write a promotion piece on Crooked Hillary.

From one woman to another Sara, please get some help for your drug addiction.  It is obvious from looking at your picture and reading your article, you were under the influence of crack cocaine when you wrote your garbage—I mean article.

Hon, I understand that it is hard to break in to the mainstream media spotlight, especially when your physical appearance resembles a cross between Twiggy and Chelsea Clinton [that nose-omg] and you have no talent whatsoever in writing.

Sister, we have all awoke in the morning to find our favorite pair of panties hanging from an award we once won, but that does not justify putting the fire to the glass dick, toking away and writing what must be the most asinine statement in the world.  Well see for yourself:

Beyond questions over its nonprofit status, the Clinton Foundation has weathered more than a year of criticism over the pattern of favors that flowed from the State Department to its most generous donors.

Fallon said any donors who expected preferential treatment in exchange for a donation or for paying Bill Clinton to give a speech was “completely foolish for thinking so.”

Sara, of course this does not look so bad by itself—I mean you can always blame Fallon for the most asinine remark ever made, however when your article’s tone is to promote the Wicked Bitch of Benghazi—well, a girl just got to wonder just how high you were?

$500,000 big ones for a single speech?  And how about selling the Russian’s over 20% of our US uranium mining rights after they paid the Clinton Foundation $2,500,000?

All total, Bill and Hillary Clinton made almost $153 million in speaking fees from big money donors to the Clinton Foundation, while Crooked Hillary was Secretary of State.  “Completely foolish for thinking so?”  Breaking news Sara, the whole world does not smoke crack! Well–maybe all the Democrats and liberals do. You think?

Hon, everyone in D.C. knows that you’re working for the Washington Examiner has not been all you hoped it would be for yourself, but hey things could be worse—you could be working for the Washington Post.

Yes, I know your reputation has suffered from sleeping with middle age, potbellied political hacks praying they may tell you something useful, only to find yourself waking up in the morning asking yourself, did I really stick that penis that resembles a Vienna sausage in my mouth and….last night?  But, hey there is no reason to believe all is lost–we all have kissed a few frogs in our life.

Sara Westwood Stop Smoking Crack and Promoting Crooked HillarySara, may I make a couple of suggestions?  Hon, put down the crack pipe and use the money you save to buy yourself some nice outfits.   You dress like your trying to earn a leading role on the Brady Bunch. 

Than go find yourself a competent plastic surgeon and invest in some boobs and a nose job.  Seriously, I have been repeatedly told by your colleagues that they are not quite sure if you’re a woman or a man.

And by all mean’s sister, work up some confidence in yourself. Trying to make your mark alongside a multitude of corrupt and stupid pundits attempting to elevate Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton back in to the White House in 2017—well, that is just plain stupid; don’t you think?

Sara, above all else never give up faith in yourself.  If the world’s most ugliest woman who may just be a transvestite, can elevate herself to the position of First Lady of the US, there is definitely some hope left for you.

From one woman to another [well, I hope you’re a woman—these days you never know, do you?] this is Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The Bs.