Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker Booed off Stage for Side Stepping
Support for Transgender Bathroom Legislation.

I have always believed that people should have the right to enjoy whatever type of physical pleasure they prefer with other like-minded consenting adults, until it becomes so perverted that it goes beyond the laws of nature.

However, nobody, including governments, should be able to tell any adult how they should physically express their desire and or love for another consenting adult in the privacy of their homes.

Privately engaging in perverted sexual conduct, such as anal sex, oral sex, bondage, homosexuality and other forms of sexual physical interactions between consenting adults, has occurred in our society dating back hundreds of years. Unfortunately, today there are many people who feel these types of perverted acts should be accepted by everyone-taken from the bedroom-brought out in to the open.

Perversion is defined as sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal or unacceptable.   Arguably, many people today believe that the very definition of the word perversion is dictated by ever changing social views of what is normal and or acceptable sexual behavior.


In my opinion people are not born with homosexual desires. Numerous psychological studies suggest that sexual desires are formed and in some instances, changed, during our adolescent years which dictate how we view and or react sexually to either our opposite sex and or same sex partners.

I try not condemn people who choose to engage in homosexual activity, however I do not desire having sex with another man. I find it sick and disgusting to think how another man could prefer a penis in his mouth or anus in lieu of inserting his tongue and or penis in a woman’s vagina.

Looking at other men’s bodies or sexual organs does not arouse me.   I prefer looking at women breasts, eyes, faces, hands, legs, necks, posteriors and their vaginas.

In my opinion, the issue of transgender bathrooms, specifically government legislation mandating that businesses must designate transgender restrooms in their facilities is a violation of the rights of anyone who does not want to see or tolerate homosexual behavior.

I truly believe that people who feel that it is okay for a man to want to become a woman or a woman who wants to become a man, are mentally ill.  Although, if cross-dressing is their thing, who am I and or anyone else to demand that they believe that it is abnormal and or  unacceptable to dress up however they choose to do so?


Regardless of what anyone considers to be normal and acceptable sexual behavior, in fairness and respect to others who oppose what others may consider normal and acceptable sexual behavior, it is rightful that as a free society that we don’t demand that we have the right to force others to view and or tolerate the same.

Both woman and men have the right to use a restroom in privacy, without being subjected to sharing a restroom with a mentally ill person(s) of their opposite sex who choose to engage in homosexual activity and or desire to view a member of the opposite sex using the restroom.

In all fairness, everyone must respect the right to the privacy of others, regardless of what they may consider normal and or acceptable sexual behavior.