Brenda Corpian – 08/14/2016 – Get Off The Bs.

“Is that you Hillary” Donald Trump amusing asked as a protestor was escorted out of his jammed pack rally at the Sacred Heart University in Fairfield Connecticut yesterday evening.

For anyone who has been wondering lately about what happened to the old Trump, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Trump was on fire last night with his unique, tell it like it is diatribe, not missing a beat in slamming both Crooked Hillary “Rotten” Clinton and Obama.

Frankly, as of late I have been wondering myself what happened to the old Trump?  The past several rallies, speeches and interviews I have seen, Trump has appeared to be extremely somber and dare I say, more politically correct.

In consideration of all the nasty lies the mainstream pundits have been writing about Trump from the day he walked down the escalator at Trump Towers to announce that he was running for president, who could blame for maybe being a little shy about saying anything controversial; the lying media has been on a rampage to slam Trump every time he opens his mouth.

Trump definitely got back at everyone from CNN to the Washington Times last night, with a steady barrage of truthful insults that without a doubt had Ted Turner and Larry Beasley seeing red.

donald-trump-fairfield-ct-get off the bs

At one point in the rally the cameramen for CNN turned off their cameras [evidently they did not want to air the truth] while Trump explained about how CNN recently lied about Trump having allegedly threw a mother and her baby out of rally and their outrageous story alleging that Trump incited Second Amendment supporters to assassinate Crooked Hillary.

Trump was especially and rightfully critical of Governor Dannel Malloy (Dem. CT.) ripping Malloy a new anus throughout the rally, concerning issues which included General Electric’s recent announcement of closing down and moving their headquarters from Connecticut to Massachusetts, due to high taxes in Connecticut.

Overall Trump really looked great last night. He was full of energy and the no nonsense talk that has endeared him to so many of his supporters.  It was definitely one of the best rallies I have ever seen him put on.

If for any reason Trump does not win the general election (God forbid) and decides he ever wants to host a late night talk show, I would definitely be one of his biggest fans.

This is Brenda Corpian, back in the hospital, reporting for Get Off The Bs.