No matter what candidate finds his or her way to the Oval Office, the 2016 Presidential elections continues to be a revelation of corruption in our country so wide spread and severe, that no reasonable person could deny it has utterly tarnished the fundamental principles our great nation was founded upon.

The most astonishing revelation that I have personally experienced during the past six months, is the fact that well over fifty percent of the American population seems to have no concept of reality, even when the harsh realities of the same continues to repeatedly slap them in the face.

I am writing this article in hopes that those people who are having trouble facing the cold hard facts of life in America today, will hopefully regain their senses and stand united with other likeminded Americans, in addressing some very disturbing problems our great nation can no longer tolerate.

Corrupt Politicians

I cannot count how many times I have been at a social function with coworkers, people in my church congregation, family and or friends, when a conversation about one politician or another, eventually turns to comments about his or her dishonesty.

Arguably, I would find it hard to believe that there is one person in America who has never read and or heard about one politician or another, caught up in a corruption scandal.  Additionally, I would dare to say that there are very few people in this country that are not upset over the fact that despite how much money an elected official has been caught stealing and or how many laws said politician may have violated, very few of them ever go to jail and when they do, their sentences are so minor, that most people question the fairness of the justice system in this country. hillary for prison 2016_getoffthebs

Over the past six months, all of America and those people around the world who pay attention to what is going on in America, have seen everything from voting fraud to a woman given a free pass from prosecution for gun running, violating federal law concerning dissemination and digital storage of classified documents and possibly, a conspiracy to commit the murder of a US Ambassador.  Yet, only a small percentage of Americans seem to be totally disgusted with this revelation of corruption.

For argument sake, write off the crimes Hillary Clinton has been accused of and or the repeated news coming to the surface of voting fraud in several states, which would raise the question of how could anyone ignore that we have a Presidential candidate running for office who is illegally running for office today and did the same when he was elected as a Senator for Texas.  Was Ted Cruz not a citizen of Canada when he ran for the Senate in 2012? 

Again, for argument sake, give Ted Cruz the benefit of the doubt that he meets the legal requirements to become the President of the United States, leaving the question of did we not all witness Ted Cruz fraud the voters in Iowa with his fraudulent announcement that Ben Carson had ended his Presidential bid and then follow the same up with sending out thousands of official letters warning voters if they did not vote for Cruz, they would end up in trouble?

At least two of the known liars and criminals currently running for President have received over 2 million votes from the American public. If that horrific revelation does not bring you back to reality, please read on.

It Costs Millions of Dollars to Have Any Chance of Being Elected President of the USA

When I was growing up, I was often told by my parents and school teachers that I could one day be the President of the United States.  I truly believe that the majority of my fellow Americans heard similar claims by their own parents and educators.

 However, the actual truth of that claim only applies to those of us whose future included a prodigious amount of wealth and or popularity that would lead us to special interests groups offering a deal with the devil to receive enough money to make a serious bid for a Presidential election.

Corruption-bribe-getoffthebsArguably, very few people would know who Ben Carson is if he had not had enough money to find his way to the GOP debates.  The most honest and competent Democratic candidate to put his bid in for the Presidential election, Lee Newton Rhodes, is a candidate that only a handful of people realize is running in this election.  If he could be corrupted by special interest groups and or had millions of his own money to spend on his campaign, his name would be a household name.

The fact is, because of the millions of dollars it costs to get elected to the Oval Office, the probability that the person who wins the Presidential election is very, very high that he or she will be bought and paid for, by special interests groups whose agendas do not favor the majority of the American public.

Anyone who doubts that revelation, I submit to you that you only need to consider the current financial and moral shape our country is in today.  Not clear enough.  Results speak louder than words. 


Objective Journalism is a Thing of the Past


No matter what country you live in, the people who make the rules must be able to communicate with their enslaved public.  Dictators, such as Adolph Hitler, Sadam Husien, Fidel Castro and many others, always used their media to spread their messages, control the citizens of their countries. 

