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We at Get Off the BS will provide you with all the information you need for sports betting. We understand how sensitive this hobby is and we want to keep you safe at all cost. We will do what it takes to find data that will help us give you what you need.

First of all, we would like you to understand that there are legalities surrounding sports betting. You have to know that not every state in the US has legalized sports betting which is why if you are interested in entering the industry, you need to get in touch with us for the latest news.

News Wherever You Are

Unlike other websites, we have designed ours in a way that it can be supported through phones and tablets. This way, we will be able to send you the latest news and updates regarding the legalities of sports betting and other happenings.

Free Service

As opposed to what you might have originally thought, we won’t be charging you for any information that you’re going to get out of this website. Although it is true that we have spent a lot of time digging up this information, we are also benefiting from this information and we’re just sharing what we know with you, our audience.

It’s Not Yet Too Late

If you have already been in the industry for quite some time but haven’t had the best of luck just yet, then this might be the start of something good for you. With the information that you’re going to get from us, you’ll surely be able to improve your decision-making process.

Don’t take too long. Because even if we’ll always be here for you, your losses might hinder you from wanting to play further with sports betting. And that’s something we can’t do anything about.