Katie and I had trained in Fort Hood together before I moved on to Paratrooper training in Georgia.   Katie was a tough farm girl from Davenport Iowa. She always had a positive attitude, no matter what hardships she encountered. Her dream was to become a police officer.

I will never forget how excited I was to see Katie again on May 2nd of 2007 as I got in to a Humvee to find her waiting inside.

We quickly caught up on old times as we drove down the a road, chatting about girl stuff and how hot it was in Iraq.

Our drive was cut short when we ran over an improvised explosive device. A millisecond later, I was blown through the windshield of the vehicle, with what was left of Katie’s brains stuck in my hair and dripping down my face.


After a five-week hospital stay I was transported back to the states. Sitting in a private terminal waiting on my father’s plane to come get me, Donald Trump walked in bigger than life. Mr. Trump seemed to know that I had been through something terrible.

I remember telling Trump that rainy night in June of 2007 that I was not suppose to talk about what had happened to me because my unit was not suppose to be where we were at.  I remember talking like a crazy person, repeatedly asking him…have you ever smelled the brains of someone you care about?

I further explained to Mr. Trump that I had  third degree burns covering over 40% of my body, four broken ribs and a knee needing surgery, as I laid in a MASH bed in a foreign land, and I could not get the smell of my friends brains out of my bruised nostrils.

I was on my way to a private hospital in Colorado where I would spend the next 8 months of my life, undergoing surgery on my knee, plastic surgery on my face and chest, and rehabbing – hoping that I would one day walk right again.

I told Trump that I did not have any regrets. My father served in Korea.  Two of my three brothers died in Vietnam. My only question was why Katie and I had to go to Iraq?  Mr. Trump answered me.

With real tears rolling down his face, Trump looked at me with the eyes of an understanding father and said to me, “one day I will make America a great nation again so people like Katie will not have died for nothing. I will not ever forget what people like Katie and you have done to protect my family and I. Thank you Brenda. I will never forget you.”

Until I heard Trump was running for president, I never understood what he meant that night when he said “I will make America a great nation again.” Every time I hear him say it today, I feel like he is sending me a private message – a reminder.

To Hillary Clinton. Bitch you are the vilest human being on the face of this earth. How dare you run your big mouth about Trump. You murdered four of my fellow comrades and then lied to their families. Bow out now. The only place you belong is in a prison cell.  

People like you make me sick.  You don’t care about anything other than money.  You send people in to harms way and then abandon them to fight battles that were caused by you and others like you.  I hate you.  

F-you Hillary.

Editors Note:

Brenda will never ask anyone for anything.  She does not want peoples sympathy.  She works 15-18 hours, seven days a week to help spread the news about Donald J. Trump and investigate those who try to unfairly disparage him.

Brenda lives with more physical pain than anyone I have ever known, yet she never complains.

She often tells me that the “eyes never lie.  What I seen in that man’s eyes (Trump) was a man who loves America more than life itself.  He truly seen me as a woman in pain and he took the time to tell me he cared. How could I ever do enough to help him?”

I felt compelled to tell my readers more about Brenda.  Please, when you see her posts, remember that there are people in this world who really care about our great nation.   Donald Trump is a true American….God Bless him and people like Brenda.