For months now, ignorant Republican politicians have repeatedly cautioned Donald Trump that his wild-eyed approach was dragging down his general election campaign. In reshuffling his top staff, Trump offered an emphatic response: Don’t tell me what to do.

Many people who love Trump are probably scratching their heads wondering why Trump is now installing Breitbart executive Steve Bannon as campaign CEO and veteran pollster Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager.

The idiot mainstream media pundits are claiming that Trump’s latest move has him placing a campaign-defining bet on his raw political instincts to dig him out of a alleged polling slump that’s seen as Crooked Hillary appeariung to seize a significant lead nationally and in key swing states.

“The move is clearly to let Trump be Trump,” Rotten Hillary masquerading as a Trump campaign source told NBC News. “You’re not going to change him, you can’t moderate him, but you can sharpen his messaging.”

NBC has further claimed that a second source within the campaign said the expansion of staff stems from Trump’s displeasure at how his campaign has been run and with internal efforts to rein in his freewheeling message.

“He has been deeply unhappy for weeks,” an alleged source [Hillary – LMAO] who agreed to speak anonymously to discuss internal discussions told NBC.

In reality Trump is doing what Trump does, moving along on course, pulling one brilliant move after another out of his ‘how to combat lying pundits’ bag of genius campaign maneuvers. 

Steve Bannon’s Bulldogs, at the “Breitbart Embassy”: Alex Swoyer, Jarrett Stepman, Julia Hahn. Back row: Bigz Aloysious Bigirwa, Jordan Schachtel, Larry Solov, Alex Marlow, Bannon, Matthew Boyle, Edwin Mora.

Steve Bannon’s Bulldogs, at the “Breitbart Embassy”: Alex Swoyer, Jarrett Stepman, Julia Hahn. Back row: Bigz Aloysious Bigirwa, Jordan Schachtel, Larry Solov, Alex Marlow, Bannon, Matthew Boyle, Edwin Mora.

Let me explain to all my faithful fans who don’t always read all of my articles [don’t fret, I still love you all anyway-hear me sis?].

In my article entitled “CNN Hires Lewandowski As A Political Commentator” I wrote that, “It would be highly prudent to consider that one of the most brilliant men in the world may have created a smoking mirror to park his closest ally [Cory Lewandowski] in a den of idiots–giving himself another Hannity like advocate within the mainstream media.”

Arguably, CNN was hoping that Lewandowski would be mad at Trump for allegedly firing him and appear regularly on their news showing spewing garbage against Trump. However, that was not meant to be and now CNN sitting with egg all over their faces, is paying Lewandowski to sit on his posterior until his contract expires.

Unfortunately, Trump is still understaffed within the mainstream pundit media circles, with only Hannity and Jeanine Pirro attempting to downplay all the BS their journalistic colleagues are constantly making up and spewing about Trump.

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon

Enter Steve Bannon, the CEO of Breitbart News with his army of bulldog reporters, to attempt to level the playing field of mainstream media comments.  Then throw in veteran pollster Kellyanne Conway to work on leveling the dishonestly skewed election polls we have all been recently subject to hearing about until we want to barf our most recent meal on the nearest liberal.

The mainstream moron pundits obviously don’t agree with my assessment, as they are claiming that “Hiring Bannon to run the campaign in the midst of its crisis is insane,” Republican consultant Rory Cooper said. “Trump needs a 75 day plan. He needs a political ground strategy. He needs an organization. Instead he’s bringing in someone who will encourage him to speak to the same ten people who have supported him from day one.”

“Trump’s entire goal is to win the votes of his 13 million primary votes a second time,” Matt Mackowkiak, a GOP strategist, tweeted bitterly in response to the news.

Trump has pushed back against the notion that the Bannon and Conway moves represented a major shift away from Manafort. Instead, Trump told me that he has framed it as “an expansion that would split responsibilities into more manageable chunks.”

Manafort himself called it an “exciting day” in a campaign memo. “It’s the busy home stretch to Election Day, and we just need to sort of beef up the senior level roles in a way that we are, you know, dividing and conquering,” Conway told Fox News on Wednesday.

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway

“The Kellyanne promotion was essential,” GOP strategist John Feehery said. “The Bannon thing was shocking. Obviously Trump wants to run as an outsider and this confirms that he has no interest in trying to please the establishment in any way, shape or form.”

Under the new roles, Conway will travel with Trump day-to-day, giving her a chance to try and keep him on message between events. Two campaign sources predicted she would be a “calming presence” who could say “no” to Trump when he needs it.

As for Manafort, who never officially served as Trump’s campaign manager, he is still expected to operate as a liaison between the campaign and Republican supporters in Washington. Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to Trump who is close to Manafort, indicated in an interview with Miami radio station WIOD that both he and Manafort favored the changes.

Looking to smooth the transition, Bannon also phoned the RNC, according to Trump, to reassure them he would cooperate with the RNC because they depend on Trump to raise funds for their down-ballot operations as well.

Trump’s public statements point to a more combative approach. He told a Wisconsin crowd on Tuesday night that “I’m fighting, all of us across the country are fighting, for peaceful regime change in our own country,” adding, “the media-donor political complex that’s bled this country dry has to be replaced with a new government of, by, and for the people.”

“I don’t want to change,” he said in an interview with WKBTV the same day. “Everyone talks about ‘Oh well, you’re going to pivot, you’re going to’ — I don’t want to pivot. I mean, you have to be you. If you start pivoting, you’re not being honest with people.”

Please don’t fret fellow Trumpsters, Donald is not pivoting.  Donald is being Donald, simply brilliant. This is Brenda Corpian reporting from deep within the Trump campaign-Trump for POTUS 2016.