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I have never really heard Donald Trump explain why he plans on shutting down the US Department of Education, however there are some damn good reasons why Donald Trump would be pissed off at the US Department of Education.

This article started with a NBC story entitled “Hillary Blasts For-Profit Colleges, But Bill Took Millions From One” by Cynthia Mcfadden, Anna R. Schecter and Hannah Rappleye.  On the surface the NBC article appears to be a hit piece on Crooked Hillary, however the aforementioned authors spun their story to appear that Bill Clinton was involved with a great online school. 

While attempting to railroad Donald Trump into big trouble with his former Trump University, the hypocritical Clinton’s and many other politicians, including Obama, are involved in one of the largest scale thefts [second only to the housing crisis of 2008] perpetrated by the DOE and Clinton Foundation upon the American public.

Shutting Down The DOE:  Trump’s Poetic Justice

There are many layers to the Trump University scandal that have not been reported by the mainstream media pundits.  President Barack ‘The Idiot’ Obama arranged for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to receive a $15,000 donation in exchange for investigating Trump University. Donald Trump has been a victim of official oppression-misuse of governmental power, by both Crooked Hillary ‘Rotten’ Clinton and Barrack ‘America Hater’ Obama, in the Trump University case that rightfully should of never been filed.

Trump never had to accuse accuse Obama of handing Schneiderman an envelope with $15,000 stuffed in it. Instead, Trump rightfully said, Obama appears to have arranged a campaign contribution to Schneiderman from a law firm representing bogus victims of Trump’s University.

“The attorney general of New York meets with Barack Obama in Syracuse,” Trump said at a rally in Bentonville, Arkansas. “The following day he sues me. What they don’t say is, I believe, fifteen thousand or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in California that is suing me.”

While relaying his theory about Schneiderman and Obama, Trump told the crowd the Obama appointed judge in the case had “tremendous hostility, beyond belief ― I believe he happens to be Spanish, which is fine, he’s Hispanic, which is fine,” adding that he was considering asking the judge to recuse himself. 

Trump repeated his charge against Obama just moments later. “All of a sudden the attorney general ― his name is Eric Schneiderman, not respected in New York, doing a terrible job, probably is not electable in New York, but who knows ― and he meets with Obama, gets a campaign contribution, I think, I think it’s fifteen thousand dollars, and all of a sudden, he meets with Obama in, I believe, Syracuse, and the following day or two he brings a lawsuit against me.”

If it was not bad enough that Trump is being screwed over by Gonzalo Curiel, an Obama appointed federal judge, Eric Schneiderman has also secretly taken large campaign contributions from the Clinton foundation. In 2012, Schneiderman allegedly received $2M from the Clinton Foundation, which he did not have to report pursuant to a law that allows candidates for political office to not have to disclose campaign donations from nonprofit companies and corporations.

In addition, Horn News recently learned that the law firm dragging Trump University through the Trump University lawsuit has deep financial ties to the Clinton’s — and has paid them a fortune in speaking fees.

Rachael Stockman of reported, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, the law firm behind the Trump University class action suit, has paid the Clinton’s $675,000 in speaking fees since 2009.

If all of the aforementioned facts were not enough to piss off Donald Trump, the Clinton’s and Obama are making millions from one of the largest online scam artists in the world today-Laureate Education, Inc.

Why Donald Trump Is Pissed Off At The Obama Clinton DOE

Laureate Education – Clinton Hypocrites

For many years, Crooked Hillary Clinton has been a hypocritical vocal critic of for-profit online universities, often prevaricating in speeches across the country to “crack down on predatory schools” and help students drowning in student loan debt.

“If they load students up with debt for programs that don’t lead to good paying jobs, students and taxpayers should not be the only ones left holding the bag,” said Rotten Hillary in an August 2015 campaign speech in New Hampshire.

However, during the past five years, Bill Clinton has scammed approximately $17.6 million from the world’s largest for-profit and crooked education company, Laureate Education, Inc. AKA [If you don’t know about Kaplan University, click on this link] In his role as “honorary chancellor,” Clinton has traveled the world on Laureate’s behalf, spewing one line of a bullshit after another, promoting the school.

