Storyline contributed to by Frank Ferrandiz

Hillary Clinton criticizes Donald Trump, his mansions, property, hotels, golf courses, vacations and everything that he has acquired through his wealth, maliciously suggesting that Mr. Trump may of become wealthy through dishonest practices.

In consideration of the same, a prudent person would only have to ask themselves how many mansions does Crooked Hillary Clinton own? How did Hillary become so very, very wealthy?  Has she ever built and ran a successful business?

It does not take much thinking to realize that Crooked Hillary amassed the majority her great wealth by treachery, fraud and other dishonest practices, that have cost the American public billions of dollars.

Hillary Clinton is a known thief and a murderer. Crooked Hillary lies to your face and serves up loads and loads of bullshit, yet unfortunately many people in American believes her branded nonsense.

Hilariously, many of her supporters will thank Hillary for her treachery. Asininely, many of these same supporters beg for more of her brand of treachery and then moronically vote for the lying piece of garbage.

Hillary will say anything that she can devise in her twisted mind to anybody she believes will provide her one more voter closer to winning the General election.

Crooked Hillary is well known for being a two faced bitch. For instance, if two people with opposite agendas approached Hillary, she would tell one person one thing and the other person something completely different.

Can people really be so gullible that they believe a lying sack of crap? Consider some of the things that Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton did when he was President, such as his passing the NAFTA legislation.

Despite William Clintons’ claims that the passing of NAFTA legislation would create jobs and bring more prosperity to the American people., the results of the NAFTA   legislation has resulted in millions of Americans losing their jobs.

For instance, NAFTA has been particularly hard on numerous towns in the mid-west, who were previously supported by large companies, devastated with astronomically high unemployment, poverty and crime rates.

Anyone who has considered voting for Hillary Clinton would be prudent to reevaluate her previous track record, giving serious consideration to the damage that Obama has done to this country and the likelihood of Hillary Clinton continuing his legacy of destruction to this country.

Some of Hillary Clintons’ asinine plans include bringing more Syrian refugees in to America, claiming that the refuges are entitled to a chance of obtaining the American dream and freedom.

For some moronic reason,, Hillary Clinton does not seem to consider the fact that ISIS has infiltrated the refugees that are now entering America?

For those people considering voting for Hillary Clinton, you will have no one to blame but yourselves, when the terrorists begin to strap on bombs, blow up movie theaters, malls and any places in America that there is a gathering of innocent people.

Please think long and hard about why you would vote for such a treacherous bitch? Why put your self in the position for her to continue to lie to you, raise your taxes and subject you to living with Terrorists, living among us courtesy of her and Obama?

hillary-bitchI implore everyone; before you cast your vote for whatever candidate you may be leaning towards. Please think long and hard about Hillary Clinton who has been bought and paid for by lobbyists’ who work for special interest groups, whose agenda does not benefit hard working Americans.

Please give serious consideration to a very successful businessman, Donald J. Trump, who is self-funding, his own campaign so that he will not be beholden to anyone else but the American public.

Mr. Trump has a second to none reputation in business for building one of the most successful companies in the world today. Mr. Trump will bring his exceptional business experience to the nations government tables, to solve many of our current problems today, such as asinine immigration, trade, finance and government spending policies.