The asinine terrorist Black Lives Matter movement is becoming a target of opportunity for candidate Donald Trump and some of his intelligent allies, such as 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Fox News pundit Sean Hannity and the awesome Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Using the recent police shootings of some African American people and encouraged by the Obama administration, the black militant’s masquerading as an activist movement is well funded and violent — , for example consider their terrorists who blocked Bernie Sanders from speaking in downtown Seattle last August.

Trump understand the threat to every decent God fearing person in America that Black Lives Matter poses.

“I think it’s certainly, it’s very divisive and I think they’re hurting themselves,” Trump told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.  With an elderly white audience, Bill O. has delighted over the years in going after African-American militants, rap musicians and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

“The first time I heard it (Black Lives Matter), I said, ‘You have to be kidding’,” Trump added. “I think it’s a very, very, very divisive term. There’s no question about it.”

It was not the first time Trump informed the nation of the threat the terrorist group Black Lives Matter. Trump told a rally last fall that a Black Lives Matter protesters where there to disrupt and cause trouble for everyone.

Trump Palin Hannity Speak Out About BLM Terrorists

Palin is more vocal than Trump is about Terrorist Group BLM

Palin took advantage of a weekend Breitbart News interview to call Black Lives Matter protesters as “thugs” and said the press should “quit claiming that these rioters are peaceful.” She made the remark despite the phony showing of Black Lives Matter leaders in condemning the Dallas police officer shootings.

“They’re not protesters,” Palin argued.  “These are thugs. They’re rioters. And yeah, I’m calling out the media, saying quit claiming that these rioters are peaceful.  They’re stomping on our flag, figuratively and literally, shouting death to cops, celebrating violence.”

Palin was right to do so because the same leaders were on the ‘deep web’ cheering for the police officers deaths and encouraging more of the same.

Palin also blamed the recent and unprecedented violence in America rightfully on Obama, stating that: “It is part of that fundamental transformation of America that Barack Obama has promised to do to America.”

Trump Palin Hannity Speak Out About BLM Terrorists

Palin elaborated in a Facebook post:

“Black Lives Matter?  Yes, more than BLM ‘protesters’ can grasp, as evidenced by their self-destructive provocateurism(sic. Doesn’t go without saying that Native lives matter, too?  And Asian and Hispanic and Indian — and every other race comprised of people who see clearly the agenda at play to weaken America through disunity.”

The political right in America knows to coordinate its message, particularly when there is there is ground to be gained through demagoguery.

Sean Hannity, the Fox News host who righteously and vicariously endorses Trump on the conservative news channel has recently said that:

“You know, this belief promoted by Black Lives Matter — which is America in 2016 is the same place as the Jim Crow South — is a lie,” Hannity told his audience this week, between Newt Gingrich interviews.

“That doesn’t mean there aren’t individual cops that are racist, or even that blacks, because they’re black, face challenges and obstacles and maybe suspicions that other people don’t face.  But that’s all — I’m not disputing that there are people like that.

“That would bother me. But Black Lives Matter is not the answer. They only make things worse because their advancing narrative is killing cops, and Hillary wants their endorsement.”

Trump Palin Hannity Speak Out About BLM Terrorists

When the general election is all over and Trump is declared our President Elect, I have a feeling that Hillary, Obama and their private army of Black Militant’s will all be going away for a long – long – long time.

However, what do I know?  I am just a white person in America that believes that there still may be someone, like me who believes that there might still be some justice left in this world – and I am convinced that ‘someone’ goes by the name of Donald J. Trump.