Never in my life have I ever felt so terrified about the future of our country. I start my day every morning by reading about my favorite candidate in the Google news section.

I have made predictions in the past that actually astonished most of my friends and family. For instance in 1997, I predicted that terrorists would attack New York City by the year 2001, with a devastating blow to this country, resulting in our government enacting legislation that would basically destroy our constitutional rights.

In 2005, I predicted that by 2008, we would experience a housing crash that would severely cripple our financial systems, giving rise to the government using the same as an excuse to raise our national debt by as much as 5 trillion dollars. In September of this past year, I made a prediction that Obama would be the last president of our great nation.

I am not a person who believes in conspiracy theories. I am not a person who believes that all politicians are bad people. I simply look at the results and ignore the dog and pony shows. I often wonder how the majority of people in this country obviously cannot see the writing on the walls. There are some facts that everyone is aware of, yet most people don’t seem to understand what they lead to.

We are $19 trillion dollars in debt. Our President just gave $150 billion dollars to a country that believes that the only hope for the Middle East is to use nuclear weapons to destroy Israel. Over 50% of the work force in this country makes less than $30,000.00 a year. Over 48% of Americans live pay check to pay check with little or no savings.

There is no possible way that this country can escape economic collapse this year. Before the year 2016 is over, the use of at least one nuclear weapon will cause the death of millions of people. By the end of 2016, over 80 percent of Americans will not be able to afford and or obtain enough food to eat. By the end of 2016, a new disease, such as AIDS or Ebola will cause a pandemic catastrophe in this country. Finally, our government as we know it today will be gone before Thanksgiving comes this year, replaced by a dictator who will rule what is left of the world as we know it.

I know these are bleak predictions, but if you just wake up to reality, you will realize that if you simply add a+b+c=d, you will come up with the same conclusions I have. Every prediction I have ever made, I have used similar logic to arrive at what ‘d’ would equal. I wish that I could be more optimistic. I would love to live in a fantasy world believing that come 2017, we will elect a President who will straighten everything out. But unfortunately, people in this country have buried their heads in the sand too long now. There is no turning back. Were screwed!