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woman writing - Write for Get Off the BS

As human as we are, we do know that we have our limitations and we won’t be able to provide all the information needed unless it is pointed out to us. In this case, we are encouraging people who are in love with writing and at the same time sports betting, to come write for us.

The purpose of us getting more people to work with is to impart knowledge from a different perspective. You know, we don’t just let our writers write, we also invite them to collaborate.

We believe that by using every bit of information that we can and arranging them into usable content would be the best solution.

On top of that, because we also have our own ways of getting information before it is spread to the world, writers who are sports bettors at the same time would be able to take note of this information. Thus, using it to their advantage when placing their bets.

More than that, we also would appreciate if you aren’t just interested in the betting part but with the sports part as well. We believe that in order to make the wisest decision, being able to know what’s what of a certain topic in a deeper sense would be the key.

Send us a message now so that we can start discussing how we can do this together.