Over two dozen former and current students at Laureate’s flagship school in the U.S. — an online, for-profit school called Walden University — told NBC News they feel victimized by the kind of practices Clinton has promised to fight. A 2015 study found Walden students had compiled the second-highest debt load of any school in the U.S.

(“Walden university is a marketing company masquerading as a school. Anytime anyone says anything bad about them online a bunch of fake people, who all sound exactly the same, show up to defend it.

The school is the bottom of the barrel of accredited colleges. It is the community college of online schools. The only reason to go to Walden University is because you can’t get in anywhere else.

This review will never be number #1 on Urban Dictionary because Walden University staff members are paid to scour the internet and purge honest information about their school.”)

“We pursued [our degrees] because we wanted to be successful and not be put in poverty,” said Sondra Beall-Davis, a current PhD candidate at Walden and a former corporate consultant, who now owes over $200,000 in student loan debt incurred during her time at Walden. “Now you’ve taken me from a successful career to poverty.”

According to tax returns released by Crooked Hillary’s campaign, the scumbag Clintons earned a total $22 million from for-profit education companies. Laureate’s paychecks to Bill Clinton made up the bulk of that, with $17.6 million going to Clinton in his role as honorary chancellor from 2010 to 2015. He quit that role 12 days before Crooked Hillary announced her run for president. A spokesperson told NBC News Tuesday that his five-year contract expired at that time.

What the spokesman did not say is that Bill Clinton was actually paid $3,520,000 annually for five years, to make sure that his crooked wife and Obama, kept the board members and themselves, full of cash from US Department of Education backed student loans. 

Least we not forget that Obama in his 2012 election bid, promised to ‘cut funding to for-profit schools.’  Was he just blowing hot air?  Forgot this promise?  In July of 2015, the Obama administration claimed that reining in the multibillion-dollar industry has been the administration’s goal for most of President Barack Obama’s term in office, fueled by complaints that for-profit colleges lure students with misleading promises, then saddle them with debts they can’t pay back despite their newly granted degrees.

Interestingly, the NY Times recently reported that Obama was continuing to fund these types of schools with billions of US tax payer dollars.

Folks, no business owners in their right minds would give a formerly impeached President $20,000,000 over 5 years for nothing more than attaching a formerly impeached president with a reputation for lying, perversion and criminal activities, to any particular business.

If you ever wonder how Crooked Hillary escaped prosecution for her unethical and criminal actions concerning her use of her own personal email servers, Obama flip flopping to keep billions of dollars flooding in to online university scams, definitely suggests that Obama received a chuck of the Clinton’s free gift of $20,000,000 from Laureate Education.

Laureate bills itself as “Here for Good” and “the biggest university network in the world,” and made about $4.3 billion in revenue last year. The bulk of Laureate’s revenues come from their international schools – the company has about 800,000 students in more than 70 schools in 30 countries. Walden University is the company’s flagship diploma-mill-school in the United States.

While a 2012 Senate investigation of for-profit schools described an “enrollment driven culture” at Walden, it also asininely concluded  that the school was “perhaps the best of any company examined” and that its “students are faring well.”

The education company and the ex-president maintain ties that go back years, with former appointees in Clinton’s administration in high positions at the company. Walden’s current President, Jonathan Kaplan, worked in Clinton’s administration, serving as special assistant to the president for economic policy. One of Walden’s colleges, the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, is named for Richard Riley, former secretary of the US Dept. of Education under Clinton and a former board member at Laureate.

Laureate’s CEO, Douglas Becker, is a longtime Democratic donor and friend to the Clintons. Laureate has donated between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, and has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative on several projects, including a scam commitment to the charity to offer scholarships to teachers around the world.

Like other students NBC News spoke to, Jody McGrath said that high faculty turnover rates, disorganization and a lack of oversight seemed to perpetuate her enrollment at Walden.  

An aide to Bill Clinton lied to NBC News claiming that the former president “engaged with students at Laureate’s campuses worldwide and advised Laureate’s leadership on social responsibility and increasing access to higher education,” and that “he was pleased to support their mission to expand access to higher education, particularly in emerging markets.”

