Written by Deborah Lucas

On Thursday April 28th, 2016, Donald Trump flew to Orange County California to campaign for President. He was greeted by both supporters and angry protesters.

Trump’s rally of 31,000 people in the Pacific Amphitheater was packed with people overflowing the amphitheaters capacity of about 18,000, at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

The gates opened at 8:00 pm and the rally did not start until 10:00 pm. All of the Trump supporters were in good spirits and the mood was jubilant.

The rally was a roaring success, as Mr. Trump made his beautiful speech about “Making America Great Again,” and “Building that Wall (between the United States and Mexico), and “bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America.”

There was a sober moment, when the victim’s families who lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens walked onto the stage with pictures of their loved ones and Trump greeted every one of them.

Then as he wound up and talked about “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin’ Ted, the crowd in the Amphitheater became rowdy and were very appreciative of his speech.

Hundreds of supporters were turned away and these supporters were subjected to the crowd of 100 Anti-Trump supporters and their yelling obscenities and Trump slurs, as they attempted to leave the area to walk to their vehicles.

composite*** Caption: Headline: TRUMP_CALIFORNIA_CAANR207-2016APR29_064642_276.jpg Caption: A damaged Costa Mesa Police cruiser sits at the corner of Fair Dr. and Fairview Rd. near the OC Fairgrounds where Donald Trump spoke earlier in Costa Mesa, Calif., on Thursday, April 28, 2016 (Kevin Sullivan/The Orange County Register via AP) Photographer: Kevin Sullivan Photographer: Loaded on 29/04/2016 at 07:13 Copyright:

The policemen attempted to separate the two groups and keep the Trump supporters safe. There was a massive traffic jam as the people who were turned away from the rally attempted to leave and the protesters surrounded them, waving Mexican flags and making rude comments against Trump.

The police had been warned earlier that they were to “stand down” and to “allow the protesters to do what they do as long as the demonstration did not get violent,” but it looks like the police should have acted earlier, because things rapidly went out of control and became violent.

The protesters waved a Mexican flag and said, “Dump Trump,” “Fuck Trump,” and other denigrating words, there were a few women who were not wearing any shirts and had stickers on their breasts.

There was a platoon of policemen on horseback, who were there to contain the protests, as well as police in riot gear, batons and guns. A few of the protesters laid down in front of the policemen on horseback and in front of the policemen in riot gear in a taunt at them, and one reached out to one of the horses and the policeman turned aside.

The situation escalated as the Trump rally ended and the Trump supporters attempted to get to their vehicles.

As Trump was escorted to his waiting limousine escorted by the Secret Service and his security detail, and the motorcade headed safely to the John Wayne Airport, all Hell broke loose on the other side of the Amphitheater.

One protester jumped on a police car, others were drawing Trump epithets on personal vehicles in the area and the police cars, a few started smashing vehicle windows in the area, mostly police vehicles, and a group of protesters decided they were going to flip a police cruiser on its side, but one policeman on a horse changed their minds. It was then that the police started rounding up the protesters and containing them, in an attempt to make them leave the area. About 20 protesters were arrested.

As the Trump Supporters were leaving the Amphitheater, some with family members who were young, they were subjected to racial epithets and hate and one Trump supporter was injured.

Can you imagine the total of the cost for law enforcement, the amount of the damage to public property around the protest, the man who was injured, and all of the trouble that was caused by this protest?

How would you feel if you knew the name of the man who placed Craig’s List ads and organized the protest? How would you feel if you had contact information on him? Would you want to sue him if you were in that group who was denigrated, cussed at, shouted at, verbally abused, physically abused, maligned and just in general put out? Well the man who organized that protest was none other than this guy.

Meet Erik Taylor the guy that created the “protesters group” in Costa Mesa. You can write or call his office to demand action be taken against this fool.

Orange County Democratic Office
1916 West Chapman Ave. Suite B
Orange, CA 92868
Phone: (714) 643-DEMS (3367)

Instead of hitting them “DEMS” in the face, Let us “Hit” them in their pocket book. They can pay for the police cars, the injuries to humans and the injury to the horses causing a tremendous amount of damage. THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS!

Maybe if we start arresting these fools, the ones who organize and are paid the bucks for their organization of these events, the ones who hire and pay these idiots who are protesting and the protesters themselves, when they cause damage to private and public property and make a nuisance out of themselves, if we call ICE to pick up the ones who are in this country illegally and are breaking the law; maybe if we do this, all of the bullshit will cease and we can have peaceful Trump rallies and celebrate our soon to be nominated and who is going to be our next President of the United States.

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