California Trump delegate and sex offender Shari Clark, previously suspended from teaching at an Ohio high school for engaging in sexual acts with as many as five female students, was recognized by one of her victims 8 years later on television during Monday’s GOP convention.

Cadence while a freshman of Crestview High in Columbiana, OH and student of Shari Clark said that, “I was watching the convention on CSPAN tonight… I felt like I was socked in the stomach…ya know, I felt sick…she was front stage center on my tv…that sick smile…I’ll never forget it.”

In August of 2008 Shari Clark, then a 38 year old English teacher at Crestview High School in Columbiana, Ohio was suspended after she was found to have repeatedly engaged in “a lengthy and repeated pattern of gross misconduct with minor female students,” according to Crestview school officials.

The Crestview Board of Education on September 5th, 2008 unanimouslyvoted to suspend Clark without pay after conducting an investigation into Clark’s perverted misconduct with as many as 5 different female students.

California Trump Delegate and Sex Offender-Shari-Clark

Shari Clark

Following a lengthy investigation, District Superintendent John Dilling provided a six-page report outlining the accusations against Clark, citing “gross immorality” and “engaging in an inappropriate relationship with minor female students including intentional, improper physical contact of a sexual nature.”

“I still have nightmares about the first time I was alone with Ms. Clark.  She told me to stay after class….I wasn’t sure what she wanted….the way she looked at me…it was creepy…she kept staring at my breasts…weird…the way…well you know…like a guy would,’ said Cadence.

The six-page report listed the specific events, times, dates and activities of Clark’s perverted conduct which was obtained from Clark’s own statements, parent witnesses, student witnesses and teacher witnesses.

Among the charges brought against Clark in the report, one student admitted that Clark ‘French kissed’ her on the lips.  Both angry and some reluctant staff at the school also witnessed Clark repeatedly hugging, touching, fondling and kissing female students throughout the 2007-2008 school year.

“Five girls?  Really?  Everybody knew Clark…we all called her Queen Lesbo.  If you were a hottie and hadn’t been felt up by Clark before you were a sophomore, everyone would accuse you of having VD or something…”

“Some of my gf’s were curious…you know the bi thing….I tried to avoid her but in a small school…ya know what I mean…I was alone in the shower late one afternoon after running laps…day dreaming about a guy I liked…I felt a creepy chill run down my spine.”

“Queen Lesbo was standing right behind me naked…in a moment Clark put her arms around me and asked me, ‘Cadence do you know about the shocker?’  I felt paralyzed…all I could say was no…a moment later I found out….I will never forget that sick smile on her face when I slapped her and ran to my locker….she just stood there in the shower staring at me as I dressed…smelling her foul fingers that she violated my vagina and a** with.”

Prior to suspending Clark, school administration records indicate that on March 3rd, 2008, Crestview school administrators met with Clark to inform her that text messaging students is inappropriate behavior and directed her to stop, however Clark ignored their admonishments and continued to message a student, logging approximately 4,000 minutes in cell phone conversations with her victim.

California Trump Delegate and Sex Offender-Shari-Clark

Shari Clark At 2016 (left) GOP convention and in 2008 (right) Crestview High School

School records further indicate that on May 20th, 2008 a school employee witnessed Clark kissing a female student on the lips and feeling her up in Clark’s class room. On several other occasions, Clark was observed kissing students on the lips, rubbing their arms, exchanging “I love you” sentiments and engaging in other similar pedophile type behaviors.

“Queen Lesbo got off…the school board went light on her…go figure.  Clark didn’t hang around long after that…I heard from people around town that she split to California,” said Cadence.

When we asked Cadence how she could be sure 8 years later if the woman she seen on television was Clark, Cadence said, “she’s had some work done…..but you never forget the person who jammed a finger up you a** and then stood smiling like a sicko smelling your a** on her fingers…yeah, that’s her..that’s Queen Lezbo.”