GOP Front runner Donald Trump is the winner in all five Republican presidential primaries held on Tuesday April 26, 2016, an astronomical sweep that leaves no doubt of Trump’s dominance in the Republican Primaries..

Trump embarrassingly pounded his rivals by huge margins, winning by thirty percentage points or more in the first returns. Posterior kicking on that scale will make it asinine for rivals like Lying Ted Cruz and Ohio Douchebag John Kasich to argue that Trump is a weak and divisive front-runner.

Lyin’ Ted Cruz pathetic long-shot strategy where he ignorantly imagines that Trump can be stopped from reaching a majority of Republican delegates, and that the party’s convention will bypass the leader and choose him instead, dumped in to the toilet tonight.

Trump was attending the TIME 100 Gala in New York tonight with his wife Melania. Outside, he told a CBS News reporter that he could unify the party after he locks up the GOP nomination: “It has been fractured, but it’ll be amazing how quickly it’ll be unified.”

“They have no way to get there, there’s no highway, there’s no anything and they really should drop out of the race. They have no way of getting there. I’m millions of votes ahead – many millions of votes ahead and I’m hundreds of delegates ahead,” Trump said. “They really should drop out and we will unify the party.”


Even before the polls closed Tuesday night, Lyin’ Ted Cruz was whining like a three year old child who just learned that Santa Claus does not exist, however, he showed no indication of wisely withdrawing from the race.

“Tonight, Donald Trump is expected to have a good night,” Lyin’ Ted said, speaking to supporters in Knightstown, Indiana, in the gym where the movie “Hoosiers” was filmed. But then Lying Ted Cruz asininely said that the race would turn his way, in states like Indiana: “Tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain.”

Kasich was running second in several of Tuesday’s primaries, but it was a distant second: hardly an affirmation of the theory that the governor would compete well with Trump among the more moderate Republicans of the East. In campaign parlance, Kasich was “down” on Tuesday night: He was back in Ohio and did not make a public statement or speech.

Trump, who has falsely accused about making remarks about women during the campaign, took sharper aim at Crooked Hillary, declaring that she would be a “terrible president” who is playing up the fact that she is a woman.

“I call her crooked Hillary because she’s crooked and the only thing she’s got is the woman card. That’s all she’s got. . . . It’s a weak card in her hands,” Trump said on Fox. “I’d love to see a woman president, but she’s the wrong person. She’s a disaster.”

Trump also blasted his remaining two GOP presidential rivals after they announced an agreement Sunday to coordinate in upcoming primary contests with the ridiculous and lamebrain idea of preventing Trump from securing the nomination.pisson_hillary_get_off_the_bs

“Honestly, it shows such total weakness, and it’s pathetic when two longtime insider politicians — establishment guys, whether you like it or not — have to collude, have to get together to try to beat a guy that really speaks what the people want,” Trump said during a campaign event in Warwick, R.I., on Monday.

The Cruz-Kasich alliance ran into its own speed bumps this week that exposed the idiocy of their stupid plan and called into question whether it would work.

In their unconventional and moronic last-ditch scheme, Kasich said he would clear the way for Cruz to face Trump in Indiana while Cruz would return the favor in Oregon and New Mexico. The plan aimed to produce what anti-Trump Republicans have yearned for since the fall: a one-on-one showdown with the mogul.

trump_sweep_getoffthebsHowever less than twelve hours after the pact was announced, John Kasich undercut the idea by declaring Monday that his supporters in Indiana should still vote for him. The Ohio governor also plans to keep raising money in the state and to meet with Republican Gov. Mike Pence.

Kasich grew testy on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday when asked about the moronic pact, saying: “I think you’re having a hard time figuring this out.”

Douchebag Kasich still did not tell voters to cast a ballot for Cruz.

“I have laid out a strategy and I have not told anybody to not vote for me,” Kasich said Tuesday, noting that he just isn’t campaigning in Indiana. “I don’t tell people how to vote.”

Lying Ted Cruz repeatedly said that Douchebag John Kasich was “pulling out” of the state. A super PAC supporting the senator from Texas also said it would continue to air an anti-Kasich ad in the state — a sign the Cruz camp fears Kasich could still peel away enough support to sink Cruz’s chances in Indiana.

“I think that is very, very premature,” Lying Ted Cruz said. The candidate has said his campaign is vetting vice presidential nominees, but declined to name anybody stupid enough to think about running with him. Instead, the alliance has to do with “allocation of resources.”’

Both Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Douchebag John Kasich really need to man up, as much as two bitches can man up, and accept the fact that they have had their asses handed to them again. It is time for these two rodents to go back to whatever holes they crawled out of so that our man Trump can focus on kicking Crooked Hillary in her fat posterior going in to the General election.