07/21/2016 – Written By: Jim Hovda

Turn on talk radio, CNN, MSNBC, and even at times FOX News, and the bashing of Donald Trump has gone on steroids. Even though Trump is the “official” Republican Party nominee, you would think we still are at the beginnings of the Primaries the way the Left, the far-Right, the establishment RINOs, Libertarians, and Christians are attacking him non-stop, and on a constant barrage of hate and desperation to keep Trump from ever stepping foot into the White House with this election.

Anything and everything has become “detrimental” for the future of the Republican Party, with fear-mongering tactics being used on all sides to make a Trump presidency into the end of the United States as we know it, they say.

Rino’s fear Trump will swing the pendulum Left, as representatives of Congress and senators will lose in every state, giving Hillary a majority of Congress to pass everything she seeks without so much as a leg stuck out to stumble over. Conservatives, Christians, and Libertarians believe Trump is destined for the biggest upset landslide in presidential election history, as no state will give him a majority of the vote. The Democrats fear that if Trump wins, everything they have fought for these past 50 years will be for naught, as Trump will redirect course to move America back into the top ranks on every avenue, as we were back when Reagan was President.

Stop Bashing Donald Trump

You cannot have it both ways… either Trump will destroy America, or Trump will make America great again. So which is it going to be, America?

In my humble opinion, I think America has lost its way so deeply that there may be no hope for it, as the citizenry has gone bonkers, as their logic and rational thinking have gone haywire.

The youth believes that neither candidate is worth a hoot, at least not for their future. I doubt they will vote as they had for Barack Obama, as they don’t want to contribute a third time to their own demise, they say.

Democrats will always vote Democratic because they know nothing else, as truth and facts mean nothing to them other than being hateful rhetoric coming from a bunch of “racist bigots who only want to run the country for themselves, while they forget about the poor, the disabled, the sick, the old, and the minorities” who, to them, are the mainstay of the American populous (Under Obama, they may be the majority now, as the Middle-Class has been whittled away to nearly nothing).

Even with all the scandals, the accusations, and even charges with positive proof evidence, the Teflon Queen has been untouchable, even though her charges are as long as a rap-sheet of a career criminal. Woman are standing for Hillary because they seek a woman President, even if Hillary is a crook, they are saying. They see Trump as a womanizer and anti-feminist. Nevermind that she will make SCOTUS far-Left, and appoint federal judges who will follow the Progressive agenda to the letter, forgetting that there is a US Constitution.

Nevermind she has publicly stated that she will use Executive Orders to make guns and ammunition illegal, protect Planned Parenthood, strengthen ObamaCare, curtail certain freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship, and help Muslims and more illegals into America to make us more unsafe and less productive. Nevermind that the UN will become bigger and more powerful, as Common Core and Agenda’s 21 & 2030 will be put of full steroids. Nevermind that Hillary will help Iran obtain nukes, caliphate the Mideast, and move America into the New world Order.

The “sore-losers” still out their en masse, are continuously whining and bitching about the way “they were excluded” from their rights to nominate Ted Cruz. The Bush family, along with other prominent RINOs, are boycotting the Convention, because America voted in record turnout for Donald Trump, and not their “establishment” syndicate crime-boss. Glenn Beck and Mark Levin can shut the “f” up for the way they are trashing Trump, his supporters, the Convention, and even Trump’s family.

Stop Bashing Donald Trump


So all you ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ and Lyin’ Ted Cruz Still for President’ supporters realize this: you can cry all you want, you can bitch about it until the cows come home, you can whine and shout how you feel that you have been screwed all you want, but let me tell you this with a very stern word, if Hillary wins this by a narrow margin, it will because of you people who folded your arms to run home to pout, and tried to show the world that we had better nominate a die-hard conservative with the Bible in one hand, and the Constitution in the other, or not at all. Because, Donald J Trump beat the odds, historically, to win the nomination fair and square, even though you disapprove of his tactics, they were legal, and used very intelligently. The people were not bamboozled or hoodwinked, as they try to say.

The message of Trump’s America is this: “We are tired of the establishment, we are tired of a do-nothing Congress, and we demand a proven leader capable of attacking the system head on to defeat it, and return this country back to the people who stand for the basic principles that had once made it great.”

