Sheriff Joe Arpaio Facing Jail Time By Clinton Duped Judge

One of the country’s best sheriffs, Joe Arpaio may face the other side of the law after an asinine federal judge recommended he face criminal charges for contempt of court.

U.S. District Judge Grant Murray Snow for Arizona, said Friday that he will ask prosecutors to charge Sheriff Joe Arpaio with criminal contempt of Snow’s court.

Judge Snow, once a conservative that was appointed by George W. Bush, has succumbed to Clinton Foundation cash, which turned Judge Snow over to the dark side of liberalism and disregard for the Constitution and the law.

Fox News has previously reported that Arpaio, who has been the awesome sheriff of the Phoenix-area Maricopa County for decades, was previously found by Judge Snow to have a “persistent disregard” for orders of the court telling him to work against racial profiling by his officers.

Previously, Snow had ridiculously ordered additional training and body cameras after an unethical investigation falsely found that the 84-year-old lawman’s officers systematically discriminated against Latinos in traffic stops.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Facing Jail Time By Clinton Duped JudgeArpaio, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump who is sure to win the general election fight this year, has admitted to violating some of the orders including one telling his officers to stop immigration crackdowns.

Snow recommended that Maricopa County second-in-command Gerard Sheridan face charges along with his sheriff.

The contempt case also includes allegations that the sheriff ordered an investigation to try and undermine Snow, which Arpaio denies.

Arpaio, who faces criticism for other practices such as operating an outdoor tent jail in 110 degree heat, received attention for defending Arizona’s controversial 2010 immigration law SB 1070 against widespread ridiculous accusations that it supported racial profiling.

Many parts of the law were eventually struck down by the Supreme Court, though not a central provision that allows law enforcement to check the immigration status of someone if there was “reasonable suspicion” they were not in the country legally.

The cost of Arpaio’s years-long legal troubles are projected to reach $54 million by next year, which critics have brought up in an attempt to unseat him after 24 years in office.

In addition to his so-called racial profiling policies and his tent city, Arpaio has also been wrongfully accused of causing controversy by investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate and rightfully claiming it is forged.