Wake Up America Before its Too Late

Without a doubt, 2016 has been the most interesting Presidential race this nation has ever witnessed.   I am going to vote for Donald Trump, and I know many people who have great common sense, that will vote for him as well.

Amongst all the nonsense that is promulgated against Donald Trump, please consider some selective praise for Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.   Donald Trump has rightfully introduced five issues into mainstream political debate that weren’t there before, that should have been there, and which, thanks only to him, are there now.

The Facts

  1. Offshoring

Trump is the first serious presidential candidate in a generation to understand that a “free trade” agreement with overseas slave labor is a pact with the elite business who have no regard for hard working American’s. Trump brilliantly wants to slap tariffs on imports from China and possibly elsewhere.  Donald Trump is definitely on the right track  to raise the issues involved, and he is the only major candidate who does.

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Contrary to what conventional wisdom likes to pretend, the arguments over “free trade” and protectionism are not simple. There are strong points on both sides. Without protection there would never been a U.S. Steel X, +3.53%  or a Boeing BA, -0.31%

Everyone else still pretends that our “free trade” agreements with developing countries are a one-way bet. They aren’t. Millions of American workers have been thrown out of work. And employers have used those agreements to undo a century’s labor and environmental laws.  Once again, it’s OK to employ children in factories, work people till they die and dump all the toxic waste in the river — so long as you do it in poor countries overseas. How can civilized employers compete against that? They can’t. But until this campaign, numerous politicians and special interest groups continue to pretend that they can.

  1. Scab labor

Unfortunately, through no fault of Donald Trump, his campaign against illegal immigration has pandered to terrible xenophobia.  However there’s more involved. Illegal immigration has been cynically used by many wealthy Americans to bring in low-wage “scab” labor and drive down the wages of lower-skilled American workers. You think Mitt Romney had Guatemalans mowing his lawn in Massachusetts as a cultural-outreach program? They worked cheap. (As people probably say in the country clubs: “If you can’t send the job to the Third World, bring the Third World to the job!”) I am a huge supporter of immigration but our current policies are asinine and upside down. We have allowed the unregulated and unsafe importation of low-wage labor — while blocking safe, regulated and skilled immigration. And anyone who’s complained is nine times out of ten called a racist. Trump has put this issue on the map.

  1. Corruption

One of the high points of the entire campaign came during the first Republican debate, last August, when Trump was challenged for past contributions he’d made to the Clinton Foundation. He didn’t apologize. Instead he blew open the whole corrupt nature of American politics. Rich people like me give money to politicians, he said, in order to buy favors. We want our calls returned. We want our interests heard. We want preferential access. We want politicians to come to our daughters’ weddings. And we get it. It’s just business.

We all know that we have the best political system money can buy, but it’s a huge leap forward to have an oligarch actually admit it on national TV during a presidential debate. Ever since the farcical Citizens United Supreme Court ruling turned the U.S.A. into the U.$.A., we’ve been subjected to endless lies, propaganda and BS about how “campaign finance” is just “free speech.” We owe Trump a vote of thanks for admitting and exposing the truth.

  1. Capitalism

Donald Trump’s businesses have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection four times.  But when this was pointed out to him he didn’t try to lie or obfuscate. He just boasted that he’d availed himself of using the current laws to his advantage. Immoral?  This was simply smart business, he said.

And he’s right.

We do not have a kind, caring, moral, “kumbaya” economic system in America. And it’s time we stopped pretending we do. We have a system based on reciprocal theft, mugging, cynicism and greed. We reward the worst behavior, and we penalize the best. And at last we have a Republican presidential candidate who admits it and is going to change it.

  1. Spin

The best thing about Donald Trump’s campaign has simply been the way he has broken all the boring and stifling rules of modern politics. No, he doesn’t listen to consultants. No, he doesn’t follow focus groups. No, he isn’t mealy-mouthed. No, he doesn’t tailor each message to a micro group. No, he doesn’t “walk back” controversial remarks. No, he doesn’t waste time apologizing for gaffes. And, no, he doesn’t pretend that every single remark made on the campaign trail needs to be taken literally and analyzed like we’re back in high school literature class discussing the metaphysical poets.

Thank heavens for that.

Whatever else he’s done, Trump has helped to return our political campaigns to what they were supposed to be: loose, free-flowing and robust debates, where people said what they thought, and where if you weren’t being booed by somebody, you weren’t doing your job. Love him or hate him, at least give him credit for that.


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Common Sense

  1. Negative Ads

Groups who want to stop Trump from becoming President have spent over $67 million to date in the primaries funding negative campaign ads against Trump.

Obviously, this money did not come from hard working Americans who don’t like Trump. This money is coming from special interest groups, who if Trump becomes President, will lose billions of dollars that they have been dishonestly making at the expense of hard working American people for many years now.

  1. Campaign Funding

No reasonable person could assume that special interests groups give millions of dollars in campaign contributions for the spirt of giving.

The fact is that candidates who accept large sums of money from special interest groups are for a lack of better words, bribed by these groups to do things for these groups that in most instances do not benefit hard working American people.

  1. Politicians

The majority of Americans, rightful so, do not trust politicians. It appears today that politicians accepting bribes, securing and overpaying contracts for their cronies, friends and or family, is an accepted political practice.  Unfortunately, for hard working Americans, these hand-shake types of deals are leaving us with a deficit that will soon be over $21 trillion dollars.

It is hard today to pick up a newspaper and or watch the news on television, without learning about one politician or another who is caught up in some scandal involving corruption. The fact is that the majority of our elected officials are involved in some form of corruption or another.

  1. America is not the greatest country in the world today

Regardless of American pride, America is last in education, has the highest cost health care in the world today, number one in crime, our infrastructure is falling apart, our borders are literally unprotected and the leading object of scorn to many other countries in the world today.

Like me, no American wants to hear that we don’t live in the greatest country in the world anymore.  However, American’s are facing dire challenges today that are politicians seem to care very little about.  If they did, our educational system would be improving, our healthcare costs would be decreasing,  our crime rates would be decreasing, our infrastructure would be improving and our borders would be secure.  No matter how our pride tries to put our problems in a better light, the fact remains that our country  is going down the toilet and our elected officials are not doing much, if anything, to help make America the greatest country to live in again.

  1. Selecting the Least of the Two Evils Has Not Worked for Us

Voting for the lesser of two evils has left America in the worst shape it has ever been in.  Over the past twenty years, the GOP and Democratic Parties have left many American voters with the choice of dumb or dumber.

For those of us who remember many of our previous Presidential elections, many people chose either not to vote or to vote for the lesser of two evils.  For instance, despite all the nonsense that the American people were subjected to by Obama and his administration, during his first term, Obama won his second term in office primarily because it was either give Obama another chance or vote in a Republican candidate that did not appear serious about winning the election.

Final Thoughts

I have always believed that supporting winners verses losers, is the always the best practice. Additionally, I believe that it is insane to support known liars, criminals and people who have repeatedly proven that their agendas do not benefit the majority of people.

I believe that the majority of people in this country are sick and tired of policies such as policies that give billions of dollars of our money to third world dictators who hate Americans.  Additionally, I believe that the majority of people in this country are sick and tired of politicians enacting new policies and or legislation that does not benefit the majority of the people in this country.

Repeatedly electing politicians that are beholden to special interest groups has crippled our country. It is time to elect a successful businessman who has repeatedly proven that he is repeatedly successful in the majority of everything he does, is beholden to no one other than the American people and that truly loves America and fiery desires to make it the greatest country in the world again.