It is a growing scandal that could be a potentially disastrous Democratic smear campaign levied in the heat of the General election against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

A frivolous fraud suit involving the former Trump University appears to be set to go to trial just a couple months before the 2016 election.

The ridiculous $40 million suit, will most likely dominate news coverage and therefore could be a public relations nightmare for Trump at a crucial time where the negative press could cause his campaign the most damage.

And that is exactly what the Democrats want.

However, fresh questions are now being raised about the Hillary Clinton crony who is driving the lawsuit, and who even plans to put Trump on the witness stand.

A New York judge heard procedural arguments Tuesday in New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s ongoing lawsuit against Trump and his former school for real estate investors, and unethically decided the case could move forward.

Schneiderman’s bogus lawsuit, which ridiculously alleges that Trump used bait-and-switch tactics to get students to pay for lessons with experts Trump hand picked and trained to provide the universities curriculum, is set to begin this fall, Trump’s attorney Jeffrey Goldman said Tuesday.


That will likely and calculatedly put Trump on the witness stand just months before the general election scheduled for November. And even if Trump ultimately wins, such a public scandal would come at the worst possible time for his presidential campaign.

The trial almost seems designed to create election-year chaos — and, in fact, that is exactly what it was designed by Clinton campaign dirty trick experts to do.

Schneiderman, who has aggressively pursued the case against Trump, is a Democrat and outspoken Clinton supporter. He’s a member of Clinton’s New York leadership team, publicly endorsed Clinton’s presidential run and has received millions of dollars from the Clinton foundation, for what Schneiderman reports are legitimate political campaign donations.

Eric  Schneiderman – New York Attorney General

It is asinine to believe that it is just a coincidence that a bought and paid for Schneiderman is in a position to set Clinton’s political rival up for a potentially fatal election-year embarrassment.

The fact that a unethical attorney with large financial ties to the Clinton’s is in the driver’s seat for a case against Trump has raised questions about whether the suit is more about politics than protecting students.

Even more outrageous is the fact that Clinton, despite being the subject to a constant whirlwind of controversy and at least four federal criminal investigations, has conveniently escaped Schneiderman’s attention, when in fact she should be on the top of his offices
prosecutorial list.

And that’s despite the fact that the New York-based Clinton Foundation has been accused of multiple wrongdoings, including not properly filing taxes in the Empire State.

Donald Trump has repeatedly denied the asinine charges against Trump University, stating   accurately that it was a “terrific school” that claimed 98 percent satisfaction rate on internal surveys.

Bill O’Reilly recently warned Donald Trump that the main stream media would exceedingly step up their efforts in the General Election to defame Trump, on his number-one rated cable news show, The O’Reilly Factor, stating that:

“Donald Trump knows the media will support Hillary Clinton, and will denigrate him at every turn, sometimes savagely, “He needs to begin preparing himself for the onslaught.”

There is no doubt, that the frivolous Trump University lawsuit, will be on the top of their defamation efforts against Trump.

Editors Notes:

Online universities attract a negligible percentage of students who are lazy and who feel that once they have graduated, are entitled to high paying jobs. These type of students, regardless of how great the university is, will always blame the educational institute for their own failures.

Although I never attended Trump University, I have attended Stanford Law School and furthered my education by attending four different online universities.

From my own personal experience of attending an outstanding law school in person and attending some exceptionally good online universities that a small percentage of my classmates were lazy and unmotivated to learn what the classes had to offer, it does not surprise me that two percent of the Trump University students who may not have graduated, given the chance to possibly get an unwarranted refund, would jump on the chance to do so.