Brenda Corpian Expected to Fully Recover

The publisher and staff of Get Off The Bs want to thank all of our loyal readers for your cards and sympathy letters for Brenda Corpian (pseudonym)  who is now in guarded condition and expected to make a full recovery.

Brenda, one the most active stumpers for Donald Trump was beaten to within an inch of her life last week and left for dead in a trash dumpster in the eastern section of the city Las Angeles California.

Brenda’s injuries took a turn for the worse this past week and required a neurosurgeon to perform and operation to reduce fluid on her brain that was caused by a head trauma that elevated intracranial pressure on her brain (brain edema).

Brenda underwent surgery for approximately 12 hours on Thursday of this past week after falling in to a coma for four days. She regained consciousness yesterday afternoon and shortly thereafter logged on to a custom made pink Mac the publishers of Get Off The Bs bought her.

Brenda sent instant messages to a couple of friends letting them know she felt like she had been ‘hit by a Panzer tank’ but was starting to feel a little better.

Doctors treating Brenda are very optimistic that she will recover from her injuries with minimal permanent neurological complications. She is expected to remain hospitalized for the next six to eight weeks, while she recovers from a broken jaw, skull fracture, broken ribs and numerous contusions.

Brenda is very lucky to be alive. She was found in a dumpster unconscious by a homeless person who immediately reported the same to a police officer eating lunch in his car within a block of the dumpsters location.

Due to the severity of Brenda’s injuries, she was taken by life-flight to the hospital and was placed in their intensive care unit.

The publishers of Get Off The BS sincerely appreciate the thousands of letters, cards and offers for donations to help with Brenda’s medical expenses. However, our publishers are picking up all of Brenda’s medical and personal bills until she is 100% fully recovered.

Brenda is a proud and independent woman. Although she would appreciate the sentiment of those who desire to help her, she would much more appreciate your prayers for her recovery.

The three a@*holes who did this to Brenda have not been caught yet.  At this time we believe the assault – attempted assassination of Brenda was related to a recent story she was  doing research and investigations on.

Brenda asked that we refrain from posting her hospital pictures, stating to the owner, “I’ll slap you silly if you post a picture of me  with my hair in this mess.”  Unfortunately, Brenda’s head had to be shaved for her recent surgery.

Special thanks to Presidential Candidate Lee Newton Rhodes, author John Chambersand Publisher Annie Heath.  May God bless you all – ‘Lacy.’

** We do love our Brenda **

Please feel free to leave any comments you would like for Brenda.