Turkey Threatens The U.S. Charging That The CIA Sent Retired U.S. General To Mastermind The July 15th Coup

Turkey is building a mountain of evidence against the U.S. faulting the U.S. with the most recent overthrow attempt.

The story goes that it was previous officer of NATO forces in Afghanistan, resigned US Army General John F. Campbell who was the driving force behind the fizzled military upset in Turkey.

As indicated by Yeni   Şafak, [Turkish media] Erdoğan’s mouthpiece daily paper asserted that the general was “one of the top figures who sorted out and dealt with the officers behind the asinine coup endeavor in Turkey”.

Yeni   Şafak additionally reported that Campbell ” also managed more than $2 billion in transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey.””

Banks in Nigeria? What’s more, why is Erdogan accusing the CIA and not Obama? Doesn’t Obama know what the CIA is doing? Then again is it that Obama is Erdogan’s mate?

How they connect this is fairly clever. They are stating that the resigned US general had paid “no less than two mystery visits” to Turkey since May up to the endeavored upset, which the Turkish powers faulted for what they call the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).

The Turkish Daily likewise reported that Campbell had top mystery gatherings at the Erzurum army installation and Incirlik air base in Turkey, including that the US general “coordinated the way toward drifting/boycotting the military officers in the base.”

Turkey Threatens The U.S

Fethullah Gülen

The Turkish every Daily’s paranoid fear’s story was set this way:

“Millions of dollars of money has been transferred from Nigeria to Turkey by a group of CIA personnel. The money, which has been distributed to an 80-person special team of the CIA, was used to convince pro-coup generals. After taking money from their bank accounts, the CIA team hand-delivered it to the terrorists under the military dresses. “

What’s more, now Turkey’s remote pastor, Mevlüt Çavuşoğluis undermining the U.S. also, cautioned on Monday that ties with Washington could not endure unless they remove the US-based pastor Fethullah Gülen, Erdogan’s ideological enemy.

At the end of the day, the message Turkey is sending is straightforward. They are debilitating to utilize fear inspired notions to tell the U.S. that against U.S slants will develop in the Muslim world, unless the U.S. obviously dairy animals tows to Erdogan’s requests.

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the genuine connivance? Turkey kept 2,101 judges and prosecutors and 1,485 cops. How were these associated with the CIA? Shouldn’t something be said about shutting 934 schools, 109 quarters, 15 colleges, 104 establishments, 35 wellbeing foundations, 1,125 affiliations and 19 unions? Was the U.S. behind this and was Fethullah Gülen too a CIA operator?

Turkey Threatens The U.S

U.S. Jackass Barack Obama and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan (L).

Where are the billions paid by the CIA to Gülen? How then can Erdogan make such claims as:

“The FETO terror group, who are abusing people’s tax money to purchase guns, tanks, warplanes, heavy weapons and use against the nation, are rascals, traitors and dishonest,” Erdogan said last week, branding FETO “a virus that has metastasized.”

Gülen was purchasing contender planes?

Indeed, even Amnesty International sounded the caution on Sunday, saying it accumulated “believable confirmation” that individuals captured in connection to the fizzled upset endeavor have been “subjected to beatings and torment, including assault, in official and informal confinement focuses in the nation.”

Turkey Threatens The U.S

Amnesty International’s Europe chief, John Dalhuisen expressed:

“Reports of abuse including beatings and rape in detention are extremely alarming, especially given the scale of detentions that we have seen in the past week. The grim details that we have documented are just a snapshot of the abuses that might be happening in places of detention”.

This rape was by using batons. Just how close are we when Turkey resurrects its old Ottoman punishment, their dreaded Khazouk?[Torture]

Hard to believe? It’s easy if you try Dick. Erdogan is changing everything. Just today Turkey is announcing that they are “changing their constitution”: This assault was by utilizing implement. Exactly how close would we say we are when Turkey revives its old Ottoman discipline, their feared Khazouk?

Difficult to accept? It’s simple on the off chance that you attempt Dick. Erdogan is evolving everything. Just today Turkey is reporting that they are “changing their constitution”:

The scriptural prediction says that Antichrist “change set times and set laws”. This is going to be satisfied. In God’s War On Terror, years back we anticipated “The Antichrist [in Turkey] won’t just change protected laws, however affable laws also.”

Indeed, even the Bosphorous Bridge has quite recently been renamed today to “July fifteenth Martyrs Bridge.”

Today Yeni   Şafak likewise reported:

The Turkish individuals organized a “second Independence War” amid their resistance against the fizzled July 15 overthrow, a worker’s organization pioneer has told Anadolu Agency in a select meeting.

This “second autonomous war” is the core of Erdogan’s call, to make another autonomy where he is the Mahdi-Victor who reconquered Constantinople for Islam. The features from Turkey talk about another time while the West basically take a gander at this and say “it’s the Middle East and it’s simply ‘another fizzled upset’”.

Truly? Simply investigate today’s media releases in Turkey:

Turkey Threatens The U.S