Trump Cancels Rally in Miami Due to BLM Death Threats

BLM Protesters in St. Paul MN.

Trump was scheduled to hold a rally  at the Royal Poinciana Ballroom in Miami Florida, at 2:30PM EST today.  A decision to cancel the event was made late yesterday evening due to information given to the Oakland California police by a BLM advocate who was arrested for disturbing  the peace during a protest yesterday evening.,

According to a source working in the San Francisco Secret Service office, a woman who asked to be referred to as Black Mamba, was one of 25 people detained Thursday evening  for disturbing  the peace at the 900 block of the Mandela Pkwy in Oakland.  At the time of her arrest,  Mamba  informed her arresting officer that she had information concerning a planned assassination attempt on Donald Trump in Miami.

Due to the specifics of Mamba’s report, the San Francisco field office for the Secret Service was contacted and responded by taking custody of Mamba at the scene of the disturbance.

Mamba reported  that four individuals with sniper experience were dispatched to Miami on Wednesday to prepare for their attempt to assassinate Trump.

Mamba additionally reported that two other individuals who were trained in the use of explosives were dispatched earlier this week to Dallas and that they would be travelling by car to Miami to meet up early Friday morning with their team members.

Trump Cancels Rally in Miami Due to BLM Death Threats

Secret Service agents working in Miami were joined earlier this week by security detail officers to investigate information they were given late last week which was consistent with the information the Oakland field agents received from  Mamba.

“The planned attempt on Mr. Trump’s life is a creditable threat.  We are currently investigating information we have been given from interviews of local BLM advocates and from gang intelligence officers with the Dade County Sheriff’s department.”

Our source was unable to confirm if any arrests have been planned or made in this matter because their investigation is still ongoing. However, we were told that due to the imminent danger of an attempt on Trump’s life and for the safety of attendees of the rally, a decision from Trump’s campaign staff was made last night to cancel the event until further notice.

Trump is not expected to make any more public appearances until the upcoming convention in Cleveland Ohio.

Trump Cancels Rally in Miami Due to BLM Death Threats

Donald Trump on Friday morning condemned the shootings of Dallas law enforcement officers Thursday night as well as the deaths of two black men who were killed by police in the previous days.

In his first response to the shootings this week, Trump called for restoring “law and order” and “confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the street.”

He said now is a time for “strong leadership, love and compassion.” Trump also tweeted his condolences earlier Friday morning.

In other news, sources within the U.S. Justice department indicate that Trump is allegedly being investigated for inciting violence with white supremacy groups.  The allegations are likely to have stemmed from allegations from Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO) claiming that  Trump’s allegedly supports a  known white supremacy group associated with a website called the Daily Stormer.

Thursday during the House Oversight and Government Reform committees congressional hearings,  Clay levied three alleged incidents of Trump Tweeting members of the supremacy group during his questioning of James Comey.

Trump travelling from Washington DC on Thursday was unavailable for comment concerning Clay’s ridiculous allegations.  We are confident that if in fact the Justice Department is wasting their time investigating Clay’s rantings, Trump will definitely be exonerated from any wrong doing.

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