It astonishes me how quickly people seem to forget the criminal behavior of some well known politicians. In reality, William Jefferson Clinton should of never been elected to his first term in office. It is severe blight on this country that Hillary Rodham Clinton was ever elected as a Senator for New York and later appointed by Barrack Obama as the Secretary of State.

The Clintons’ involvement, specifically Hillary Clintons’ involvement with the White Water fraud, is not a conspiracy theory. It is not a smear campaign enacted by her opposition.

If Susan McDonnel had cooperated with prosecutors in lieu of going to prison, testified against the Clintons’, both Hillary and William Clinton would have been prosecuted for their part of the  multimillion-dollar fraud case, latter dubbed, ‘The Whitewater Scandal.”

David Haleclaimed in November 1993, stated that as the governor of Arkansas, William Clinton had pressured him into providing an illegal $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal, who was a partner to both William and Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater land deal.

A U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation resulted in convictions against Jim McDougal, husband of Suesan McDougal, for his role in the Whitewater project; and Bill Clinton’s successor as governor, Jim Guy Tucker, was convicted of fraud and sentenced to four years of probation for his role in the matter.


Susan McDougal later served 18 months in prison for contempt of court for refusing to answer questions relating to Whitewater. Due to McDougals’ silence, William and Hillary Clinton were never prosecuted.

McDougal was granted a pardon by President Clinton before he left office.

In March 1992, during his presidential campaign, the Clintons acknowledged that on their 1984 and 1985 tax returns, they had claimed improper tax deductions for interest payments made by the Whitewater Development Company.

The length, expense, and results of the Whitewater investigations turned the public against the Office of the Independent Counsel[1]; As such, the Independent Counsel law expired in 1999.

Indeed, no one ended up happy with the Whitewater investigation; American tax payers and residents of Arkansas were extremely frustrated that both Clintons had escaped formal charges, and those without partisan involvement found press coverage of Whitewater, which spanned four decades, difficult to understand.


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  1. United States Office of the Independent Counsel was an independent prosecutor — distinct from the Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice — that provided reports to the Congress under 28 U.S.C. § 595. The office was terminated in 1999 and replaced by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel.