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There are many different types of wagers available in sports betting

Types of Wagers in Sports Betting

The different types of wagers you can use in sports betting includes;

Point Spread Wagers

Point spreads are just as they sound: the amount of points that a team is expected to win by. In many cases, point spreads are set by sports books as public information. 

This means that the public usually knows the amount that the favorite is favored to win. 

However, in some cases, the public does not have this information and the sports book is able to disseminate the information to a smaller group of bettors.

Money Line Wagers

The money line is a bet that is made against the spread. In other words, if the spread says that the favorite is favored to win by 11 points, you would make a money line bet on the underdog if the payout was -110.

Total Wagers 

Total wagers are made on one game or a series of games. That means that you would bet a certain amount of money on a certain game or games. In most cases, total wagers are made with a combination of money line and point spread wagers.