Tim Clark Another Trump Bargain Basement Campaign Blunder

Tim Clark

Many Trump supporters and critics today are wondering what in the Hades is going on inside the Trump campaign.

Sure, we are all excited over the beat down the asinine never-Trump folks took on the convention floor on Monday and the Tuesday night vote that declared Donald Trump the Republican Presidential nominee for 2016, but that excitement became short lived when allegations that came out about plagiarism with  Melania Trump’s Monday night speech surfaced with the lying mainstream media.

According to CNN, Melania Trump ventured onto the main stage of the GOP convention Monday to deliver the speech of her life; however, the minute was immediately eclipsed by debate after asinine reporters for CNN caught on to the fact that segments of her speech were appropriated from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech to the Democratic National Convention.

If allegations of plagiarism were not enough to spoil the sweet victory moment of Trump overcoming numerous opponents within the GOP to receive the GOP nomination on Tuesday night, two new campaign blunders of campaign mismanagement were discovered this week when a victim of child molestation discovered a California Delegate Shari Clark, standing on the convention floor.

Shari Clark and Tim Clark – Campaign Blunders

Cali GOP Delegate Shari Clark Former Teacher and Child Molester

Shari Clark – July 2016

Unfortunately, the same discovery revealed that Clark’s supervisor Tim Clark (no relation), Trump’s California Political Director is an associate of Ronald Schnackenberg, who in 2008 falsely stated in a sworn declaration to the attorneys for the Trump University lawsuit Plaintiff Tarla Makaeff, that “I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.”

Ronald Schnackenberg is a former sales manager for Trump University (2006-2007) who likely was hired by Donald Trump due to his prior experience as a former enrollment manager for the University Phoenix online education division and as a graduate of The Wharton School; the university that Donald Trump graduated from.

Schnackenberg, a longtime supporter of Mitt Romney and business associate of Tim Clark, came under investigation from Eric Schneiderman’s office in 2012, for illegal advertising practices known as ‘astroturfing’ contracting to provide political advertising for the Mitt Romey’s presidential campaign against Obama.

On April 12, 2016, Trump publically announced hiring Tim Clark and stated at that time that, “I am pleased to bring Tim on board to organize what is a very important state. I know he will be an asset to the team and ultimately deliver a win in California.’’

Tim Clark Not Trump’s First Choice.

However, according to Breibart News, Tim Clark was not Trump’s first choice.  Former Trump field director Stuart Jolly told the Guardian that Clark had already been ruled out for the role as “unqualified” — though others, including California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte, differs, saying Clark was “absolutely” qualified.

According to Lewis, the Trump campaign considered two other options: Republican operative Jimmy Camp, and former Arnold Schwarzenegger statewide director Kathy Tavoularis. Camp declined the job because of his opposition to Trump, and Tavoularis was passed over by Trump’s convention director, Paul Manafort, who ostensibly wanted “his people” in California.

Clark, who spoke exclusively with Breitbart News earlier in April to announce that the Trump campaign already had a list of “about a thousand” potential delegates in California, is reportedly taking the controversy in stride and making campaign plans.

Tim Clark, described as a train wreck for the Trump campaign,  has recently come under fire for not “bringing Trump with him”, critics claiming that Tim Clark appears to avoid mentioning Trump’s name during interviews.

Tim Clark Another Trump Bargain Basement Campaign Blunder

Senator Moorlach Wasted No Time in Cutting Ties with Tim Clark

Clark’s troubles have continued when on June 16, 2016, California Republican Senator John Moorlach cut all ties with Clark, stating that Clark is indeed gone never to be rehired.   Tim Clark and John Moorlach have a lot of history together and Moorlach was one of few people that Clark has known any length of time that still associated with him. Apparently, that list has now shrunk.

Obviously, prior to cutting his ties with Clark, Moorlach was aware of the fact that Tim Clark submitted the name of a white supremacist to be considered as a California delegate for Trump.

William Johnson, a white nationalist leader and Trump supporter, told the Associated Press that he received an email from Clark earlier informing him that his name had been “erroneously listed” as a delegate. Johnson runs the American National Super PAC, which made automated phone calls supporting Trump’s candidacy across the country.

Clark did a fairly good job of putting out the racist fueled fire when he released a statement blaming a “database error” for the inclusion of William Johnson, which said he been rejected and removed from the campaign’s list in February 2016.

All eyes of the nation will most likely be on Trump’s campaign to see how Trump and Tim Clark will put out the fire of a  very embarrassing situation of onboarding a child molester Shari Clark, to become a California delegate stumpin for Trump.

However, insiders within Trump’s campaign were again quietly questioning Trump’s decision in hiring second-string pick for his California Political Director.

Arguably, Trump has ran his primary campaign on a shoestring budget while breaking all time GOP political voting records.  However, many supporters of Donald Trump are now nervous and quietly asking, can Trump win the general election hiring minimal staffing and ‘bargain basement’ staffers who keep making fatal mistakes?