Trump supporters are burning up Facebook and Twitter, urging the GOP front runner Donald Trump to come out of the snake pit with Cruz, leaving Ted Cruz to slither in the pit by himself. 

Supporters of the extraordinary businessman and the only real choice for our next President of the United States of America,  are  calling on Trump to turn his somewhat brash Tweets on the Democratic front runner Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Many of Trump’s supporters are growing weary and frankly tired of the GOP primaries, rightfully insisting that the GOP recognize their voices and support Donald Trump in his race to the White House this November.

One support wisely stated on Trump’s awesome Facebook page, “Mr. Trump you are in a league of your own.  Lying Ted Cruz is not a contender for the GOP nomination.  Like Rubio and Kasich, you handed Cruz his pink slip weeks ago.   Getting in to fights with him on Twitter is beneath you.  We know what kind of lying snake in the grass adulterer he is and his criminal psychotic wife Heidi is not fooling anyone.”


Recently, Ted ‘The Lying Snake in the Grass’ Cruz, posted nude pictures of Melania Trump on Twitter, drawing the rightful ire of Trump.  Melania, a former model and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful 35 year old women in the world today, was photographed early in her modeling career, semi-nude, lying on a fur blanket. 

 Although, many people found the photograph of Melania Trump tasteful, Trump knowing the intent of Lying Ted Cruz to embarrass his beautiful wife, became very angry and ripped Ted a new anus by releasing a picture of Heidi Cruz obviously in one of her psychotic fits.

 Lying Ted Cruz later falsely stated he had nothing to do with the release of the picture on Twitter, however many of Cruzs’ and Trumps’ supporters seen right through Cruzs’ bullshit.