Crooked Hillary is at it again by allowing the partial release of fabricated State Department emails – a faux smoking gun to conceal how a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board to benefit from insider trading information.

However, the information that has been revealed from the fabricated emails and the mainstream media articles that ensued from the same do not even begin to tell the whole story.

The scandal began when several board members of the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) leaked to ABC News that a recent Clinton appointee Rajiv K. Fernando does not have any known background in nuclear security.

The appointment qualified Fernando for one of the highest levels of top-secret access. Among those with whom Fernando served on the International Security Advisory Board were David A. Kay, the former head of the Iraq Survey Group and United Nations Chief Weapons Inspector; Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, a former National Security Advisor to two presidents; two former congressmen; and former Sen. Chuck Robb. William Perry, the former Secretary of Defense, chaired the panel.

the International Security Advisory Board

The International Security Advisory Board

Crooked Hillary is so audacious that she believes the American public is stupid enough to believe the statement of one ISAB member who according to ABC News claimed, “We had no idea who he was.”

Although there is no absolute proof of the ISAB members motivation to make this scandal public, ISAB Executive Director Richard Hartman shed a light on the possible reason stating that Crooked Hilary and Fernando apparently did not share the wealth with several of the ISAB members from their inside trading profiteering.

“I have spoken to [State Department official Hartman] privately, and it appears there is much more to this story that we’re unaware of,” wrote Jamie Mannina, the press aide who fielded the ABC News request.

“We must protect the Secretary’s and Under Secretary’s name, as well as the integrity of the Board. I think it’s important to get down to the bottom of this before there’s any response,” said Hartman.

When damaging information on the Clinton’s is discovered, the Clinton’s with the aid of their mainstream media cronies, are masters of handing over what appears to be a smoking gun to divert attention from the real truth of the criminal issues they end up burying.

Lyin’ Crooked Hilary learned the hard way from her husband who found himself during his administration in major hot water from destroying over a million emails, that fabricating what appears to be legitimate emails is a much better solution to hiding the real ones.

Copies of dozens of emails were provided to ABC News by the conservative political group Citizens United, which obtained the fabricated emails under the Freedom of Information Act after more than two years of litigation with the government.

 The Clinton / ABC News spin about the recently discovered emails claim that after inquiries from ABC News, the Clinton staff sought to “protect the name” of the Secretary, “stall” the ABC News reporter and ultimately accept the resignation of the donor just two days later.

 Rajiv K. Fernando

Rajiv K. Fernando

According to ABC, Fernando a Chicago securities trader, who specialized in electronic investing sat alongside a collection of nuclear scientists, former cabinet secretaries and members of Congress to advise Hillary Clinton on the use of tactical nuclear weapons and on other crucial arms control issues. Laughing my ass off!

What Fernando actually specializes in, is insider trading, cronyism and lobbying criminal politicians to earn billions of dollars.

In reality what Fernando was doing was helping the ISAB to manipulate and or create US policies that drove the stock prices of weapons manufacturers and commodities, such as uranium, either up or down, taking advantage of having insider information to make billions of dollars buying and selling arms companies and commodities stocks.

Fernando himself would not answer questions from ABC News in 2011 about what qualified him for a seat on the board or led to his appointment. When ABC News finally caught up with Fernando at the 2012 Democratic convention, he became upset and said he was “not at liberty” to speak about it. Security threatened to have the ABC News reporter arrested.

Fernando’s expertise appeared to be in the arena of high frequency trading — a form of computer-generated stock trading that makes its very hard for the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] to catch on to insider trading activity.

At the time of his appointment, he headed a firm, Chopper Trading that was a leader in computer-generated stock trading.

Fernando’s history of engaging in cronyism dates back at least to 2003 and is almost exclusively with Democrats. He was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 bid for president, giving maximum contributions to her campaign, and to HillPAC, in 2007 and 2008.

He also served as a fundraising bundler for Clinton, gathering more than $100,000 from others for her White House bid.

After Barack Obama bested Clinton for the 2008 nomination, Fernando became a major fundraiser for the Obama campaign. Prior to his State Department appointment, Fernando had given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the William J. Clinton Foundation, and another $30,000 to a political advocacy group, Women Count, that indirectly helped Hillary Clinton retire her lingering 2008 campaign debts by renting her campaign email list.

Although the Clinton Foundation reports they have received over a million dollars from Fernando, the real amount of money they received will probably never be revealed.

 Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The BS.  ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’

Editors note:

For anyone who does not understand what happened.  Clinton was dead busted putting Fernando on ISAB.

Doing damage control she let 2 years time pass then gave up some fabricated emails giving up the fact that she was trying to hide a mistake.

In reality, she is hiding the fact that she put Fernando on ISAB so that Fernando, some politicians, board members and her could make a boat load full of cash inside trading commodities and weapon companies stocks.