In 2009, according to emails released by the State Department, Hillary Clinton wrote to a top aide that she wanted to add Laureate Education to the guest list for a State Department dinner on education. Describing Laureate as “the fastest growing college network in the world,” Clinton said the company was “started by Doug Becker, who Bill likes a lot.”

“It’s a for-profit model that should be represented,” Rotten Hillary bitch added. Laureate was added to the list.

Experts say that for-profit online universities have led to skyrocketing student loan debt. Today, Americans owe about $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt.

“They’re disproportionately responsible for the amount of debt out there,” said Dr. Kevin Kinser, head of Penn State’s Department of Education and Policy Studies. “They are extremely reliant on student tuition as their sole source of revenue and at the same time extremely reliant on federal financial aid, in particular federal student loans.”

The moronic Obama Administration’s efforts to curb the worst practices of the industry have resulted in new regulations and investigations of for-profit schools like ITT Tech and Corinthian College.

Josh Schwerin, spokesperson for the Clinton campaign, said, “Hillary Clinton has made it clear that all for-profit institutions should be held to the same standards and she will crack down on law-breaking for-profits by expanding support for federal regulators to enforce laws against deceptive marketing, fraud, and other illegal practices.”

‘A Vicious Cycle’

In 2011, Bill “The Pervert” Clinton stood at a podium and told an auditorium full of eager Walden graduates about a conversation he had with Laureate’s CEO, Doug Becker.

“I just asked Doug, I said ‘Have all the Laureate colleges in the United States converted to the Direct Loan program, and he said yes.”

According to a transcript of the commencement address, Clinton further said that “The law now says if you get a federally-supported student loan, you have the absolute right to pay it back as a small percentage of your income for up to 20 years,” Clinton lied. “Means no one ever has to drop out again in the United States. This is a very, very important thing.”

The federal student loan program has been good to Walden University. According to several studies, Walden students carry some of the highest student loan debts in the country. A 2015 Brookings Institution study found that by 2014 Walden students had accumulated $9.8 billion in debt, second only to the University of Phoenix.

A 2015 study by the Center for American Progress found that Walden students received the most federal graduate loans in the 2013-2014 academic year, with over $756 million. The 2012 Senate investigation found that over 70 percent of the school’s revenue came from federal financial aid programs.

NBC News gathered five current and former graduate students at Walden. Collectively, they hold over $1.1 million in federal student debt incurred during their studies at Walden.

They told NBC News that they believe Walden recruiters misled them about the time it would take to finish their doctoral degrees – which the school said their student-loan financed degrees would take only a handful of years to complete and lead to future job opportunities.

After Jody McGrath earned a master’s degree in psychology, she began searching for a doctoral program in health psychology and reached out to Walden. “I called them, and was told it would be a two-year for my coursework and then 16 to 24 months to do my dissertation,” McGrath said.

Why Donald Trump Is Pissed Off At The Obama Clinton DOE

Clinton Global Initiative Latin America

McGrath, like other students NBC News spoke to, said that high faculty turnover rates, disorganization and a lack of oversight seemed to perpetuate her enrollment at Walden.

She completed her coursework, which she called “rigorous,” in two years, with a 3.6 GPA. But it took her six years — and four committee chairs — to get her dissertation approved. Her first chair told her after a full year of correspondence that she was “doing the wrong study,” McGrath said, and that she would also have to find a new chair.

McGrath said over the years she struggled to find new advisors and get feedback on her work. “There were times that I sent 25 to 30 emails just praying, praying that somebody would write me back,” she said.

“I thought at some level it was me,” McGrath said. “That I wasn’t working hard enough. As crazy as this sounds, that I thought when I got a new chair there was hope. This time it will be better. So it’s just this vicious cycle that you get into.”

Today, McGrath is over $100,000 in debt. She has finally earned her PhD. But, she said, Walden “failed me.”

“I was there emailing,” she said. “I was turning in my work. I have no problem paying for a four-year doctorate program. But I have an extra four years tacked onto my loan that wasn’t my fault.”