It never ceases to amaze me how many people in America believe that our media is not controlled by our elected officials who are basically puppets for an elite and very wealthy group of individuals that are no different than any other known dictators, past and present.

One of the most prevalent and disturbing revelations that has come to the surface over the past six months of the primaries, is the extreme dishonesty of our main stream media.   


As a young adult, I eagerly awaited the six o’clock news every night during the Watergate scandal.  I could not get enough of the two investigative reporters working for the Washington Post, who took on Nixon.  Back then, I foolishly believed that those two reporters ran in to telephone booths to put on blue suits with red capes.  Information that has come to light over the past forty years on what really went on during the Watergate scandal, insights me to want to spit in both their faces today.

The only bright spot that I can take from those by gone days, is that at least back then, the mainstream media did a fairly good job of hiding the fact that they are under the control of the elite group of people in this world who control the majority of wealth in this world.  Outrageously today, the main stream media openly flaunts their dishonesty.

Only an idiot could not see right through the plentitude of lies we are being told by the media today.  Anyone who has watched the primaries over the past six months cannot in good conscious admit that they have not been subjected to organized witch hunts, dishonesty and obvious bios.  Yet, is dishonestly in reporting the elections or making up stories to smear candidates unpopular to their masters, the main stream Medias only vice?

Unfortunately, no.  The main stream media in America has been playing mind control games with Americans for well over 70 years now.  Arguably, many Americans would dispute my claim and or at the least, dub my claim as pessimistic.  However, the facts cannot be intelligently disputed.

koch_bros_getoffthebs I submit to anyone who doubts my aforementioned claims, to please turn on your local news at night and count for thirty days how many news stories you are subjected to that report about African Americans who have committed violent crimes.  While keeping count of the reports of violence, please keep count of how many reports you are given about violent crimes committed by white people.  And for a new twist, count all the stories you hear about violent crimes supposedly committed by Muslims.

The fact is, the elite know that by keeping American’s in fear of each other, the chances of Americans turning their attention to the people who are really  putting the screws to them is very slim.  One of the most outlandish facts that I cannot believe the majority of Americans have not caught on to, is with all the talk about terrorism, why is the reason they allegedly want us all dead never discussed?  Am I the only person in this country that is curious as to why people I have never harmed, want to cut off my head and or blow me up?

Additionally, am I the only person is America who looks past the bullshit I am being fed by the mainstream media, to seek out the truth?  The fact is, ISIS was created by the same elite people who quietly stand behind their bought and paid for politicians, while severely screwing with our lives. 

The Majority of Americans Obviously Have Their Heads Buried in their Anuses

The fact is, we have become a country of people who are controlled by ruthless Dictators who operate under what we foolishly have been led to believe is Democracy. The only way these ruthless and very, very wealthy con artists can continue to get away with their treachery, is by keeping the majority of our populace in a state of blissful ignorance.

In this year’s elections we have a candidate who has obviously come to the conclusion that his elite cronies have gone completely off the deep end.  Never in the history of our country, has one of the wealthy elite came out in public to expose the corruption that is choking our country.


For whatever reason or reasons Donald Trump has for spilling the beans on himself and his previous association with the aforementioned elite group, no American today has an excuse to ignore the disturbing revelations about the horrific corruption in our country that Mr. Trump has enlightened us about through his speeches and or has caused to come to light through his elite cronies attempting to put a halt to his attempts to put a damper on their atrocious and greedy behavior.

I don’t expect people to warm to me by my writing that the majority of American’s have their heads buried up their anuses, however the facts are indisputable.  If this article awakens even one American to the realities of their current existence in America, than it was well worth the time I took to write it.

For those of you Americans who choose to remain ‘ignorantly bliss’, please let this article serve as my reiteration to you that you must have your head buried in your anus.   And as a warning to you, if you continue to keep your head buried up there, it will not be long before you wake up to find yourself living in a country, broke and hungry, with nothing worth leaving to the dogs, let alone your children.