Story line by Brenda Corpian – May 31, 2016

I have never been more impressed with a man today than I am with Donald J. Trump. The mainstream media has been talking to Trump like he is dirt under their feet from the first day he announced his candidacy for the oval office.

I have often wondered why Mr. Trump allows journalists who are not fit to wipe his posterior, talk to him like he is dirt under their feet. Today,

Mr. Trump is going to be our next President. Only a mentally retarded moron would vote for anyone else.

Additionally, Donald Trump is a highly successful businessman who have built and empire exceeding the net worth of over $10B dollars.

These journalists have not come close to achieving the success in their lives that Trump has achieved throughout his life, yet these pieces of human excrement talk to Trump like he is somehow beneath them.

Today Donald J. Trump set these scumbag journalists straight. Mr. Trump did not pull one single punch. He left no doubt that he knows they are crooked, biased and prevaricating morons with any respect for themselves or anyone else.

It is highly likely that Mr. Trump was pissed off when he arrived at a press conference this morning finding protesters paid by Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton waiting for him.

To add insult to injury, the press were laying in ambush like snakes in the tall grass, hoping to lay their insults on Trump, basically accusing him of stealing the money he collected for helping the veterans.

Trump immediately pulled out his notes and accounted for every dime he has collected, including furnishing a copy of returned check of his own, in the amount of $1M dollars, he personally donated.


Mr. Trump did not earn one penny for his work in collecting, distributing and vetting the veterans groups who were the recipients of his very generous work to help our veterans. 100% of the money collect was given to the veterans groups.

To insert a final f@*% you to the media, a gentleman heading one of the veterans groups showed up on his own accord and basically bit$* slapped the media by telling them that only the lowest form of dog sh$* would condemn a man like Trump who has done so much for so many people.

Trump went off on the media and others today like a man who has had enough of their crap. He mixed no words and held nothing back.

This is the man – the only man – we need for our next President. Trump is a real man and he showed the world today that he demands respect and these a@* holes better start giving him the respect he deserves or there will be hades to pay.

God Bless America and God Bless Trump!  Donald J. Trump for President 2016

Editors Notes: 

Donald Trump is a very powerful man.  There is no doubt that he is the only real choice for our next president.  I am surprised he has put up with these clowns as long as has.  Trump could squash these mainstream journalists right under his feet if he chose to do so.

The mainstream media and a lot of other idiots have been taking pot shots at Trump for way too long now.  Oh good it felt to hear him tell them them to stick their bullshit up their posteriors and save the short for their mommies!

Tyg Lucas – Publisher