Recently the pathetic ‘full of crap as a Christmas goose’ New York Times posted an article concerning an alleged audio tape that some piece of human garbage secretly recorded and later gave them, at the GOP meeting held in Hollywood Florida, this past Thursday, April 21, 2016.

The New York Times article entitled, ‘Donald Trump to Reshape Image, New Campaign Chief Tells G.O.P.’, falsely and maliciously suggests that Mr. Trump is conducting something of an ‘inside-outside campaign’ simultaneously, railing against what he calls a “corrupt” process in public to win over anti-establishment Republicans while sending Mr. Manafort to assure party stalwarts of his true intentions.

Since the release of the above referenced NY Times article, CNN, Fox, ABC and the feces stain of all the prevaricating main stream media, The Washington Post, has posted numerous articles falsely stating directly and or by innuendos, that Donald Trump’s campaign manger, Paul Manafort told GOP representatives in the closed door meeting in Florida, that Trump intended to help raise money for the GOP party, ridiculously suggesting that Trump has been lying to his supporters.

Paul Manafort, Rick Wiley and Dr. Ben Carson were all present at the recent Hollywood Florida GOP meeting and presented their opinions to the GOP attendee’s. Although Paul Manaford mentioned that Donald Trump would raise money for his campaign, Manaford never came close to saying that Trump would raise and or accept money with Super-pacs and or special interest groups.  

In fact, Manafort clearly stated to the GOP that Donald Trump has opened up his own check book and is willing to spend whatever it takes to win the General Election in November of this year.

Both Wiley and Carson further expounded on Trumps’ campaign finances stating that, at no time  has Trump intended to accept money from special interests and or Super-pac’s.

Lying ‘snake in the grass – would have sex with his own mother’ Ted Cruz, was quick to jump on the bullshit band wagon the New York Times started with his own line of garbage, asininely stating that:

“Donald is a New Your liberal who is pretending to be a conservative trying to fool Republican primary voters.”

Lying Ted Cruz went on to condemn Trump over recent debates about transgender restroom issues and Trump’s proposed tax cut proposals, pathetically stating that:

“Donald Trump has no idea what is in his tax plan. He hired a staffer to write out a tax plan pretending to be conservative. It is not a well thought out tax plan. Donald is a big government liberal…”

It is obvious that Lying Ted is desperate and has completely gone off the deep end, now that he has absolutely no possible way to get and or steal his way to the 1237 delegate votes he would need to lock in the GOP nomination.

Ted Cruz falling flat on his face from the onset of the GOP primaries, decided just after the last GOP debate in Michigan to mimic Trump’s political agendas with a mixture of his own campaign agendas.

The result of lying Ted Cruzs’ lunacy has only served to prove to the public that Cruzs’ mother would of done the whole world a favor is she had only swallowed, instead of conceiving this “Grandpa Munster’ look-a-like piece of human excrement in to the world. I personally curse his mother for her ever spreading her legs.

The recent media nonsense is just that…nonsense. Again the media has pathetically twisted the words around of a true American patriot, Paul Manaford in lieu of their previous attempts to do the same to Trump, in an attempt to smear the reputation of Trump.


Donald Trump is a great man. He is a man who stands resolute to do what he believes is the right thing to do. Trumps’ candidacy for President 2016, is a long overdue end to over 50 years of the average American taking it side ways up the posterior from our government controlled by the elite.

The elite are frantic and desperate to stop the Trump movement. There is no level of depravity they will not sink to in their attempts to derail the Trump train.

Editors Note:

From the publishers of Get off the BS to every last American Patriot and our beloved Candidate Donald J. Trump, we stand united with you all in sending our combined message of “Fuck You” to the elite and their political hacks!