By Brenda Corpian – May 31, 2016

Something is “Rotten” in the Crooked Hillary Clinton History Books

The thing about being friends, knowing or just being an acquaintance of Hillary and Bill Clinton can earn you time in prison for trying to cover for their many crimes, or dead; whichever is more convenient for them.

Sometimes if you are powerful enough, influential enough, or can benefit them in some way they will keep you alive, but will threaten and pay you off to go away with your claim.

In the case of Vince Foster, he was “the man who knew too much” about the Clintons and their illegal activities, victims and crimes in Arkansas.

From Arkansas to DC, he followed them; even becoming Deputy White House Counsel to defend the Clintons in their many crimes; Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, to name a few.

On April 19, 1993 After being fed erroneous information about the Branch Davidians in Waco and reports of illegal gun trafficking, seventy Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Officers along with the local police and sheriff’s office, armed with military-grade weapons and ammunition attacked the Branch Davidian organization’s compound.

Four ATF agents, and 6 Branch Davidians were killed in the initial raid and the siege lasted 51 days, after which the compound was breached, causing a disastrous fire and when the smoke cleared, it was discovered that 75 people; 50 adults and 25 children had been killed in the raid. Everyone watched on their TV sets at home, as the terrible events unfolded and watched in horror as the drama escalated.

Janet Reno

Janet Reno

Two of those people who were horrified the most, were Vince Foster and Janet Reno; Reno took the “hit” for the tragedy, but it was ultimately Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton who pushed the issue, asking Reno,

“when are you going to do something about those Branch Davidians?”

Foster did not “take” to the DC life, having left his wife and youngest son at home, who was completing junior year in high school. He suffered from anxiety, weight loss and insomnia; mostly after a “hit piece” was written about him called, “Who is Vince Foster.”

After Travelgate and the possibility of a congressional hearing, he considered resigning from his office; but did not want to return to Arkansas in defeat so he stayed.

Also it was well-known and documented that Hillary had a long-standing affair with both Vince Foster and Webb Hubbell in Arkansas. When the Clinton’s arrived in DC, Hillary “dumped” Foster and Foster was devastated by it.

He had worked with Hillary at Rose Law Firm and was married with three children. His devastation was there in the open for the entire world to see and it was commented on, embarrassing Hillary Clinton.

Vince was a straight arrow, honest and trustworthy and he did not like what the Clintons were getting away with. Hillary demanded he “fire” the Travel Office employees and pressured him until it was done and then blamed the whole thing on everyone but herself, saying the firings were “not her fault,” and “someone had misconstrued a comment she had made.”

Foster was appalled. He knew he was “shielding” Hillary and he might have to make misleading statements under oath.

Hillary and Bill Clinton knew this man and how he was honest and that their criminal activities may become known and their dealing from Arkansas to DC.

According to the reports, on July 16, Foster and his wife drove to an inn in Maryland for the weekend. At dinner that night, Foster cried when Lisa asked him “if he felt trapped.” Three days later, he called his doctor, who gave him a prescription for the antidepressant Desyrel.

Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster

The following night, July 20, he was found dead.

Lyin’ Crooked Hillary burst into fake tears when she was told about her friend’s death. But her behavior, as well as that of staff and associates told a different story.

In the days following Foster’s death, his office was gone over with a fine-toothed comb by Crooked Hillary and her staff.

What were they searching for? What did they have to hide?

Whitewater, “Travelgate,” the failed Arkansas bank and more crimes? Were they searching for a suicide note?

However Crooked Hillary and her staff made sure they took away boxes of files, right out from under the FBI and the police.

The staff went through those files thoroughly, before they were reluctantly handed over to the law. Hillary’s records about her legal work on a failed Arkansas bank went missing, and the records were not retrieved for over two years. Concealment?

The investigation into this and Foster’s death caused five separate federal inquiries.

What do we know about Vince Foster’s death? His body was found in Fort Marcy Park, supposedly a suicide and a hole through his mouth and the back of his head.

HOWEVER, there was NO dirt found on his body and he had hiked down an embankment. There was no blood at the scene and when you shoot something, the blood explodes everywhere.

Foster owned a 1989 gray Honda and that car was not at the scene, but according to witnesses there was an older brown Honda in the parking lot.

No bullets were found at the scene of his death, so how could it have been a suicide?

The hole found in his neck was too small to have been made by the gun that was left in his hand.

The gun that was found in Foster’s hand was never positively identified as his. Vince Foster’s fingerprints were never found on the gun found in his hand at the scene.

Pundits who have investigated Vince Foster’s death have surmised he was not killed in that park; that he was killed elsewhere and his body was moved.

The investigator, Miguel Rodriguez stated that there were “anomalies” in this death that was supposedly a “suicide.


However the crooked media says it was suicide and there were five federal investigations launched that swear it was a suicide, but it was not.

In the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr and Robert Fiske investigation it was found to be a suicide.

But The prosecutor, Miguel Rodriguez was certain it was not a suicide and there were so many anomalies found, they placed an Appendix in the report. Rodriguez claimed that the body had been “staged,” the suicide note was forged (it was found in a briefcase that had previously been searched).

He claimed there were two entrances to the park and there had been “special police” already in place; for what? Why were they there? These police were only called out in special requests from the White House.

And in a letter of resignation by Starr’s lead prosecutor, Rodriguez, that has been found in the National Archives file, the “smoking gun” that may finally bury the Clintons in a criminal case. Rodriguez submitted a 2-page resignation letter, including a 31 page memo regarding the injuries that Vince Foster had sustained.

Rodriguez states in the letter details about injuries found around Foster’s neck that had not been reported in the official government documents.

The FBI claimed at the time, that Vince Foster’s neck injury photos were “underexposed, and therefore useless to them.”

However Rodriguez says after he produced additional damning evidence of a possible Foster murder cover-up, he started to be harassed and became a target and was internally investigated. Cover-up?

When the pieces don’t fit the places in the puzzle where they are logically supposed to fit, you cannot force them to fit; they just don’t!

And the records that Rodriguez submitted indicate that Foster did not really die from one .38 caliber gunshot, but two gunshots; the other shot was on the right side of his neck, made by a small caliber bullet hole.

Foster was tied to Hillary; he was a friend with Bill from their boyhood. He was tied to Hillary’s scandals in Whitewater and the Travel Office at the White House. This stinks to high heaven! And it questions Vince Foster’s motives for suicide.

AND Hillary lied, under oath about when she last saw Vince Foster. She was seen by a staffer coming out of Foster’s office 4 times before his death.

AND Hillary had a philandering husband, which she asked Foster to help spy on and he hired Jerry Parks, an investigator out of Arkansas. According to his widow, Jerry asked Foster why he needed information about Bill Clinton and Foster answered, “for Hillary.”

When Foster turned up dead in 1993, Parks knew he was next. Parks was shot two months later, nine times at close range, at a stoplight, in his SUV, in Little Rock, Arkansas. His office and home were raided by eight federal officers from; the CIA, FBI, the IRS and the Secret Service.

Foster was murdered for knowing too much about the Clintons and to shut him up. People seem to die around the Clintons from “suicides” that do not make sense!

And Crooked Hillary is still getting away with crimes she has committed and an email server is the LEAST of it!

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