Editors Note:

When I first watched this video, frankly I was highly upset and scared.  After posting it on a good friends Facebook page, Lee Newton Rhodes,  I received a message from him that brought me back to reality.  There are many conspiracy theories published on tens of thousands of pages on the world wide web.   Many of them are presented intelligently and with what many consider reliable proof to support the same.

Reliable proof, such as the video seen in this article concerning an alleged FEMA grave site, appear on the surface to be highly reliable.  However, similar to how some preachers present their views on the bible, many of the proofs we are offered by those who propound conspiracy theories, nine times out of ten, require the readers ‘faith’ that the proof they are being provided does not have another rational explanation.

The way the following story is presented, it is hard to discount it.  However, the information sources that it has come from all either ask for donations and or sell things on their websites.   Unfortunately, there seems to be no legal statutes to prevent people from publishing outright lies and or partial truths, which draw paying visitors to their web sites.

Additionally, because our main stream media sources lie to us,  it is very hard to find the truth in many things that affect us all.  That said, I encourage all of  my readers to use your common sense when reading articles such as the following and to not accept what you hear as the gospel truth rather than an opinion.

Finally, I would like to thank conservative Presidential candidate Lee New Rhodes for his voice of sanity and common sense.  It would be wonderful to lift him to the Oval Office, as a reasonable and sane leader going forward.

The Elite Have Signed Our Death Warrants – What Will You Do?

Imagine you are part of a group of people who are the richest people in the world. Your group controls governments and armies. You create your own legislation and you are privy to information that only the government is privy to.

You are fed up with pollution, decaying infrastructure, crime, global warming or climate change and civil unrest Maybe you just don’t like anyone who is not in your wealthy class.

Further imagine that you have the power to basically create an extinction event that would solve all of the problems in the world you are sick and tired of putting up with. You have the power to clean the slate and start over from scratch. In essence, you can play God.

In 1992, a group of people, often referred to as ‘The Elite’ came up with a plan to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and start over. The plan is a well-known plan and is often written off by many as a conspiracy theory. The plan is known as Agenda 21 and it is no conspiracy theory. It is many peoples death warrant.

Officially, Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.


In reality, Agenda 21 is a plan to severely reduce the population of this earth by assassinating billions of people and reeducating those who are not marked for death to accept their future lot of being slaves for the elite class.

Imagine a new world where you could pick anywhere in the world you want to live. You could simply move in to an existing house and or have your slaves build you a castle.

There will be no famines, because their will be food stores already in place that would last your small society for hundreds of years to come. Problems, including health issues, caused by pollution would cease to exist in a short time.

Traffic problems will cease to exist. Favorite vacation spots will cease to be overbooked. For the most part, the earth will become a paradise to a small group of people, served by thousands of brain washed slaves who will be dependent on the small group to feed them.

Those who try to buck the new system will be put down fast as they will stand out like a sore thumb amongst the elite class.

If you think this is a conspiracy theory or a load of garbage, let me forewarn you that it is people like you who are greasing the wheels for Agenda 21 to roll in to full swing.

You must not continue to burry your head in the sand.   Jadehelm 15, when the government started buying and stock piling millions of coffins should of woke you up. Many people have personally witnessed education camps being built and facilities for cremating mass amounts of people being built.

The Presidential election for 2016, we have all witnessed the government telling us straight to our faces that our votes mean nothing to them. Obama has shown us that the constitution is history and a President can simply write executive orders to do what ever he chooses.

The hacker group that calls themselves, “Anonymous’ are not a bunch of nut cases. The people who make up that group are some of the smartest people in the world (geeks) who spend 24/7 using their computers to snoop on the government.

ar-15-fight-or-die-getoffthebsWake up people before it is too late. The elite, through their government and armies, have declared war on us. They are going to wipe the slate clean and build a new society governed by what has been referred to as the New World Order. The only chance we have is to stand together and fight.

The time for protests, hoping someone will fight for you and or just ignoring the problem, is long gone. Will you be a slave? Will you let your children become slaves? Will you let these sick people exterminate you?

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I don’t want to alarm anyone, but usually you don’t buy 500,000 plastic coffins ‘just in case something happens,’ you buy them because you know something is going to happen. These air tight seal containers would be perfect to bury victims of plague or biological warfare in, wouldn’t they?

A FEMA Camp on Every Block and the Construction of Mass Burial Sites by Jade Helm Personnel

In late December 2008 municipal officials were invited to Indianapolis for a briefing on the state of Indiana. There were told if industry were to collapse for example GM going bankrupt resulting in mass unemployment a depression would soon follow and municipalities could expect to loose 40% of their funds.

