Eric Schneiderman

By Brenda Corpian – June 2, 2016

On September 16, 2o12 a former sales manager for the Trump University, Ronald Schnackenberg, falsely stated in a sworn declaration to the attorneys for the Trump University lawsuit Plaintiff Tarla Makaeff, that “I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.”

Ronald Schnackenberg

Ronald Schnackenberg

Ronald Schnackenberg is a former sales manager for Trump University (2006-2007) who likely was hired by Donald Trump due to his prior experience as a former enrollment manager for the University Phoenix online education division and as a graduate of The Wharton School; the university that Donald Trump graduated from.

Schnackenberg, a long time supporter of Mitt Romney came under investigation from Eric Schneiderman’s office in 2012, for illegal advertising practices known as ‘astroturfing’ contracting to provide political advertising for the Mitt Romey’s presidential campaign against Obama.

Schnackenberg and Romney were in trouble with The Attorney Generals Office in New York for helping Romney find and mobilize a sympathetic public against Obama, by using paid-for fake Twitter accounts to boost Romney’s visibility and disparage Obama. (astroturfing)

Interestingly, , aka, ‘The Sheriff of Wall street’ mysteriously halted his investigation of Schnackenberg and Romney in late September of 2012, approximately 2 weeks after Schnackenberg gave his sworn statement against Trump University. 

Although it has never been proven, factual evidence suggests that Schneiderman has a long history of using his office for his own financial and political agendas. Please consider the following:

  • Eric Schneiderman’s investigations into Airbnb have benefited hotel owners and hospitality companies who have donated nearly $100,000 to Schneiderman’s campaigns since 2010.
  • His investigation into online sports betting sites DraftKings and FanDuel has benefited the casino industry that has donated more than $48,000 to Schneiderman’s campaigns since 2010.
  • In one of Schneiderman’s most recent announcements, he touted a cash settlement with Barclays and Credit Suisse after his office investigated high frequency trading platforms owned by the banks.

After the investigation was launched, Barclays and Credit Suisse lost market share, while IEX – another trading platform – gained market share.

Two of Schneiderman’s donors, activist hedge fund investors David Einhorn and William Ackman, benefited from the investigation because their hedge funds own stakes in IEX.

Einhorn and Ackman have donated more than $177,000 to Schneiderman since he first ran for office.

Hope Dworaczyk Smith

Hope Dworaczyk Smith

  • 2010 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Hope Smith, formerly Hope Dworaczyk, donated in her maiden name, $65,100 to Schneiderman’s re-election campaign on Jan. 13, 2012, according to campaign finance records.

During that same time, Robert Smith who is married to Hope Smith donated more than $150,000 to the attorney general’s war chest.

Most of the donations came after Schneiderman in 2012 launched investigation into Vista Equity Partners who is owed by Robert Smith, alleging that Vista used private equity funds to evade taxes by classifying client payments as investments rather than management fees.

After receiving donations from both Smith and his wife Hope, Schneiderman’s office closed his investigation in to Vista Equity Partners.

  • Eric Schneiderman has also secretly taken large campaign contributions from the Clinton foundation.In 2012, Schneiderman allegedly received $2M from the Clinton Foundation, which he did not have to report pursuant to a law that allows candidates for political office to not have to disclose campaign donations from nonprofit companies and corporations.

Coincidentally, Eric Schneiderman has openly endorsed Hillary Clinton for her 2016 presidential election bid.

Eric Schneiderman on the surface appears to be a champion for the people. During his first term in office, he instituted a plan to root out fraud and return money illegally stolen from New York taxpayers at no additional cost to the state.

His initiative included a “Taxpayer Protection Unit” specifically designed to go after corruption in state contracts, pension fund rip-offs, and large-scale tax cheats.

However, Schneiderman is definitely a very corrupt Attorney General.  Arguably with his power to subpoena whom ever he chooses on Wall Street (which is how he became known as ‘The Wall Street Sheriff) Schneiderman has become the most powerful Attorney General in the United States.

Additionally Schneiderman is very intelligent. He is a master of deception, taking on high profile cases that glorify him in the press while quietly enriching himself and engaging in cronyism with his friends and supporters.

For instance Schneiderman has put himself in the spot light on numerous occasions by unleashing the power of his office on for-profit universities, including the Trump University and  the College Network , for allegedly inducing prospective  students to pay thousands of dollars for ineffective courses, through false and deceptive business practices.

However, Schneiderman has continued to ignore the most corrupt online universities in the country today, including Stevens Henagar and University of Phoenix online, who apparently funnel money to Schneiderman and Barrack Obama, through the Clinton Foundation.

Apollo Education Group Corporate Offices

Apollo Education Groups’ Corporate Offices

In February of this year, the University of Phoenix, owned by the Apollo Education Group, was purchased by a group of investors led by Tony Miller, who was appointed by Obama as the Secretary of the US Department of Education n 2012.

On April 25, 2012 a U.S. District Court in Arizona approved a $145 million payment by Apollo Group, Inc., to settle a class action lawsuit. The court dismissed the securities-fraud verdict against Apollo and former company officials as a result of the settlement.

Their are literally thousands of students in New York who attend and been cheated by University of Phoenix Online, however Schneiderman who is a close ally of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, has ignored numerous fraud complaints filed with his office against University of Phoenix.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, Schneiderman who had Schnackenberg and Romney in the cross hairs of his AG’s office in 2012, blackmailed Schnackenberg to provide false testimony against Trump, publically placing himself in the glory of the mainstream media,  while secretly misusing his official powers to destroy Trump.

Finally, In 2012 did Schneiderman intend to black mail Trump for campaign donations? Did he know Trump and or Hillary would run for president in 2016?  Additionally did Schneiderman’s blackmailing of Schnackenberg have anything to do with Mitt Romney purposely losing the 2012 presidential election?

Hopefully the answers to the aforementioned questions will soon come to the surface. This is a very pissed off Brenda Corpian reporting on another scumbag for Get Off The BS.