Crooked Hillary has leased her own campaign jet and along with a plane full of moronic pundits, she headed out today to make a Hail Mary attempt at making a bid for POTUS in 2016. Crooked Hillary is becoming more and more desperate as Trump continues to slaughter her in the general election polls.

As par for the course, the dishonest pundits are not questioning the wicked bitch of Benghazi over recent news concerning numerous prevarications she has previously propounded to the American public concerning the criminal use of her own personal email servers.

In another one of Crooked Hillary’s coughing fits in Columbus Ohio today, the stupid bitch blamed Donald Trump for her coughing, stating that “every time I think about Trump I cough.” What’s next; “every time I lie it is because Trump made me do it?”

Crooked Hillary Desperate As Trump Continues To Slaughter Her

Launching their fall presidential campaigns with competing visits to the Cleveland area, Trump said Monday he is really looking forward to destroying what is left of Crooked Hillary in the three upcoming debates scheduled over the next 60 days.

Trump, speaking with reporters after a meeting with union members near Cleveland, said he would participate in the debates, barring “hurricanes” or “natural disasters.”

“I look forward to the debates,” Trump said. “I think it is an important element of what we’re doing. I think you have an obligation to do the debates.”

The first face-off with Crooked Hillary is set for Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in Long Island, N.Y.

Not missing a chance to use his new notoriety to make a buck, Tim Kaine is now plugging a new book entitled “Strong Together,” while Crooked Hillary Clinton falsely praised unions during a Labor Day gathering in Cleveland by pretending she is actually concerned with plaguing issues such as higher wages and the growth of the middle class.


There is no doubt the dishonest pundits will be working overtime until November 8th to convince the American public that voting for Trump would be a waste of the voter’s time, citing their skewed election polls to support their prevarications. However, even with their dishonest polling, many people are quickly becoming aware that Crooked Hillary is having to pay people and use computer animations to give the illusion that people are actually attending her rallies.

Reuters Julia Edwards told me that their election polling results as of this past Friday, before skewing them to favor Crooked Hillary, actually show that Trump has a 39-point lead over Clinton as her lead is expected to drop further.

“The American taxpayer has had enough of Hillary lying every time she opens her mouth. We are constantly having to change our polling questions to skew the results in Clinton’s favor,” said Edwards.

Rally attendance continues to set records for the Trump Camp. Trump rallies which constantly set attendance records in the primaries, are setting new attendance records in the general election. Many Trump supporters are now showing up as much as 16-18 hours before a rally starts to be assured of being able to enter the venue, while thousands of others are left outside listening to Trump speak over the loud speakers.

Regardless of what nonsense the asinine mainstream media pundits are trying to spin today, there is no doubt that an honest election held today would result in Trump beating Hillary Clinton in a record-setting landslide victory.

This is Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The Bs. Vote for Trump folks because voting for anyone else would just be stupid!