None of the 16 others were thought as being the “magic man” capable in restoring the lost pride, dignity, and patriotism to the Republic, or they would have chose one of them instead. Every candidate had their deep faults, and Trump exploited them enough to gain traction, and eventually the majority of delegates.

Get over it! This is the United States of America, not “divided”, though the Left has done its share to divide us in all categories… we are better than that… we are better than they are… we have the solutions needed to give America back to the people, and to take it away from the Powers that have controlled our lives for 30+ years, taking more away, while giving back less every election cycle since Reagan.

If you think Trump is an idiot, I can’t help your ignorance. You think you know him, but you don’t. Those who have worked with him, played with him, and are called one of Trump’s friends wouldn’t tell us lies like the media would have you believe. If they say Trump is a man of honor and commitment, then why should they not be believed? If you buy the hate-Trump garbage, then you are no better than a Democrat.

You have never read his books, listened to his motivational tapes, nor studied under his wisdom. If you religiously are a Cruzer, then you have lost your unity and have become self-righteous like your shepherd, Ted, who by the way, refused to endorse Trump, yet told America to vote for someone different in November, at the Convention… Trumps’ Convention. The “boos” he received were not adequate enough for his betrayal of those who stood there cheering for Ted moments earlier, as they were made to believe his endorsement was forthcoming. And this is why Ted lost, as his words were nothing but classless. See video below.

There are many reasons why so many don’t want Donald Trump as POTUS. Many fear he’ll become a dictator, as Beck and Levin compared Trump to a “Hitler” typecast. Many fear Trump will take away their “cushion” within the status quo of the mundane. Many also fear Trump will remove the ways Washington has been ran for so many years, as lobbyists, special interest groups, globalists and crony capitalists will be displaced from the process that has feathered their nest into great wealth and power. And, many fear Trump may make America great again by a different ideology than they have been taught, through indoctrination and brainwashing.

Stop Bashing Donald Trump

You either stand for Trump’s freedom and liberty, or you stand for Hillary’s Marxist/Alinsky progressivism/communism. In this election, there are no in-betweens.

For the past two elections, many have voiced their discern for having to vote for someone they didn’t want, someone who was placed to be the nominee by the Powers within the GOP/RNC, and the Washington establishment. Many stayed at home, giving us eight years of Obama’s Left-wing destruction and national demise. Are you going to give us irreversible change and finished transformation with Hillary for at least four years? Hasn’t she done enough damage already? Hasn’t the Left just about controlled your life, work, and play? Do you want for them to control the rest of it for you, too?

I am hoping it is not too late for America, as this election will become the most important one in this nation’s history. So much is at stake, not only with the Supreme Court and federal judges, but whether we will still have a Constitution, whether Sharia becomes law, whether the UN charters will over-rule the Constitution, whether the military will be capable of defending freedom, or that freedom will become a part of our past, as veterans will be left to wither and die away, just as the Baby-Boomers will be told they have already contributed to society, so it is time to die.. that the young can inherit the new, transformed United States.

poster-child-for-aholes-get off the bs

America teeters on securing the borders, defending legal immigration, while losing more jobs to cheap workers and foreign trade. America teeters on having affordable health care, or a system where bureaucrats tell us if we need, or don’t need, medication, that operation, or medical assistance, based upon age and financial ability.

America teeters upon our own safety and self-defense, whether we will get to have a gun to fight the criminals and terrorists, or whether crime and terrorism will become the way of American life. America has the opportunity to make every life matter, even the ones in the womb, or whether BLM and Planned Parenthood becomes a dominating power, just as CAIR, the New Black Panthers, and that old, renamed group once called ACORN.

Each of us has a roll in this to play. If we vote Trump, we will be a part of history, and the remaking of the America we have sought for so long to re-establish. If we vote differently, or remain at home, then the part of history we become is in the finishing process of reshaping and re-construction of the once greatest country on the face of this earth, to become just another cog within the global machine that will make the only freedom and liberty remaining to be for those who are contributors to the machine, and wealthy enough to keep away from the systems they helped to create for us, the average citizen, to be forced to live by.

If your personal agenda over shadows putting the country first, then please… remove yourself from my friend’s list, take yourself out of the patriot groups I am in, and find a different country to bitch in, because this country no longer is for you. This country is now for winners, not cry-baby losers.