The whole game is a con aimed at convincing you that political ideology has some real meaning in politics. It doesn’t. It’s a charade that hides the fact that no matter which party appears to be in power, there is an underlying continuity of agenda that moves forward regardless of which party “seems” to be in control.

CAVE CREEK — In March of 2009, reporter Shepard Ambellas, infiltrated the U.S Dept. of Affairs Veteran’s Cemetery, obtaining original photographs of a massive sinister construction operation located on the vast 220 acre government facility in Cave Creek, Arizona.

If you can imagine, factions of your own government, in conjunction with elements of FEMA and Homeland Security, have been preparing for your very own demise

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

Sadly most people are woefully unprepared for the inevitable terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other disruptions that are planned for our daily lives.  Our government tells us VIRTUALLY NOTHING about what we can do to protect ourselves.  And make no mistake about it, there’s plenty we can do — We don’t have to be sitting ducks!

As JFK once said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”  So, as the storm clouds start brewing all around us, let’s make sure the roof is in order, before it’s too late.

Your number one resource when the planned cataclysmic events start taking place is your knowledge – and that’s knowledge gained over months or years of learning to think how to live primarily independent of the system.  Whatever you do, don’t rely on your government to save you.  At the bottom of this page there’s a graphic reminder of who’s responsible for this mess in the first place!

So What Is A Rational Individual To Do?

  • Develop alternative income streams, instead of relying on a 9-5 job always being there;
  • Ensure your personal financial affairs are in order;
  • Ensure you are in peak physical fitness to survive any calamity;
  • Reduce your TV time to no more than 1 hour per day and instead read voraciously;
  • Avoid sensationalist, traditional mainstream news services, who are intent on keeping you dumbed down, and choose mainly Independent News Services;
  • Cover your Online tracks carefully.  Otherwise, third-parties can find out EVERYTHING you do online;
  • Develop a survivalist mindset, including how to survive a nuclear attack;
  • Learn how to relax, in the midst of worsening news and circumstances;
  • Ensure your relationships can stand the test of the coming crises.

What to do About Things Right Now

Here’s a superb article which may provide pointers on what you should be doing to prepare.

The following copyrighted material is excerpted from Chapter 15, “Treading Water” of the book “In Defense of Racism,” (also at www.conspiracypenpal.com), is included by permission of the author, Edgar J. Steele, and may not be further reproduced without his permission.

Well, there are a number of things you can do right now to ensure that you personally prepare for the coming hard times.  Some will think you nuts. But, there are things you can do quietly and covertly, even in that context.

Most importantly, you must plan now and be ready to implement that plan the moment the wheels come off.

If you live in a city, you need to plan how to get out in the event of a catastrophe. Immediately. Not the next day. Not that night. Immediately. Remember what South Central LA looked like just hours after the Rodney King verdict was handed down? That’s how quickly it will degenerate.

No freeways. They will be death traps. You need an escape route that takes you through neighborhoods you know will be safe for a time. Being among the first to leave will help to ensure that roads are not blocked.

You must have a plan in place for assembling your family for the trip, regardless of the time of day that it becomes necessary.

Assemble a “bug-out” kit and keep it in your trunk.

Store enough gasoline in cans in your garage to get you to wherever you already have planned will be your retreat. Recycle the contents every six months, because gasoline degenerates fairly rapidly. Keep your escape vehicle gassed up and well-serviced at all times.

Make a list of the things you can grab while the family is being assembled. Keep the list in the bug-out kit. Make a copy and keep it in your sock drawer, in case the car is busy picking up kids. Think apocalyptically today.

You won’t be capable of rational thought when the need arises, but you will be able to follow your list. Include any gold and silver you might be keeping stashed away (if you don’t have any, then shame on you). Include weapons – you will need them, rest assured.

Get permission in advance, even if you treat it as a big joke, to arrive on the doorstep of friends or family in the country, if that is what you must do. Otherwise, they will not be happy to see you. Arrive with enough of something or other that makes you a valuable and welcome addition to their enclave. Food. Gasoline. Bullets. Gold. That sort of thing.

If nothing ever happens, which I consider exceedingly unlikely (that is, it is inevitable, in my humble opinion), then you will have wasted nearly nothing. In fact, you will make money on the appreciation in gold and silver that has been going on and will continue for several years. If something happens, a few hours’ preparation today may spell the difference between life and death.  Yours.  And your family’s.

If you’ve a mind to, now would be an excellent time to move your family to an area likely to be among the safer in the country, regardless of what may happen. That will not include any city of any serious size. Nor should it include areas within 100 miles of any coast (can you say, “nuke-induced Tsunami?”). The more paranoid will want to stay at least 400 miles away from Yellowstone Park.

In short, start developing a mindset of independent living and survival.