Lehnee Dopwell, a public school teacher, said she left the PhD program after incurring $100,000 in debt. Dopwell said she realized too late that her struggle to keep finding new chairs and receive meaningful feedback on her proposals was preventing her from advancing in the program.

“When they see that you really, really want to be in there, they jump at you,” said Dopwell. “[The recruiter] called a lot, and he kept telling me, ‘Five years. Don’t worry.'”

“When I was seeing issues with my thesis in regards to the chairs, in regards to them sending me back the document the same way I sent it to them is when I realized that something was wrong,” Dopwell said. “But the sales pitch is basically you’re going to be done in whatever time you want it to be done.”

A review of online boards, court filings and Better Business Bureau complaints shows similar charges. A federal lawsuit filed in Maryland in 2015 by two Walden students, which was later settled out of court, alleged that “Walden University’s breach of its own rules thus unnecessarily prolongs students’ efforts to obtain their degrees, and results in students extending their enrollment in their respective dissertation or thesis course and paying additional tuition.”

Lehnee Dopwell, a public school teacher, said she left Walden’s PhD program after incurring $100,000 in debt. NBC News

Online message boards contain similar complaints. “The lack of communication is absolutely appalling. I once waited 9 weeks…yes WEEKS for a reply to an email,” reads one. “Once you are done with your required coursework and begin the dissertation process, you are essentially stuck.”

Walden University told NBC News it could not speak to students’ specific stories, but a spokesperson for the university said that “Walden University’s overall student loan cohort default rate is well below the national average for all universities, non-profit and for-profit. This well-established financial aid metric clearly demonstrates that Walden students overall are far less likely to default and able to manage and pay their federal student loans.”

What Walden would never want printed [too bad] is that the US Department of Education works with the majority of the online universities financial aid offices by providing them with the names of former students who are currently in default on their student loan payments.  The schools actually employ people who will call the former student and advise them how to buy time on their loan payments. Most schools including Walden actually make three way calls with the former student and their loan service company to ensure that the defaulting former student secures a loan deferment.

Once the former student, most of them desperately trying to find a job with a degree that frankly is not worth the paper it is written on, obtains a loan deferment from their loan servicing company, the online universities student default rate does not reflect the former student has bought some time to start paying on his or her student loans.

“According to third-party research – companies paid by Laureate Education to provide whatever nonsense the board wants to promote, the average student loan amount for graduate students at Walden is comparable to the graduate students who attended non-profit universities. More than 80 percent of Walden students are enrolled in graduate programs, which are high quality, rigorous, and challenging.”

The actual fact is that 99.9 percent of online universities are diploma mills.  Many of these universities, such as Steven Henagar, Independence and University of Phoenix, recruit homeless people as students, who never attend one single day of class, yet receive associate and bachelor’s degrees.  Of course, most major employers are aware of that fact and treat their diplomas with no more concern than a dirty piece of toilet paper.

One of the worst offenders is Full Sail University, a Florida diploma mill owned by Mitt Romney.  University of Phoenix Online, is without a doubt the largest online university in the world.  Recently they paid over $270m to settle a lawsuit over their recruitment practices.  It is not hard to imagine why the crooked Clinton’s jumped into the online university business, especially when the majority of their money is coming from the US Department of Education via the American taxpayers’ pockets.

Many online students today say they are stuck with debts they can never hope to pay off in their lifetime. When asked why they continued to take out loans to finance their online degree, some said the value of the education they purchased seemed to outweigh the debt.

The real truth of the matter is that many high school graduates, faced with parents telling their children to go to school or get a job and pay rent, pursuing an online degree is a very easy way for them to live off of mom and dad for another 3-4 years. 

One of the most interesting statements I was every personally told by a CEO of an online university was, “Our target market is for poor single mom’s and lazy high school graduates who are looking to obtain a degree without working very hard to get it.  We don’t target well to do or intelligent people,” said Eric Juhlin, CEO of Stevens-Henager [EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblowers in Stevens-Henager College lawsuit speak out]