Frankly, the subject of illegal immigrants is something I never thought in my lifetime that I would hear discussed by politicians during an election campaign. I suspect that if I had lived in the era leading up to the civil war; the subject of slavery was most likely debated in a similar fashion.

My wife and I were born and spent the majority our lives in California. I remember as a young man hearing the constant complaints of farmers who claimed they could not make a living without illegal immigrants to work their farms.

I have always wondered about their claims because most of the farmers I knew were very wealthy. Their constant threats of higher food prices in response to any discussions about enforcing immigration laws always left me feeling like a victim of extortion.

Illegal Immigrants Have Replaced Slavery In America

The fact is that many American business people, primarily farmers and ranchers, have always preferred excessively cheap labor of one form or another. In reality, illegal immigration simply replaced slavery for many of these business people.

Over the past 10 years, economic changes in our country, specifically the loss of manufacturing jobs, has brought the subject of illegal immigration to the forefront of governmental complaints.

Prior to the recent economic downturn in America, many Americans seemed indifferent to illegal immigrants crossing our borders to work here. It is doubtful that many Americans and or politicians ever gave any real thoughts to the long-term negative effects of illegal immigration.

The Cost of Products and Services are Subsidized by Legislative Stupidity

Over the past 50 years, we have been a nation of people who seem to prefer giving monetary subsidies to wealthy business people in lieu of paying higher prices for goods and services.

illegal-immigrant-subs-getoffthebsFor instance, in lieu of paying an extra dollar at the grocery store for a bag of potatoes which would cover farmers paying workers higher wages, Americans seem to prefer paying higher taxes to offset the costs of paying for the schooling and medical care of illegal immigrants, who work very cheaply and do not pay taxes.

The long term results of our indifference to illegal immigration, subsidizing illegal aliens, has lead to outrageous state and federal budget deficits; which have left our education and other governmental systems underfunded and highly inadequate in the functions they are suppose to provide.

For some reason, the insanity of subsidizing businesses through supporting illegal immigrants has not been enough to satisfy the greed of wealthy business people and America’s desire for cheap products.

Illegal Immigrant Labor is Just the Tip of The Social Economic Collapse Iceberg

We have gone from a nation of wealthy business people who once preferred slave labor, to a nation of illegal immigrant labor to a nation of outsourcing the manufacturing of goods to countries who are one step above using slave labor.


The results of this asinine behavior fueled by greed, has left our nation with millions of people in poverty,  losses of million of jobs and a government that is bankrupt from spending billions of dollars trying to subsidize unemployed people and greedy business owners.

American politicians have done very little, if anything, to address the problems of using slave and or illegal immigrant labor to further enrich the wealthy and those people who can never get enough of cheap products.

Amnesty has been and is an Asinine Solution

amnesty_no_compromise-getoffthebsPoliticians have previously used and are now again suggesting Amnesty for illegal aliens to address illegal immigration. However, amnesty is an asinine solution to our problems with illegal immigration.

Amnesty, is nothing more than an attempt to make illegal immigrants who do not pay taxes, in to tax paying citizens. Previous and or planned Amnesty legislation has not and does not address holding illegal immigrants responsible for evading taxes and their entering and working in our country illegally.

There are over 11 million reported illegal aliens in America today. In reality the reported amount of illegal aliens in this country, is probably much higher than reported.

If these criminals were subjected to the same laws as every legal resident of this country, they would be held both criminally and civilly liable for payment of their back taxes. Certainly, the billions of dollars that could be collected from them, would go along way in paying down our national debt.

All Illegal Immigrants Are Criminals

One of the most distressing things I am now hearing about illegal immigrants is from politicians and Americans who try to differentiate between ‘criminal’ and ‘good’ illegal immigrants. All illegal immigrants are criminals.


The amount of money that all (with emphasis) illegal immigrants have stolen from tax paying Americans over the past 50 years is astronomical, when you consider that some states asininely spend over three hundred billion dollars a year subsidizing illegal immigrants and their children.

If we are seriously considering giving illegal immigrants Amnesty who are already here, they need to reimburse our nation for the taxes that they have evaded paying from the time they entered and started working in our country.

Deportation is Not only Necessary but Paramount for Our Survival

Another very distressing thing I am constantly hearing today, is that we welcome immigrants to come in to our country legally. The cold hard reality of our current situation in America is that we are highly over populated.

Our countries resources cannot support our current population. We need to be deporting people, not importing them.  Arguably, many people are now saying that the days of screwing 24/7 and having five or more children, will lead the whole world to extinction.

Money is the Root of All Evil

As a nation we need to address the most fatal problem that plagues every last man, woman and child on the face of this planet; money is the root of all evil. If Americans want to be able to support their families, then our demand for excessive luxuries and cheap goods must change.

For example, I submit that the idea that anyone needs to go out and buy a new Iphone every time a new model is released, is insane when you consider how many people in this world are homeless and or starving.

Our greed is destroying this world and until we get our priorities straight as a people, no politician and or world leader will stave us off from a fate no one wants to contemplate or accept.

Finally, until the majority of people in this world get past the ‘me first’ idea, the necessity for of us all coming together, which is paramount for us to make the changes we need in this world to survive, will never happen until it is to late to do anything about it and then find ourselves either slaughtered, impoverished and or enslaved by the elite.